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The racist killing of James Waite

Racism and the fight against immigration
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Diversified Mp3
Diversified (Life is...)


Our street was so boring, life was such a bitch,
We're glad we've been diversified, we're glad we've been enriched.
To save these selfless refugees from their uncertain fate,
We'll concrete over Britain and then we'll emigrate.

  When Gladys was our neighbour, she kept a pussy cat,
Now Ahmed slaughters goats in the room above our flat.
And when the goats stop squealing, once they're humanely dead,
Our white and boring ceiling turns a vibrant shade of red.
  And just across the landing lives Genghis. He's a Turk,
He rescues homeless lasses. He's made it his life's work.
He cultivates the youngsters, has a constant stream of friends
Their comings and their goings go on without an end.


The neighbours down the hallway, cook curry every day,
The odour is delicious, it never goes away,
Our cornflakes, and our fish and chips, roast beef and Yorkshire pud
All taste of chicken vindaloo, which makes them very good.
The Somalis down the hallway chew psychadelic leaves
They're hardly ever violent, and they hardly ever thieves,
They came to seek asylum, for them we've got to pay,
We really, really, really hope that they won't go away.
  Charming ways - Honour killings
One of our neighbours' "charming ways": Honour killings
Click picture for larger image.
As we contemplate our neighbours and all their charming ways,
We double up with labours and the taxes that we pay,
And every varied day we think how it would be a bitch,
To have to live without them and not to be enriched.
We're so happy with our neighbours but it really isn't fair,
To keep this richness to ourselves, we think we ought to share,
We'd gladly pay their moving costs 'cause it would be so neat,
If they'd go and live with Tony Blair enriching Downing Street.
There is no upper limit, our masters are quite sure,
'Cause Blair is mad and Blunkett's blind, it's time to shut the door.

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Brand New Leather Jacket
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EU plans to curtail freedom of speech

Click for a large picture - overview of demonstration. Freedom of speech - not for everrybody! The demonstrators had to be protected from 200 red anarchists by 50 police officers.
Demonstrations against Islamism, immigration and for freedom of speech all over Europe.

Here in Fredericia, Denmark. Klick on picture for overview of demonstration.

From the BNP website
Demonstrators in Copenhagen demand muslim immigrants drugstore closed because of rape incidents
Demonstrators in Copenhagen demanding closing of muslim immigrant store where rapes took place.
(Banner: Close Pigs, Rape Store Close Close)

June 4th 2004
This is sure to be an election winner if enough people get to hear about it!

We have no idea who has produced the very funny anti-asylum satirical song but it really is rather good. We understand that it's floating around the Internet.

If you get a chance to download it, then don't miss out - it's a classic! and details all the wonderful things that happen to an asylum seeker once he arrives in Soft Touch Britain. Lorries from IKEA, shopping trips round Tescos, no wonder they they reckon that "this is the place to be."
The songs are the amusing "Brand New Leather Jacket" and "Life is..." (We call it Diversified [Balder])
We couldn't possibly carry the songs ourselves as that would be rather naughty, but we believe that they can be found at the following website.
You will need to copy and paste the web address into the address bar of your web browser.
(URL no longer working! [Balder]) (Virker ikke længere ) article source
It's in the Koran

The Good Old Rebel / Confederate Anthem

Great White Records Patriotic NOT Nazi music
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