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In our days of glory
Now centuries past
The kingdom of Islam
Stood mighty and vast
Then we failed our faith
And watched your power grow
But soon our greatness will return
And this is how we know
Because it's in the Koran
It's written in the Koran
A world united under Allah is
The future of man
How could it not be so
When most opposing us panic
And surrender once a few of them have bled
We're happy to torture
We're eager to rape
We savor your last screams
On videotape
We massacre children
We ransack a shrine
And all our acts are sanctified
By Suras 2 through 9
Because it's in the Koran
It's written in the Koran
That we should fight and slay the infidels
However we can
We'll blow ourselves to bits
If that gives us an advantage
Or we'll slit your throats while you're asleep in bed
Those heathens who scold us
Are wasting their breath
Over the millions we've butchered
And starved
We're men who would let girls
Be trampled to death
Rather than see them in public
So don't look for mercy
When you're at our feet
The justice we'll give you
Is harsh and complete
We danced in delight
When your Twin Towers fell
And you'll weep with your slaughtered
As you burn with them in Hell
Because it's in the Koran
It's written in the Koran
Your fate was settled long before
This latest battle began
We've found our holy purpose
And we'll never abandon it
As long as there's a sinner to behead
In other words we won't rest
Till everyone in the west
Is a slave, a Muslim or dead
Copyright 2006

Chords to "It's In The Koran"
(Suggestion: If you copy this text and paste it into Word or a similar program, use a font such as Courier New that gives all letters equal width. It should be easiest to follow that way.)
Eb   Eb/Db  Ab/C  B7     |   Bb   (Cm7b5 C#dim7 Bb7/D)  Bb9#5
Eb6         Edim7        |   Fm7                Bb9
Fm7         Bb9#5        |   Eb6                Eb9
Ab6         D7           |   Bbm6/Db            C7
Fm7  C7/G   Ab6   Adim7  |   Bb7 (notes: Bb C D Eb)  Eb (Bb7/F Eb7/G)
Ab6         Adim7        |   Eb6/Bb             C7
Fm7         Bb9          |   Eb6                Eb9
Ab6         Adim7        |   Bb6                C7
Fm7         Bb9
Bb9                      |   Eb6
Bb9                      |   Eb6
D7                       |   Gm                 C9
F9                       |   Bb9                         Bb9#5
G7   Db7b5   C7
Fm7          Bb9         |   G7                 C7
F9           Bb9         |   Eb6   (Ebdim7      Eb6)

Copyright 2006

Response to critics
Commenters have argued that the Koran doesn't say what this song claims the Koran says. To everyone who holds this view, I answer—and this is very important, so I'll be stating it again below—that I agree with you. I agree that the Koran says what you claim it says. Islam is one of the world's great religions, and I don't believe that billions could have followed it if it weren't, at its core, beautiful and life-engendering.
The problem is this: all the incidents I describe in the song have happened, and all were caused by men who disagree with you. These men have a different view of Islam. They find in the Koran inspiration and justification for their horrible acts.
To these men the Koran says that it's proper that girls fleeing a fire should be trampled to death because they aren't wearing headscarves. To these men the Koran says, even demands, that these girls die. The Koran says this, not to you, not to me, but to them.
The same goes for the other deeds I name: rape, torture, massacre, beheading, defilement of shrines. To these men, the Koran insists that they commit such acts.
I wrote the song from the point of view of these men because they're the dominant force in Islam now. If you don't believe me, remember this: Palestinians have just elected Hamas to lead their parliament, knowing that Hamas plan to institute sharia. Muslims had a choice, and they chose as leaders the kinds of men my song is about.
If you want more evidence, go to and read the translations of interviews with influential Islamic figures. It's rare to find one criticizing anything done by Muslims to non-Muslims, or even to other Muslims.
Here's a comparison I find useful:
When the Abu Ghraib photos appeared, every American with a microphone—columnist, politician, religious leader—condemned the soldiers responsible.
When radical Muslims hide among civilians so that our soldiers can't fight them without killing the innocent—do Arab and Muslim leaders, politicians, journalists unite to call such behavior cowardly and un-Islamic? No. When radical Muslims murder women and children? No. Gang-rapes in Scandinavia, forced mass starvation in Sudan—the list is long and wretched, and the men who commit these actions receive no criticism from the only people they might listen to: their religious leaders.
That's why I wrote this song.
Again, if you say that Islam doesn't permit such deeds, and that the men who perform them aren't behaving like true Muslims, I'll agree with you. But these men consider themselves true Muslims, the only true Muslims, and think that Muslims who disagree with them are apostates, the worst of betrayers.
I stand by every line in the song; it's what such men believe. All I did was make their beliefs rhyme, scan and bounce like a vaudeville tune.
To those of you who feel that I'm mocking Islam, I reply: I'm not. I respect your view of it. These men—the men I'm writing about—don't. You should be arguing with them, not with me.
"Patrick Henry"

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