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Mohammed Bouyeri - Open letter to Hirsi Ali

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Update 26 July 2007: Media Silence about Mohammed Bouyeri's ideological views expressed in court. Watch Video. Bottom of this page (click)

Open Letter to Hirsi Ali - tranlated from the original Dutch text - some spelling errors were left similar to the the original document; e.g. Hirshi Ali in stead of Hirsi Ali.

Mohammed Bouyeri


Theo van Gogh - Halal butchered
click pic for original

Mohammed Bouyeri
born March 8 1978

Van Aartsen = Dutch minister

Van Aartsen VVD fraction leader
(VVD = Conservative / Liberalistic)

Van Aartsen suggests that Muslim extremist are stripped from their Dutch nationality and other rights.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Job Cohen
Mayor of Amsterdam
and a wonderful friend of Muslims

(click for larger image)

Found on Mohammed Bouyeri was a death list with the names of many prominent Dutch, who had to be killed by radical Muslims; Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Geert Wilders, Amsterdams Mayor Job Cohen and his second in command Achmed Aboutaleb.

Reactions of Danish Muslims

Omar Shah happy with the murder

The 'Danish' Muslim Omar Shah has expressede his satisfaction over the result of the murder og Theo van Gogh: "Glad that he can no longer enjoy his perverse work of art".

Fatih Alev - 'Danish' Imam
Fatih Alev

The 'Danish' imam, Fatih Alev, the list master of Denmarks United Cyber Muslims wished Omar Shah had "expressed himself more carefully".
After the e-mail was disclosed to the public, 'Danish' Muslims were more concerned with finding the "traitor" in their midst than condemning the murder.
On the contrary, several Muslims expressed their understanding for the murder and the perpetrator.

One of them wrote: 'We will pray to Allah that the traitor be hit by lightning'.

Fatih Alev finds it strange that we discuss the murder, but not van Gogh's film.

In spite of Fatih Alev's connections with extremists such as Omar Shah and what is worse, the xenophile Danish TV media, especially Danmarks Radio, keep inviting him in to the studio's as a representative for so called 'moderate Muslims'.

Article in Kristeligt Dagblad. (Danish)

Download Submission, the film

Submission I | Submission II | Submission III | Submission IV

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interview

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Interview Video

DR's Tine Gøtzsche interviewer Ayaan Hirsi Ali 16-11-05 Video

Danish TV interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Nov 11 2005


L'assassinat du cinéaste Theo Van Gogh

Encyclopédie Theo van Gogh
Ayaan Hirsi Ali aurait pu être assassinée
Encyclopédie Ayaan Hirsi Ali

Hirsi Ali Weblog Francais

Conspiracy? Was the van Gogh murder part of a bigger plan?



In the name of Allah the Kind, the Merciful.

Peace and blessings upon the Emir of the Mujahideen, the laughing killer Mohammed Rasoulou Allah (Sala Allaho alaihie wa Sallam), his family and companions and those who follow him truthfully till the day of judgment.

There is no agression except against the agressors.

The following:

Peace and blessings upon any who follows the Leadership

This is an open letter to an infidel fundamentalists, Ayaan Hirshi Ali, of the Thaghoet party VVD.

Dear miss Hirshi Ali,

Since your appearence in the political arena of the Netherlands you are constantly engaging in terrorizing Muslims and Islam with your remarks. You are not the first at this and will also not be the last who has joined the crusade against Islam.

With your defection you have not only turned your back on the Truth, but you also march along the ranks of the soldiers of evil. You mince no words about your hostility against Islam, and for this your masters have rewarded you with a seat in parliament.

They have found in you a companion in their crusade against Islam and Muslims.

A companion who gives them the "gunpowder" so they don't have to do the dirty work.

Seeing as that you're blind by the burning infidelity which rages inside you, you are incapable of seeing that you are just an instrument of the true enemies of Islam.

U are being used to spew various hostilities about Islam and the most noble, Mohammed Rasoul Allah (Salla Allaho aleihie wa Sallam).

I don't blame you for all of this Miss Hirshi Ali. as a soldier of evil you are merely doing your job.

The fact that you can openly spew your hatred is not to blame on you, but on the Islamic Ummah.

They have ceased their task of resistance against injustice and is sleeping it off.

All your hostilities can thus only be blamed on the Islamic ummah.

This letter is Insha Allah an attempt at silencing your evil once and for all.

These written words will Insha Allah make you drop your mask.

I would like to start with your recent proposal to 'screen' (profile) on their ideology at job interviews. (Dan: could maybe be the request for a staying permit/passport)

Your proposal is very interesting, more so because the application of it unveils the rotten faces of your political masters (when they would of course be tested honestly and they would openly reveal their ideology).

It is a fact that Dutch politics is dominated by many Jews who are a product of the Talmud schools; that includes your political party-members.

Seeing as you always propagate "self-criticism", we shall test your proposal in your own political surroundings.

The same politics that with their policies has joined the terrorism against Islam and Muslims.

I would like to ask you the following questions:

How do you feel about the fact that Van Aartsen (leader of the VVD) subscribes to an ideology where non-Jews are considered as non-humans?

Baba Mezie 114a-114b: Only Jews are people ("Only you are called people"). Also see Kerlthoth 6b under subtitle ("Oil of anointing") and Barakath 56a, where gentile (non-Jews) females are called animals ("female-donkeys")

Yebamoth 92a: All Gentile children are animals.

How do you feel about the fact that a mayor is leading Amsterdam, whom subscribes to an ideology where Jews can lie to non-Jews?

Baba Kamma 113a: Jews may lie to mislead a Gentile.

How do you feel about the fact that you are part of a government that supports the state with an ideology that proposes genocide?

Sofarim 15, line 10 (Minor Tarcctates): These are the words by rabbi Simom ben Yohai: Tod shebe goyyim herog ("Even the best of the Gentiles should be killed").

Since you are a fighter for equal rights, you will probably (after learning this knowledge) ask with your Jewish masters in chambers to reject the teachings of the Talmud. You will also probably make work of asking the Jewish community in Holland to reject it.

Our actions now and then betrays your cowardly courage (Dan: i have no idea what he means with this contradiction) with which you ask attention for your battle. Like how you had the 'cowardly courage' to ask Islamic children in school to make a choice between their creator and the constitution.

The answer from these young, clean souls you have used immediately to come up with arguments to justify your crusade. With these hostilities you have released a boomerang and you know its only a matter of time before this boomerang will seal your fate.

However, you will get the opportunity, Miss Hirshi Ali, to prove you're right and crave it forever in the pages:

There is one certainty in the whole of existence; and that is that everything comes to an end.

A child born unto this world and fills this universe with its presence in the form of its first life's cries, shall ultimately leave this world with its death cry.

A blade of grass sticking up its head from the dark earth and being caressed by the sunlight and fed by the descending rain, shall ultimately whither and turn to dust.

Death, Miss Hirshi Ali, is the common theme of all that exists. You, me and the rest of creation can not disconnect from this truth.

There shall be a Day where one soul can not help another soul.

A Day with terrible tortures and torments. a Day where the injust shall force from their longues horrible screams.

Screams, Miss Hirshi Ali, that will cause shivers to roll down one's spine; that will make hairs stand up from heads.

People will be seen drunk with fear while they are not drunk.

FEAR shall fill the atmosphere on that Great Day:

When the sun is overthrown,

And when the stars fall,

And when the hills are moved,

And when the camels big with young are abandoned,

And when the wild beasts are herded together,

And when the seas rise,

And when souls are reunited,

And when the girl-child that was buried alive is asked

For what sin she was slain,

And when the pages are laid open,

And when the sky is torn away,

And when hell is lighted,

And when the Garden is brought nigh,

Then every soul will know what it hath made ready. (81:1-14)

On that day a man flee from his brother

And from his mother and his father

And from his wife and his children,

Every man that day will have concern enough to make him heedless (of others).

On that day faces will be bright as dawn,

Laughing, rejoicing at good news;

And other faces, on that day, with dust upon them,

Veiled in darkness,

Those are the disbelievers, the wicked. (80:34-42)

You as unbelieving extremist of course won't believe in the above described scene.

For you the above is merely a made-up drama piece from a Book like many.

And yet, Miss Hirshi Ali, I'd bet my life to claim that you are sweating with FEAR when you read this.

You, as unbelieving fundamentalist, of course do not believe that a Supreme being controls the entire universe.

You do not believe that your heart, with which you cast away truth, has to ask permission from the Supreme being for every beat.

You do not believe that your tongue with which you deny the Guidance from the Supreme being is subject to his Laws.

You do not believe that life and death has been given you by this Supreme being.

If you really believe this, then the following challenge should be no problem for you.

I challenge you with this letter to prove you are right.

You don't have to do much:

Miss Hirshi Ali: WISH for DEATH if you are really convinced you are right.

If you will not accept this challenge; know then that my Master, the Highest one, has unmasked you as an injust one.

"then long for death (for Ye must long for death) if Ye are truthful. But they will never long for it, because of that which their own hands have sent before them. Allah is aware of evil-doers." (2:94-95)

To prevent that i were to be accused of the same, i shall wish this wish FOR you:

My Rabb, give us death to make up happy with martyrdom.

Allahoemma Amien.

Miss Hirshi Ali and the rest of the extremist infidels: Islam has resisted many hostilities and opressions in History. Every time the pressure on Islam was added, the fire of Faith was merely alighted.

Islam is like a whithered plant, which has been rendered by the years-long pressure and extreme high temperatures, a diamond.

A whithered plant which is formed by the fancies of time into the strongest jewel on this Earth.

A jewel on which the hardest hammer breaks itself.


You and your companions know very well that the current Islamic youth is a rough diamond that only needs polishing, so that it may spread it's all-pervading light of Truth. Your intellectual terrorism will not stop this, on the contrary you will only hasten it.

Islam will conquer by the blood of the martyrs. It will spread its light to every corner of this Earth and it will, if necessary, drive evil to its dark hole by the sword.

This unleashed battle is different from previous battles. The unbelieving fundamentalists have started it and Insha Allah the true believers will end it.

There shall be no mercy for the unjust, only the sword raised at them. No discussion, no demonstrations, no parades, no petitions; merely DEATH shall separate the Truth from the LIE.

Say: Lo! the death from which Ye shrink will surely meet you, and afterward Ye will be returned unto the Knower of the Invisible and the Visible, and He will tell you what Ye used to do. (62:8)

And so we want to use similar words and send these before us, so that the heavens and the stars will gather this news and spread it over the corners of the universe like a tidal wave.

And like a great prophet once said:

"I know for sure O Pharaoh, you will go under. " (17:102)

"I know for sure, O America you will go under."

"I know for sure, O Europe you will go under."

"I know for sure, O Holland you will go under. "

"I know for sure, O Hirshi Ali you will go under"

"I know for sure, O unbelieving fundamentalist you will go under."

Hasboena Allah wa ni3ma alwakeel

Ni3ma alMawla wa Ni3ma anNasseer

Saifu Deen al Muwahhied


Dipped in blood, suicide letter carried by Mohammed Bouyeri. English translation from the Dutch. originally written in Arabic. >>

Theo van Gogh
Victim of Muslim Madness

Dipped in blood

This then is my final word
Pierced by bullets
Dipped in blood
As I had hoped

I leave you a message
For you.. The fighter
De tree of Tawheed is waiting
Yearning for your blood
Make the sale
And Allah will give you way
He will give you the Garden
Instead of the earthly debris

To the enemy too I have something to say
You will die for sure
Even if you tour the whole world
Chased by the knights of DEATH
Colouring the streets Red

To the hypocrites finally I say this:
Wish for Death or else shut up and ... Sit down.
Dear brothers and sisters I am close to my end...
But the story surely does not end here.


Demonstration at Stadionplein i Amsterdam
enough is enough !

Demonstration at Stadionplein i Amsterdam (3-11-04)

Amsterdam unscrupulous mayor Job Cohen had the demonstration move to a suburban area. For in spite of the actions of Muslim terrorists, rapists ands murderers the new parties are of course the greatest danger!


Send Abu back toLibanon
Demonstration NNP
(recently disbanded)



Portrait in memory of Theo van Gogh i Warmoesstraat i Amsterdam
Painted by Donovan Spaanstra

Shortly after the painting was desecrated by Muslim youths




"Du må ikke slå ihjel - Gij Zult Niet Doden - Thou Shalt Not Kill"

Provoking text??

Provoking for Muslims!

Chris Ripke protested against the murder of Theo van Gogh.

His wall painting was washed away by the Mayor of Rotterdam.

Journalist Mireille who filmed what was happening

was later ordered to delete her footage

and was arrested

Chris Ripke 'Thou Shallt Not Kill' - Theo van Gogh - Wim Nottroth Arrested

Watch the video where this peaceful man is being arrested!

more here

Bad crazyness in Holland!

Isn't this FASCISM in action?????

En forsmag på hvordan det kommer til at se ud i hele EU

A taste of what things will come to in the EU

Thought Police
EU mind control
Buteglione didn't live up to EU standards for morality...
He was dumped
Smart, for it is not modern to be against homosexual marriage etc.
This is the EU's definition of diversity and pluralism...
Others call it regimentation
A good beginning...
But tomorrow it may be you...
Extradition agreements
Now the former SS officer Søren Kam,
Smart, for this is populair
A good beginning...
But tomorrow it may be you... .
Eavesdropping, surveillance, registration, censorship and imprisonment without charges
Smart! for who isn't against pedophiles and terrorism...
A good beginning...
But tomorrow it may be you... .
The George Orwell State is on it's way with giant strides..

EU New World Order suppression of free speech:
Racist and Xenophobic content on the Internet problems and solutions

Copenhagen Hatespeech
Imam Abu Laban curses Theo van Gogh

The murderer of Theo van Gogh, in the Dutch press still identified as Mohammed B. has made a extensive statement on his views of Islam in public for the first time.

But the Dutch mass media have scarcely reported what he has said.Mohammed Bouyeri was called as a witness on the first day of the Hofstad group appeal case. [..]

- De Volkskrant was among very few media to give details.

Cameras were not allowed in the courtroom.

Bouyeri said Muslims in the Netherlands have armed Jihad as their only option.

The alternative is to go live in a truly Islamic country, but the world has none yet in his view.

Also he said democracy was always a violation of Islam, because laws cannot according to that religion be produced by humans but only Allah.

When the presiding judge questioned this view, he murmured in Arabic, "Satan is speaking", but the court did not remove him for contempt.

Bouyeri ended by saying all Muslims must "take up the sword".

Media Silence on Van Gogh Killer's Islam Views (via Snaphanen)

TV interview Gregorius Nekschot &
Ajiedj Bakas
28 Feb 2008

Nekschot = Shot to the back of the neck
Gregorius Nekschot Home Page (Killing Jokes)

Short interview with Dutch islam Critical Cartoonist Gregorius Nekschot and Ajiedj Bakas.

The latter wrote a book about self censorship among artists in Europe.

Comments are in Danish and interview is conducted in English.

Translation of Danish introduction:

Not only in Denmark do we have an on going discussion about the limits of free speech.

In Holland many artists censor them selves, simply because of fear of the muslims.

But here you can meet an artist who found a solution to that problem; he works under cover using a pseudonym.

But that doesn't stop Gregorius Nekschot

The artist has received death treats just like Jyllands Posten's Kurt Westergaard, which is why he works anonymously.

But he continues, unlike many others. | (Begin of interview with Ajiedj Bakas)

Update 18 maj 2008: Gregorius Nekschot frygter for sit liv efter politioverfald.


Balder.org February 23 - Video English subtitles - Murder plot to kill Muhammed cartoon artist Kurt Westergaard - DR February 2, 2008 - English translation of transcript of TV interview

Balder Blog February 28 2008 - Mohammed Cartoonist’s wife Gitte Westergaard fired from municipal kindergarten job

Balder Blog February 19 2008 - Hotel throws out endangered muhammed cartoonist Kurt Westergaard

Recent articles about the cartoons & Kurt Westergaard - Index of Muhammed


Download Submission, Part 1 Theo van Gogh's controversial movie (43.9 MB) valid september 2007

The Sunday Times - World: Jihad wrecks Dutch 'race harmony'
Ayaan Hirsi Ali Weblog (Multilingual)

Racist murders of whites by immigrant thugs

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