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The Swedish FRA Law

The Swedish FRA Law steals the headlines, but what is the situation of the Danish Surveillance Legislation?

Dansk Version

From our unparalleled IT expert

FRA stands for: Försvarets Radio Anstalt [Defence Force Radio Centre]


In Sweden, a new law on communications surveillance received massive media attention. Since it was proposed the law has triggered large demonstrations and was close to being rejected by parliament.
In Denmark, our own legislation on surveillance has been in effect since 15 September, 2007, but without the same media attention as its Swedish counterpart.

Here you can see who and what should be logged according to Danish Legislation on surveillance. Comments are highlighted in red and small font.

Who has to log?
* Everybody providing Internet and e-mail services for commercial purposes, is required to log.
Swedish Internet and mail providers are not required to log under the new FRA Act

* This includes telecommunication companies and ISPs, but also, for example, cafés and hotels that offer Internet as a free service.
Not a problem for cafés and hotels in Sweden, since the FRA Act does not require logging by providers.

* Libraries, educational institutions, hospitals and housing estates with fewer than 100 members are excluded.
An exception which makes the Danish monitoring worthless. The exception is introduced to not hamper the government's own constituents, as the surveillance legislation means significant additional costs for service providers - and the government is afraid of losing voters if members of smaller housing companies must pay an extra $ 2,000 a month per household to cover expenses due to the surveillance legislation. The government therefore agrees that terrorists are free to use the Internet connection in a housing estate with fewer than 100 members, the voters' votes being more important than preventing terrorist acts.

What is to be logged?

* From wired phones the calling number as well as the called numbers, time and the duration of the conversation are stored.
Does not take place in Sweden since the FRA Act does not require any logging.

* From mobile phones the numbers of callers and of called persons, time and duration of the conversations are registered. The ID number of the phone and data, from which mobile telephone relay the conversation is initiated and ends, are stored. Also the time of activation of an (anonymous) top-up card is stored.
This does not take place in Sweden since the FRA law does not require any logging.

* The same applies to the sending of SMS and MMS messages.
Again the Swedes escape since the FRA Act does not require any logging.

* As for e-mails the sender and the recipient as well as the time of sending and IP addresses of the computers are stored.
But not in Sweden because the FRA Act does not require any logging.

* By internet use, IP-addresses and time as well as the MAC-address of the computer are stored.
Again this doesn’t apply to the Swedes since the FRA Act demands no logging

* Not all data are stored, for logging is carried out at random. Each 500 data package is stored.
An e-mail or a file consists of many data, and by only saving each 500 data package you store something you cannot use for anything, at all. Try to take each 500 letter of this post and put them together. You will see that it just becomes gibberish which nobody can understand. The Danish providers have to invest large sums for storing information which is totally useless. You may well ask if not the government has been hit by the Danish decline in IQ level!

In Danish media the FRA Act is presented as though all internet and telecommunication traffic in Sweden is to be intercepted and stored, which is totally wrong

FRA, Försvarets Radio Anstalt, is a civilian authority under the Defence Ministry with 650 employees and has two tasks:

1. Monitoring signals from foreign electronic traffic crossing Sweden's borders by air or cable. As most electronic traffic across the borders is sent by cable ( fiber, e.g.), the FRA Act was necessary, the FRA previously only being allowed to survey signals of electronic traffic by air (radio). Signals from radar, navigation and weapons systems are also included in the surveillance

2. To help the government and state enterprises when it comes to IT security. By attacks via the internet against governmental organizations, the FRA is responsible for the defence.


In the Danish newspaper, Politiken´s, article "Sweden will vote yes to increased monitoring" one can read the following statement:

"Thus, the Swedish secret service authorities will intercept and read the contents of conversations and e-mails while the authorities in Denmark only have to register traffic without a warrant."

The false assertion makes readers believe that the secret service reads all e-mails and listen to all telephone calls, the Danish newspaper Politiken forgot to mention the important detail that this is only a matter of conversations and emails crossing the Swedish border.
The vast majority of calls and emails are domestic and never cross the Swedish border.

FRA conducts no independent intelligence service. Instead it performs tasks on behalf of:

* The government
* The Defence
* The National Police
* The Inspection of strategic products
* The Customs Authorities
* The Defence Material Authorities
* The Research Institute of Total Defence
* The Authority of Crisis Preparedness

Although the FRA is allowed to work with foreign intelligence services as to participate in the Echelon, no Swedish participation takes place.

Denmark, however, does actively participate in the Echelon, with a particular interceptor station on the island of Amager, which Anders "Slide" Fogh Rasmussen constantly denies.

In this case, he is just as credible as when he constantly denied that the EU is a slippery slope towards more 'union'.

The media are letting us down

This is not to understand that Danish media are doing everything to bring erroneous information on the Swedish FRA Act, while steps are being taken to not inform on the crazy Danish terror legislation.

Translated from Balder Blog - Balladen om Sveriges nye lov om overvågning af Internet og telefoni

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Official EU documents at -
Some of these files are featured here because they can be hard to find at their original location, some can also be hard to read because of layout and formatting.

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