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Anders Bruun Laursen - Denmark

The Silence of the EU and our Media about Eurabia

EU´s cowardly dictatorship began when the truth was silenced


By Anders Bruun Laursen

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There is one lie which is worse than any spoken lie: Silencing the truth. For whereas you may see through a spoken lie, you do not even know to look at a disastrous truth which is silenced.

Abstract of speech by Vice President of the European Commission responsible for Institutional relations and communication strategy (Mark this word: strategy) Margot Wallstroem  on October 3, 2007. Speech Wallström

margot Wahlstroem Swedish EU Commisar
Die Himmelskönigin, Carlo Dolci ca. 1670
Left Wallstroem. Right Queen of Heaven, Carlo Ponti about 1670. Her 12 stars (Book of Rev. 12:1) were suggested for the flag of the Council of Europe about 1955 by Paul M.G. Lévi, as the cross of Christ was too Christian. The Flag was adopted by the EU. Today, according to Angela Merkel there isn´t even room for the name of Christ in the 'Reform Treaty'

 She stated about her Communicating Europe in partnership:

' consolidates the approach we have adopted over the last two years.
It does not announce yet another new approach to communication'

Which means the EU will stick to its communication policy: publishing on internet home pages which nobody knows – and stay away from the mass media like TV, radio and newspapers.

And so, she thinks, EU-information deserves to be called 'democratic', whereupon Margot Wallstroem continued her blubbering handling of easy virtue of EU-Power: 

'My first point is that the Commission wants to end the blame game: As you well know, national governments like to claim credit for EU decisions that prove popular and to blame 'Brussels' for the unpopular ones.

All too often they fail to explain to their citizens why and how these decisions were taken.

The result is that too many people are ill-informed about European issues and many have a negative image of the EU. That can lead to big political problems.

Well well well !!!

  Benita Ferrero Waldner, Jack Straw, Abdullah Gül
Benita Ferrero Waldner, Jack Straw, Abdullah Gül
  Jack Straw, foreign secretary under Tony Bliar now minister of interior, with responsibility for new 'anti discrimination law'. The average punishment for rape in the UK is about 5 years. Daily Mail Oktober 8 2007: New law means anti-gay comments could lead to seven years in jail

Well, who has introduced the Constitutional Treaty now presented as the 'Reform Treaty' with about 95 % of the contents rejected by the Dutch and French – thus mocking all democratic principles?

Who brings pressure on our politicians to resist popular demands for referenda on this unpopular treaty?

Who conceived the Euromediterranean/Eurabian monster etc?

And here is how she shirks her and the EU-Commission´s responsibility:

Take the example of EU enlargement in 2004. It was important to explain to European citizens why the EU was expanding, what the benefits would be and how the difficulties would be tackled. But whose job was it to do the explaining?

The Commission had far too small a budget to do the job on its own. The member states had much larger resources but didn't do enough. So what happened?

Fear of the Polish plumber and the future prospect of Turkish accession motivated many French people to vote 'No' to the EU Constitution in 2005.'

How terrible !!!

But when things go well she wants her share of the glory:

The solution, as the Commission sees it, is for the EU institutions and the member states to share the responsibility for communicating Europe, making the best use of their collective resources. We saw this working well in 2001 when preparing for the introduction of euro cash. The member states realized how essential it was to inform everyone properly. They invested massive resources in the campaign. As a result, on 1 January 2002, everything went smoothly.

OK. Better information is needed – in EU-staging, of course. i

And all of a sudden there is enough money!

Dansk Kultur Flyer

The Commission also proposes to establish 'management partnerships' with individual member states.

To put it simply, this means that individual governments – if they so wish - will implement specific communication plans that have been agreed with the Commission and are financed by the Commission.

The action taken under these plans should be as decentralized as possible – with the emphasis on'going local'.

And it should not be designed to 'sell' policies or to persuade people to love the government or the EU: it should be action to create dialogue and debate.We must create user-friendly forums for that debate. Forums that are easily accessible to the citizen.

That’s why the Commission and Parliament are developing a network of meeting places where people can get information, see exhibitions and films, take part in discussions, attend concerts, lectures and seminars. These so-called European Public Spaces will be located in the premises where the two institutions have their offices in the member states.'

Euromed Logo

NGO´s, i.e. undemocratic, self-appointed and zealous organizations are to set the agenda of the debate according to EU-Commission-orders – so that the EU obtains'meaningfull referenda results' 

'Informed debate and dialogue enable people to understand policy options. Understanding enables people to vote meaningfully. Democracy comes alive! Clearly, civil society can do a lot to make this happen.

NGOs are already well placed to organize polls, launch petitions and enable citizens to make their voices heard. Some NGOs have already created excellent trans-national forums for debate on the web.

We would like to see more of those. Those NGOs who responded to our White Paper were very keen to be involved in shaping European policy. They are invited to join us in a major effort to communicate Europe in partnership'.

I [Anders Bruun Laursen] have tried to leave a comment and questions on such an NGO-Forum about EU´s Plan D and the Euromediterranean/Eurabia:

No reaction at all! But the EU thus has waste baskets to pacify discontent citizens in the name of democracy! 

Full Freedom for the Media and 'responsible conduct'

  Bernita Ferrero Waldner - Selbstzenzur
Benita Ferrero Waldner
Abolishing free speech by other means

Freedom of speech is central to Europe’s values and traditions. But its preservation depends on responsible behaviour ... we do not believe the media should be regulated from outside, ...find ways to regulate yourselves, I would also ask you to think about the need for monitoring from within ...

As for the mass media:

She suggests a common European, EU-governed  strategy 'with full freedom for the media'. And she can do this without any risk. Wallstroem is in control of the media as for EU-plans.

1. The media know the warning of Benita Ferrero Waldner from the scandalous Euromediterranean Symposium in Vienna on May 22.-23. 2006:

'Freedom of speech is central to Europe’s values and traditions. But its preservation depends on responsible behaviour by individuals

By extension, we do not believe the media should be regulated from outside, but rather that you find ways to regulate yourselves… In considering the question of self-regulation, I would also ask you to think about the need for monitoring from within your own professional bodies.'

2. And Margot Wallstroem knows the EU created a solid system of regulatory mechanisms at that same symposium (pdf), pp. 20-25. 

3. Besides, bribery is always efficient: 

'As well as a new internet strategy we are planning a new audiovisual strategy, to be published early next year. We will encourage TV and radio broadcasters in Europe to form networks, and we intend to offer such networks multi-annual contracts for producing and broadcasting EU affairs programmes.'

4. Of course Wallstroem knows that our mass media are also well-trained by the Council of Europe, which in 2005 arranged a symposium for our media in Moscow to learn self-regulation from the Russians, who have great experience. And as stated there, the media had better follow this self-regulation in the'North-South'-dialogue, if they want  to avoid legal intervention against the 'freedom of expression' (pdf)

  New EU Treaty - No Change
The new EU Treaty / Constitution

5. Wallstroem:

Broadcasters clearly want the Commission to help them provide informative, educational and entertaining programmes about European affairs as part of their public service mission

In all these ways the Commission wants to 'encourage an (EU-governed) informed public debate' about the European Union and to engage in real dialogue with European citizens.' Content will be decided by the broadcasters. They will be guaranteed complete editorial freedom. Let me also point out that our new audiovisual strategy is the direct result of last year's consultation on the White Paper'. 

Which all means to say: We will only impart EU-news to obedient media groups.

Nowhere in Wallstroems speech the Euromediterranean/Eurabia nor its promise to 9 Muslim member countries of free immigration to the EU and a common market with the EU from 2010 are mentioned.

Deliberately. This is the most disgusting of all lies.

Margot Wallstrom dishonestly says it is about time to realize plan D: Democracy, debate and dialogue – as she maintained at a meeting on May 19, 2006, at the University of Copenhagen.

Questions to Wallstrom

  Margot Wahlström Eurabia
Margot Wahlström
  Questions? She just crimsoned, muttered, stared helplessly and dismayed - and kept silent

Consequently, I asked her for the reason why she, our governments and media had kept the Euromediterranean Project secret to us for 12 years, and why she as the highest responsible person for EU-communication  had not informed us about the fact that The Danish Center for Culture and Development, the Anna Lindh Foundation (pdf) and the UNESCO  Cultural Convention (of 20.10.2005) claim to remove our ancient culture and religion, creating a Euromediterranean area without 'them' and 'us'– leaving the way open for Islam, which is growing steadily more 'us'-conscious.

Thus Wallstroem is denying us a democratic debate on our future identity.

She just crimsoned, muttered, stared helplessly and  dismayed - and kept silent.

She concluded her speech of October 3, 2007: 

'It has one overriding purpose: to empower citizens. Through informed dialogue and debate. For the sake of a more democratic Europe.'

EU Muslim Nazi Stalinist

Could Hitler or Goebbels have twisted the truth any better?

Or in a smarter manner?



From Moscow Workshop (pdf) | Copy at (EU documents move or disappear)

Why Self-Regulation Works in the Local Media in Russia?” was the subject of the report by Sofia Khavkina of the Council on Informational Disputes in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.
She said that the creation of the Council on Informational Disputes ("Council") in the Nizhniy Novgorod area in February of 2004 marked a qualitatively new stage in the development and strengthening of journalists' professional etiquette and responsibility. The Council became the first body for mass media self-regulation in the region and has reviewed a number of moral-ethical conflicts arising from mass media activity.

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Dansk Kultur Flyer

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