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Official Report: Immigrants significantly less intelligent than native Danes

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Research shows:

Immigrants (third world) significantly less intelligent than native Danes.

28 % of all immigrants from non Western countries do not satisfy the criteria of the Danish Army draft board, because they score too low on an IQ test.
For native Danes the number of those unfit for military service is only 7 %.

These are the conclusions from a report from the Danish Army Academy.

The research has been conducted during the period September 2003 until June 2004 and is based on the result of 22,646 examinations of men liable for military service. According to the report language problems cannot be the only explanation for the great difference between the scores of the two groups.

Ethnical background Danish Immigrant
Draft board sessions 21.167 1.479
Suitable in % 61.1 45.3
Limited suitable (physically) in % 11.3 8.0
Not suitable (physically) in % 20.7 18.6
Not suitable (written test) in % 4.7 19.3
Not suitable (physical and written tests) in % 2.1 8.8
Total 100 100
Less suitable (total physical) 34.1 35.4
Less suitable (total) in % 6.8 28.1

Source: Danish public Service TV Danmarks Radio (Story in Danish)

After the report has been published the usual politically correct arguments and "solutions" to the problem have flooded the Danish media.

All kinds of explanations have been suggested, all of them denying or minimizing the genetic factors like the high rate of inbreeding in immigrant families.

This resulted in a warning from a renowned scholar in the field of intelligence research, Professor Helmuth Nyborg from Aarhus University in an article in Weekend Avisen June 10 this year. He argued that we should be absolutely concerned with the massive influx of genes carrying predisposition for lower than average intelligence and warned against the political correctness which prohibits almost any debate about this serious matter.

Source (log in needed to read the whole article in Danish)

From other Danish research it is known that third world immigrants as a whole have significantly greater number of serious health problems on the physical as well as the mental level. In Denmark immigrants are already overrepresented in prisons, mental institutions, women shelters and are tremendously overrepresented in crime.

Something like 80 % of all police arrests are (non Danish nationals) immigrants who only make up about 6 % of the general population.

It is worth to be noting that unemployed immigrants in Denmark receive benefits on a scale which would leave most British working class people jealous.

In Denmark there is no basis for the "poverty argument". An immigrant family on welfare with a few children can in many cases receive more in benefits than he or she would ever be able to earn having a regular job.

A comment on the army report from Professor Helmuth Nyborg (Danish only):

Sessionsprøven - Draft test is color blind | Professor Helmuth Nyborg's Website


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