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Mark Hoofnagle is a MD/PhD Candidate in the Department of Molecular Physiology and Biological Physics at the University of Virginia.

Mark Hoofnagle's interest in denialism concerns the use of denialist tactics to confuse public understanding of scientific knowledge. Source: Mark Hoofnagle's blog

A Response to Mark Hoofnagle's article: Holocaust Denier David Irving at Oxford - A report


  Cartoon - oy Forget Israel Bonds! I'm putting my gelt in the BNP!
Cash for honours

Todays short message to Mark Hoofnagle:

Hi Mark, I'm trying to drive some traffic to your blog, so people can witness with their own eyes the way you deal with things when lacking a good argument. Contrary to you and like minded enemies of free speech, I am not afraid to let the opinions of my opponents be heard.

On the contrary, let your follies be exposed! In the end it is people like yourself who are doing the so called holocaust deniers a tremendous favor. Nobody in the USSR or the Eastern Germany believed their government and their mass media. Everybody knows that government prescribed thinking has to be a lie..

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They do not persecute people lock them up for years and even kidnap them across the Atlantic as they did with Ernst Zündel, Faurisson, Germar Rudolf etc. because they are telling lies.

They are persecuted because they go against powerful interests, money, politics, religion, Jews. Because their contributions to understanding the truth are dangerous!

The Jews are the real centre of the debate, and the holocaust is pushed in the name of the Jews, and the persecution of intellectual dissidents as well. The constant lobbying for more restrictive laws comes directly from Jewish and Zionist circles.

The Jews are also at the center in world politics, their interests take up a disproportional amount of attention and resources in the world.

  Cartoon -Not even 'Nazis' like the BNP oppose us!

That's the real reason for the taboo!

And Nick Griffin is ousted, not because he is 'racist', but because he is not yet a Zionist slave, like the more succesful anti-immigration parties in Europe. Those who pledge alliance to Israel and their holy holocaust are forgiven and can be accepted in the political mainstream.

We have a 'BNP' supported government in Denmark (for 6 years now) ! (Have you seen the concentration camps and the gas chambers yet? Have you seen or heard of the streets filled with brownshirts looking for foreigners to trash?)

Our Danish Peoples Party (14% of the vote third biggest party) are accepted, because the price for their evil nationalism is that they support Israel..

You can read more about some of my absolutely abhorrent thoughts and ideas and allegations of Jewish responsibility for restrictions of free speech in Europe and the US in this article for example.


Mark Hoefnagle's response (besides rendering my comment unreadable):

[holocaust denial/racism/anti-semitism is not tolerated on this forum]


08-12-2007 Comment

Mark Hoofnagle is a really great guy to discuss with.
If he is met with arguments he cannot rebuff, he doesn't allow them on his blog, or shows them unreadable...

It would be fairer Mark, or Joseph, so people could save their precious time, to add a little notice saying, do not post opinions contrary to mine..

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