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Monika Schaefer’s First Public Appearance Since Imprisonment in Germany
After the Pittsburgh Massacre - Cucking Stefan Molyneux destroyed by Jean-Francois Gariépy
Gilad Atzmon meets professor Robert Faurisson - They discuss History, Truth, Jews, Holocaust, Life and Death
Five Jewish Billionaires Spend Millions fighting Donald Trump
Why The West Must End Democracy - Censored by YouTube
The Assassination of Saint Alex - The Power of Deep State Corporate Censorship
Jews and the Western Tradition - The Luke Ford Show - Starring Rodney Martin
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Campaign against anti-Semitism DANGER to Free Speech World Wide
Canadians Protest at German Consulate after Violinist Arrested for an Apology to her German Mother
Report on South Africa: Lauren Southern, Stefan Molyneux & Katie Hopkins about the terror facing whites
Israeli TV: American Alt Right forces young Jews to reconsider support for racist Israeli ethno state
Monika Schaefer Canadisk gæst i Tyskland, fængslet for tankeforbrydelser & American Intelligence Media - hoax, disinfo, psyop, controlled opposition, fake news
South Afrika: Black Tweets call for murder and genocide of Whites - 7 Whites murdered the last few days
Israeli TV host agrees with Andrew Anglin and ‘neo-Nazis’ on ‘liberal Jews’
Jannik Lindquist om pengesystemet, geopolitik og national-liberale tanker
The Daily Stormer - Andrew Anglin Exposes Andrew Anglin - Public Enemy Nr. 1.
CNN Interviews Jared Taylor on White Identity - Must Watch!