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Praises book by questionable Treblinka witness Chil Rajchman

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WWII book stopped - too German friendly -- Dubious holocaust survivor story gets six stars out of six

  Bent Blüdnikow - Berlingske Tidende
  Bent Blüdnikow - Berlingske Tidende
Journalist, Historian & very active Zionist
  Ben Christensen WWII Years of Attack
  pic: 'Only 57 prisoners survived Treblinka'
Screen cap Berlingske Tidende Sept. 6, 2010

Some time ago I wrote about Bent Blüdnikow, historian, prominent Danish journalist and pro-Zionist activist, concerning his involvement in stopping the publication of the book 'The Green Devils', which tells the story of a German army unit operating in Greece during WWII, written by the Danish author Bent Christensen, also known as Ben Christensen.

The book was originally to be published in Danish by the Gyldendal publishing company on October 7, 2009.

A two volume English version of the book had already been published by the American publisher Schiffer Books, under the name 'Ben Christensen'. [obviously the Danish name Bent, has some unwelcome associations in English]

German elite forces were not made up of brave soldiers

Blüdnikow criticized the book amongst other things for allegedly celebrating the German 1. Paratroopers division as some of the heroes of WWII, and as victims of barbaric Greek civilians during the Battle of Crete. The brutal assaults on civilians are not mentioned at all, says Blüdnikow.

According to Blüdnikow's review, the author Ben Christensen is trying to imply that the German elite forces were made up of brave soldiers, and not of fanatical Nazis, or criminals. Read the whole story here: Denmark: Protest from prominent Jewish journalist Bent Blüdnikow halts publication of WWII book

All good and well. Bent Blüdnikow used his authority as a historian and as a prominent journalist, to stop the book from being published, allegedly for reasons of historical inaccuracy. In my article I agree that Blüdnikow could be right in his criticism, but question what essentially is censorship before publication.


Chil Rajchman - Survival in Treblinka

Today, I accidentally happened to stumble upon a book review by Bent Blüdnikow, about the book 'Survival in Treblinka', by the alleged member of a Jewish special command group [Sonderkommando] Chil Rajchman. [Berlingske Tidende September 6, 2010]

Apparently without any hesitation or doubt about the historical accuracy of the stories of this witness, Blüdnikow awarded the book with six out of six possible stars!

Suddenly the journalist / historian, who was so terribly concerned about people reading a book where Germans are not the only ones pictured as terrible sadistic evil doers, endorses a story by a man who apparently is an unreliable witness, to put it politely, without the least word of warning.

A cook, who told stories strikingly similar to those told by the Nobel Prize winning fraudster Elie Wiesel, another alleged 'Auschwitz survivor'; one of the few who's camp number tattoo seems to have mysteriously vanished from his skin. Here an example from Rajchman's book:

“At one time we put up a roast beside a large grave, into which more than 250.000 corpses had been thrown.

The roast was loaded as usual and lit in the evening.

There was a strong wind, and the fire burned so intensely, that it spread to the large opened grave.

The blood from a quarter of a million human beings went up in flame and burned until the evening of the following day.

All of the leading camp staff came to take a look at this wonder. They marveled at this fantastic fire. The blood rose to the surface of the ground and ignited like fuel.” (p. 119 org )

Read the whole article in which Thomas Kues analyzes the 'survivor testimony' of Chil Rajchman (alias Yehiel Reichmann, alias Henryk Ruminowsky) here: Chil Rajchman’s Treblinka Memoirs

Other opinions about Treblinka:

Ingrid Weckert visited Yad Vashem museum in Israel some years ago, to get information about the Treblinka concentration camp. To her suprise the Israeli official in charge there told her, on July 10/11, 1985:

"We have known for a long time that there was never any such thing as an ‘extermination camp Treblinka’.

Israeli scientists, historians and geologists have repeatedly examined the sites described by the witnesses, and their detailed investigations have not turned up a single shred of evidence for the existence of an extermination camp.

Such a camp, and the events there, would have to have left traces behind, which could be found. But there are no such traces.

The real problem with Treblinka is the eyewitness testimony."

(Source: Dissecting the Holocaust page 239 of this pdf edition | German original: Grundlagen zur Zeitgeschichte Ein Handbuch über strittige Fragen des 20. Jahrhunderts. Tübingen 1994, page 314 of this pdf version - this book is banned in Germany.)

  Danish version of 'I am the last Jew'
  Bent Blüdnikow - Immigrants
East European Jews in Copenhagen 1904 - 1920

Apart from putting his finger on some sore spots in the dubious 'testimony' from Chil Rajchman's 'Treblinka Memoirs', this discussion is a good demonstration of what revisionism is about, disproving the continously repeated statements from professional holocaust promotors, Jews, Zionists and the mainstream media, that 'revisionism' = 'holocaust denial', which is a pile of easily disproved 'Neo-Nazi' propaganda nonsense.

I don't need to pass judgment on whether Kues' debunking of Chil Rajchman's story is entirely valid on all points, or allege that there could be no counter arguments, etc..

My point is mainly to show, what everybody in his right mind who has read Kue's piece probably has found out all by himself; these are valid and important questions and arguments, not some neonazi Jew hater's attempt to glorify Nazism, not even remotely.

In Germany, Austria, France, Belgium and other places in Europe though, for writing an article such as this one, this writer would have risked the same penalties as Ernst Zündel, who spent a total of 7 years in jail, or the quiet low profile revisionist Wolfgang Fröhlich who is currently serving 11 (eleven!) years in an Austrian jail for similar 'crimes'.




Blüdnikow a lazy and bad historian

The article linked to directly below written by Morten Thing (also of Jewish descent but not upbringing) analyzes facts and stories from Blüdnikow's book about Easteuropean Jews in Copenhagen, and state a long list of errors and falsehoods. Unspecified dates, wrong dates, wrong numbers, missing sources, incorrect sources, virtually everything which could be done wrong has been done wrong, according to Morten Thing.

Blüdnikow er en doven og dårlig historiker
Da han begyndte at skrive i Weekendavisen i slutningen af 1980erne byggede hans omdømme som historiker især på hans bog fra 1986 Immigranter. De østeuropæiske jøder i København 1905-1920. Det var et pionerarbejde, som høstede megen ros netop herfor. Jeg har haft anledning til at undersøge forskellige af hans arbejdsmetoder i denne bog i forbindelse med et forskningsprojekt med samme emne. Der er ikke tale om nogen systematisk gennemgang, som ville kræve mange resurser, men man kunne måske rejse nogle penge til at få arbejdet gjort; det ville sikkert være inte-ressant. Sagen er nemlig, at ikke alene er hans bog fyldt med fejl, mange af disse fejl har en karakter, som, var de forekommet i en prøve i kildekritik tidligt på grunduddannelsen af historiestudiet, ville have medført, at han var dumpet med et brag.
Modkraft 14 februar 2008 - Manipulation og svindel, sjusk og dovenskab karakteriserer Bent Blüdnikow som historiker. 7 januar 2011 - Sobibor - Holocaustpropaganda og virkelighed - Ny bog udfordrer historikere (Graf, Kues, Mattogno)

Inconvenient History - Chil Rajchman’s Treblinka Memoirs (Thomas Kues)

Berlingske Tidende September 6, 2010 - Erindringer: Overlevelse i Treblinka (Bent Blüdnikow) 31 oktober 2010 - Denmark: Professor Claus Bryld accuses Zionist journalists Arne Notkin and Bent Blüdnikow of manipulation 10 marts 2010 - Denmark: Protest from prominent Jewish journalist halts publication of WWII book by author Bent Christensen (Bent Blüdnikow)

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For Danish readers (More complaints about Blüdnikows Zionist activism - newspaper Information): Fra Infromation:

Politisk standard - Jødisk tankepoliti

Brevet ligger i forlængelse af den række af trusselslignende breve som Blüdnikow har sendt til andre, der ikke levede op til hans politiske standarder, Jørn Lund, Hans Hertel og andre. Det interessante ved præcis dette trusselsbrev er, at Bent Blüdnikow langt hen ad vejen deler kritikken af Israel.

I septembernummeret af Mosaisk Troessamfunds blad Jødisk Orientering skriver han f.eks.: »Det er vanskeligt at finde nogen fornuft i bosættelserne, der blot unødigt provokerer Palæstinenserne. Desuden er en række af Israels gengældelser ude af proportioner, som også amerikanerne har påpeget det.« Sagen er blot den, at han ikke synes at en sådan kritik skal formuleres offentligt.

Den er til intern brug. Det er denne dobbelthed som berettiger min sammenligning med kommunisternes forhold til Sovjet. Men hvad mere er: Rammen om Blüdnikows kritik af hans utallige modstandere er jo at de er fascinerede eller ligefrem forsvarere af totalitære’ regimer og synspunkter. Er hans forsøg på at være jødisk tankepoliti ikke ret beset stalinistisk og totalitært?

Information 20 november 2001 - At marchere i takt - Danske jøder søges banket på plads i skræmmebreve fra en opinions-redaktør


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