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Denmark: Professor Claus Bryld accuses Zionist journalists
Arne Notkin and Bent Blüdnikow of manipulation

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  Claus Bryld
  Claus Bryld - Left wing historian
  Arne Notkin - News Director - Former
president of the Danish Zionist Federation
  Blüdnikow a lazy and bad historian

The article linked to directly below written by Morten Thing (also of Jewish descent but not upbringing) analyzes facts and stories from Blüdnikow's book about Easteuropean Jews in Copenhagen, and state a long list of errors and falsehoods. Unspecified dates, wrong dates, wrong numbers, missing sources, incorrect sources, virtually everything which could be done wrong has been done wrong, according to Morten Thing.

Blüdnikow er en doven og dårlig historiker
Immigranter De østeuropæiske jøder i København 1905-1920. Jeg har haft anledning til at undersøge forskellige af hans arbejdsmetoder i denne bog i forbindelse med et forskningsprojekt med samme emne. Der er ikke tale om nogen systematisk gennemgang, som ville kræve mange resurser, men man kunne måske rejse nogle penge til at få arbejdet gjort; det ville sikkert være inte-ressant.

Sagen er nemlig, at ikke alene er hans bog fyldt med fejl, mange af disse fejl har en karakter, som, var de forekommet i en prøve i kildekritik tidligt på grunduddannelsen af historiestudiet, ville have medført, at han var dumpet med et brag.
Modkraft 14 februar 2008 - Manipulation og svindel, sjusk og dovenskab karakteriserer Bent Blüdnikow som historiker.

Prominent journalist / historian Bent Blüdnikow and Arne Notkin, director of an important news department in Denmarks main TV station 'Danmarks Radio', are accused of journalistic malpractice by left wing professor Claus Bryld, for allegations made in their shared article in the Danish paper Weekendavisen 'Terrorism's Danish Cheerleaders' [Terrorismens danske heppekor] in 1994. Bryld published his criticism in an article in the now world famous newspaper Jyllands-Posten in an article titled 'The whole will be false' [Helheden vil være falsk], published in Jyllands-Posten on October 31, 2010.

The conflict is about a declaration which members and sympathisers of the Danish Palestine Committee [Palæstina-komiteen] allegedly signed. In the text the sentence 'unconditional support for the PFLP' occurred, a sentence which according to the signatories, was added without their knowledge after they signed the declaration, which was distributed by the College Kolding Højskole in 1974.

When professor Svend Holm-Nielsen, rebuked some of the claims by Notkin and Blüdnikow, in a thorough and well documented article in the magazine Palestine Orientation [Palaestina Orientering nr. 1, april 1995], the two Zionists Blüdnikow and Notkin did not mention it.

The left wing professor Claus Bryld, who also is a good friend of the Danish Jews, and regularly publishes articles in Jewish magazines, had this comment among others:

Debate is relevant

A debate about the way the Danish left relates to the past is relevant, but it is decisive that at can be held based on honest premises, and without garbled quotations, etc.. And the campaign like form which the two gentlemen used from the beginning in their criticism of the Danish left, which was also used in the series about the 'Reds under our beds' [Danmarks Radio de røde lejesvende], is not helpful for a deep digging debate either.

The episodes of 'Reds under our beds', were recently aired in Denmark, and researched claims by the Danish right, that Danmark's Radio [the main taxpayer financed public service channel] of left wing bias in the past and present.

About Claus Bryld: The Danish left wing author comes from a family whose members declared themselves as National Socialists during the Second World War war, just like the former Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen who is continuing the defamation of patriotic parties from his position inside the EU.

He is still suffering from a guilt complex. Claus Bryld is a regular critic of the nationalist Danish People's Party, and pushes multiculturalism and holocaustianity om a regular basis. His family were Nazi's, now he wants the Danish population to pay the price and join him on his guilt trip.

Arne Notkin is a former president of the Danish Zionist Federation [Dansk Zionistforbund] and for decades and currently the director of an important news section of Denmarks's Radio [DR Deadline].

The program usually has had a clear left wing and very strong pro multicult bias, except when it comes to Jewish matters such as the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

One Jewish 'Deadline' journalist; Adam Holm, was officially corrected | II by DR chief Olav Skaaning Andersen for having published a pro-Zionist article during the Israeli invasion of Gaza, another Zionist, former Deadline journalist Martin Krasnik, now has his own political talkshow.

Bent Blüdnikow is a Jewish journalist and very active Zionist campaigner. He has recently been involved in halting the publication of a WWII book by the Danish author Ben (Bent) Christensen, for portraying German elite troops in Greece as heroes. But his critical views did not apply when he praised a dubious 'holocaust testimony' from alleged Treblinka 'sonderkommando' inmate Chil Rajchman.


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