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Government Money For Danish 'Holocaust Denier' Erik Haaest

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Til Forsiden

[Update September 25 2007 - Red fascist thugs tried to block entrance to library in Svendborg on Tuesday September 24 where Erik Haaest (72) was delivering a lecture. 23 communists were handcuffed and arrested by the police. The lecture proceeded with some delay. Source (Danish only) Ekstra Bladet - Fyens Stiftstidende]

Update: Erik Haaest replies to the accusations made by the two feature article authors Erik Jensen and Poul Smidt in the Danish left wing news paper Information: Erik Haaest - Feature Article in Danish newspaper Information a Lie

Discussion among three Danish Jews after it became known that the Danish author Erik Haaest (pronounce 'host') had been awarded a 100,000 kr. [USD 18,357 - Euro 13,440 - £ 9,075] government grant for writing a book about Danish nazi collaborators in which still living HIPO members (HIPO = HilfsPolizei [German] = Danish police corps that assisted the German occupiers) are giving their side of the story.

The decission to give the g


Partrant to Erik Haaest was suggested and endorsed by the journalist Claes Kastholm, who by the way was praised by me earlier this year for having been on of the only msn voices in Denmark who spoke out against the introduction of the recently proposed German / Jewish holocaust denial paragraphs, that have since come into effect in a number of European countries, while Denmark supposedly has rejected this totalitarian attempt to restrict free speech.

Claes Kastholm Hansen even managed to cast a little doubt on the obligatory agreed on 'deplorable professional qualities' of the British historian David Irving at the same occasion, by remarking that Irving's work had been praised by many, before his Judaic opponents managed to smear his reputation.

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Claes Kastholm Hansen
Claes Kastholm Hansen

Claes Kastholm Hansen has come under attack and was subject to defamatory statements by enemies of free speech after his endorsement of the grant to Erik Haaest reached the front pages, and has since shown remorse by announcing that he was not aware of Mr. Haaest's revisionist views.

After my introduction follows a translated transcript of the program, or go there first

Deadline broadcast July 2007 - THE PARTICIPANTS

Three Danish Jews discuss the Eric Haaest case, and the limits of freedom of speech.

Erik Haaest
Left to right: Jacques Blum, Adam Holm and Bent Blüdnikow Erik Haaest contact

A short introduction to these characters


Adam Holm

Adam Holm - Deadline TV Host, Jewish left wing defender of the multicultural society, professional support for the infamous fundamentalist Muslim Communist candidate (!) Asmaa Abdol Hamid who was given her own TV show by the multicultural propaganda station Danmarks Radio. Coming from the leftwing multicultural propaganda paper Politiken (founded by the father of Danish Cutural Radicalism, Jewish Brandes) he took over this central position in most watched political debate program after Martin Krasnik (also Jewish). The chief editor of the Deadline program since times immemorial is a former chairman of the Danish Zionist Leaque; Arne Notkin.

Slowly Holm seems to be changing his position by criticizing Communism recently, and who knows, in a few years he may have become another neoconservative, just like a long line former pro multicult left wing Jews in France, Holland and other European countries who turned neocon when the effects of mass immigration began to be felt by the Jewish community.

All of Denmark's radio and not in the least the (daily) Deadline program are accused by neoconservatives and Zionists of being extremely biased against the US and Israel. In face of the overwhelming amounts of material surfacing lately that is exposing the Zionist / US policies, I would say the alleged anti US / Israel bias of this Danish Public Service TV station is nothing more than damage control.

The multicultural and holocaust propaganda of the infamous TV station is still undiluted though, and night after night one dramatized 'holocaust history' and anti German hate propaganda fills the screen alternating with highly positive programs about other (muslim) cultures.

Jacques Blum

Jacques Blum sociologist former chairman of the Danish Jews (Mosaisk Trossamfund), formerly employed by a Danish 'Center for Holocaust Studies', now editor of the Jewish 'cultural' Magazine Goldberg. Has written a long list of books about 'the holocaust'.

Together with his wife Eva Bøggild he wrote the book 'By way of Lies' (Loegnens Veje) about 'revisionist lies' or 'holocaust denial' as he prefers to call it..

He is one of the guys regularly blowing the 'anti-Semitism is on the rise' trumpet.

Blum called several people who certainly don't deserve that title 'revisionists', amongst others the historian (and fervent Israel supporter) Bent Jensen. The reason seemed to be that Jensen in one of his books had written the word 'holocaust' without the capital 'H'.

Bent Jensen replied to the name calling by saying that the title of Blum's book 'By way of Lies' was 'extremely well chosen'.

Blum also complained to the editor of the newspaper Jyllands Posten, when the paper published an interview with Danish revisionist Christian Lindtner.

The photo of Christian Lindtner accompanying the article supposedly made him look too sympathetic (!) for the taste of the ethnocentric eternally persecuted holocaust victim Jacques Blum, and the article didn't contain enough 'educational material' warning against the evil Dr. Lindtner and the evil Nazi revisionists. Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ was also strongly anti-Semitic according to Blum a few years ago..

Blum has also for a very long time been a supporter of the 'multicultural society' (in Denmark, not in Israel of course), but I suppose he has now become a doubter after Jews in Denmark are increasingly confronted with muslim hate and threats.

Well, I think most people will get the picture.

In a radio interview Blum exposed his fantastic lack of knowledge about several aspects of history and revisionist statements, and came up with hilarious theories made up on the spot, in order to counter questions and arguments from Dr. Christian Lindtner.

While Blum in the debate below 'dedicates himself to free speech' and does not want to follow the German example of forbidding opinions and persecuting 'holocaust deniers', it seems also quite clear that he is not being entirely honest about this...

But in Denmark it is currently not politically correct to say openly that you want to restrict free speech, not even for Jews, a tendency that has become stronger since the so called muhammed cartoon crisis reminded us of the crucial importance of that basic freedom..

Bent Blüdnikow

Bent Blüdnikow, journalist, historian.

Bush and Israel suporter, Jewish neoconservative currently writing for the newspaper Berlingske Tidende.

While Blum is a plain idiot with virtually no no verbal or argumentative skils, common sense or logic, and who usually solely relies on appealing to emotions and who very often harms his own case when speaking in public, Blüdnikow is quite a different type, and apart from probably [hopefully] sharing the common logic about freedom of speech with the rest of us, he is also intelligent enough to understand that all this all to openly 'Jews against free speech' oppression is handing out exactly that ammunition to revisionists, anti-Zionists and simple free speech supporters for which even the Jews have not yet have developed an effective shield.

Discussion between three Danish Jews about the Erik Haaest case
Part I - English subtitles Youtube

Discussion between three Danish Jews about the Erik Haaest case
Part II -
English subtitles YouTube

Update September 25 2007 - Red fascist thugs tried to block entrance to library in Svendborg on Tuesday September 24 where Erik Haaest (72) was delivering a lecture. 23 communists were handcuffed and arrested by the police. The lecture proceeded with some delay. Source (Danish only) Ekstra Bladet - Fyens Stiftstidende

Update: Erik Haaest replies to the accusations made by the two feature article authors Erik Jensen and Poul Smidt in the Danish left wing news paper Information: Erik Haaest - Feature Article in Danish newspaper Information a Lie

Transcript and English translation of the program:


Adam Holm:

Adam Holm

Is it okay that the Arts Council gives 100.000 kr. grant to a writer who calls Anne Frank's diary lies and swindle, and who openly questions the existence of gas chambers in Auschwitz?

We will discuss that in a moment.

[Balder: Notice the word 'openly', already implying that there must be something socially unacceptable about questioning aspects of history]

Introducing Erik Haaest.....

Presented in the traditional style of what some would call the 'Jewish Media', since the preferred methods of persecution and incarceration can not yet be implemented in Denmark. The book for which Haaest is receiving the grant has nothing to do with 'holocaust denial', nor has Haaest written other books about that subject, or tried to justify Nazi crimes.


Train whistle sounds, pictures of concentration camps and dead bodies of supposedly gassed Nazi victims fly by, so we all can come into the right mood..

The picture (right) was used to introduce the subject of the discussion, writer Erik Haaest [pronounce 'Host'] who was called a 'holocaust sceptic' in the program, although something quite different was implied by the horror graphics that were displayed, with his picture as an overlay.

Clearly we should not hear about such a dangerous person without creating an image of an evil personality.


Female voice:

There were no gas chambers in Hitler's concentration camps, and Anne Frank's diary is lies and swindle, that is what holocaust skeptic Erik Haaest has said about WWII, and twice the writer and journalist has received 100.000 kr. from the Arts Council for his work documenting the so called other side of  the history of the German occupation.

And that is terribly wrong, it sounds from an article in the Danish newspaper Information. The authors of the article wonder amongst other things about the fact that the rest of Europe speaks of outlawing holocaust denial (it's so decided) while Denmark awards it with government funds.

And the criticism has also resonated internationally. The last few days several international newspapers have spoken of the grant to the Danish holocaust skeptic, and the Jewish human rights organization the Simon Wiesenthal Center demanded in a letter to the Danish Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen that the grant be pulled back immediately.

That the producers of the program call the money making machine Simon Wiesenthal Center for a 'Jewish human rights organization', is absolutely ludicrous..

The debate begins


Adam Holm:
Adam Holm

Allright, welcome to you two, look over here now please, - Bent Blüdnikow historian and journalist with Berlingske Tidende, and Jacques Blum cultural sociologist and editor of the Jewish cultural magazine Goldberg.

Let me begin with asking you both what you think about the Wiesenthal Center urging to pull back the grant given to Erik Haaest?


Original photograph showing new arrivals in May 1944.
From Auschwitz Album 1978 (1st edition, Beate Klarsfeld Foundation, New York, 1978), photo No. 165.


Suddenly there is smoke in the background behind the fence, poles and new arrivals.

Caption at the Simon Wiesenthal Center home page:

"As these prisoners were being processed for slave labor, many of their friends and families were being gassed and burned in the ovens in the crematoria. The smoke can be seen in the background. June 1944".

More about the faked photographs from the Simon Wiesenthal Center here
More Lies from the Simon Wiesenthal Center spring 1991 | Falsk Nazi-jæger' fuld af løgn

Wiesenthal's drawing plagiarized from Life Magazine

Bent Blüdnikow:
Bent Blüdnikow

I think it is pure nonsense, there has to be an arm lenght principle here, there should be no interference, not even from the side of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

The board [of the Arts Council] is allowed to give the money it wants to those historians or writers they deem fit.

Jacques Blum:

Well, I look at it an other way, but of course they should not interfere...,

But eh, when they interfere, when they come with statements, then it is very much to point out that abroad people are actually offended about it and cannot understand that Denmark has not outlawed holocaust denial; that it is not a criminal offense...

[Despite his mumblings about 'not wishing for anti revisionst laws', his voice is clearly filled with regret! Comment Balder]

Adam Holm:

Contrary to in Germany for example..


Jacques Blum: 

In Germany, Austria and so on.. And that there eh..

For example it is completely incomprehensible many places abroad that Denmark funds a Nazi radio station, and then on top of that it is Denmark that does it, and people.., eh they have a hard time understanding that.

Bent Blüdnikow:

Bent Bludnikov

It is possible that it is hard to understand in foreign countries, but freedom of speech here [in Denmark] is sacred, and if people want to deny the holocaust, you and I and Adam, can find that terrible., but they should be allowed to, and then the debate afterwards will have to prove they are not right, the holocaust deniers.

To go in the same direction as Germany and a number of other countries, and restrict freedom of speech, and like making it illegal to hold convictions, is a very very dangerous path to take.

And where is the limit, who is to decide where to draw the line, if next time there is somebody who claims that the communists Mao and Stalin have never exterminated anybody? We would think it would be terrible if they were punished for that.

We cannot limit freedom of speech..

Jacques Blum:

  Efff.. I agree it should not be made illegal; of course we shouldn't do that.. [!!!]

But if we now go to the actual case, we are talking about eh, and I think this is often misunderstood, people who deny these things Haaest denies, have not done their homework...

It is simply technically wrong...

Homework neglected by revisionists?
Or purposely neglected by exterminationalists? -->

Treblinka researched with modern technology

Adam Holm:
Adam Holm

There I had to ask you, because some years ago you wrote a book together with your wife Eva Boeggild about history denial; holocaust revisionism...

So let me hear both of you, [Blum and Blüdnikov] you both know very much about this question, do you see Erik Haaest as a holocaust revisionist?

Is it here we shall find him, Erik Haaest as a holocaust revisionist, is it there we shall find him?

Jacques Blum:

 Eh..., it is something of the sort... eh if he does it in order to provoke or why he does it I will abstain from searching motives, you know but eh..

Just recently, that is just a few days ago he said about Anne Frank for example,... he has also been quoted for it, that this is a case which has been thoroughly researched.

And what I think we should remember is that the Arts Council has divided things up, in this way that a substantial part of the Arts Council's means go to general literature, and that it is professional, it is professional, they are professional historians, they are professionals.

<-- The Anne Frank Diary has been researched quite a bit indeed.

It is an established fact [Corroborated in a US court of law] that a professional New York ghost writer by the name of Meyer Levin has been paid by Otto Frank, Anne Franks father for work on the diary. Also the BKA (Bundes Kriminal Amt) a high German police authority, has established that parts of the diary were written with a ballpoint pen (those pens were not available while Anne was alive).

There are also a great number of different versions of the book. Which one is the 'real story' ?

Many different commentators from several different countries have independently from each other noticed incompatible styles of writing in the diary. There is a lot of doubt about the handwriting itself too.

So the words 'lies and swindle' in this context have nothing to do with 'holocaust denial'.

Apart from that, Anne Frank's diary, even if we coose to forget the obvious forgeries, manipulations and lies surrounding the book by the rather questionable character Otto Frank, proves nothing about the so called holocaust, other than that, if we choose to believe Anne's story, rich Jews, even when in hiding, were eating a lot better in occupied Holland than the rest of the population...

Since Anne's diary was written in Amsterdam, at least at that time she didn't know one bit more about what was going on elsewhere in occupied Europe than anybody else residing in Holland.

Rejecting Anne Frank's diary as a true story written by a 16 year old girl can in no way be synonymous with 'holocaust denial'.

Anne died of typhus in the hospital of Bergen Belsen towards the end of the war, while her father Otto Frank survived, and made millions by publishing the diary. Otto Frank's firm did good business with the Germans during the whole war, and he was actually charged with collaboration with the ennemy by the Dutch authorities after the war.

But the story of Anne Frank's life itself leaves a big question mark at the theory of the supposedly exterminist Nazi policies in Auschwitz. Why would the Germans have kept such a young girl who was infected with a contagious disease, and unable to work, alive in a hospital, in stead of sending her straight to the alleged gas chambers?

Adam Holm:

Ok, but let us return to that, because I just have to.. but is he a revisionist?

Bent Blüdnikow:

No matter what opinions he has, we should not get in there and get interfere whether the Arts Council has given him money or not, that is up to the Arts Council, I think it was frivolous to give him money because he is a bad historian, that's shown by his previous books, but not, I mean but not because of political views, 'cause if we were to accuse...

Adam Holm:

You don't think that a man who spreads doubt about The Holocaust, and says; well there were no gas chambers in Auschwitz, and who calls the eh as it is, thoroughly researched diary about Anne Frank for lies and swindle and so on..

Has he deserved government money?

Bent Blüdnikow:
Bent Blüdnikof

Yes but if we had to use 'deserve criteria', there would be lots of people who would not be able to get funding...

The university is filled with people, who have supported both Mao and Lenin, and who thought what happened in Lenin's time was wonderful, will they also have disqualified themselves from receiving funding for all future?

Jacques Blum: 

Ahm Bent you know.. I don't think it is a question of convictions here.

Ehm if it was an eh, have to think, what if there was an astronomer who said my position is that the earth is flat? Then you would probably say that ahr.. Something or another is wrong...

We are actually in a field where we can prove a number of things, historically and by other means..., then it becomes a little akward to say just he [is awarded a grant], and we also heard from the newspaper [Information] that 75% have been rejected, then it must be terribly bad with these 75%, if the remaining 25% is to go to   [...blah, blah, unintelligible....]

Adam Holm:

He should not have been awarded the 100.000 kr. in the first place, is that what you are saying?

Jacques Blum: 

I say he is a bad historian you know, and for me holocaust denial is bad professionalism...

I don't put those moral... eh for my sake they are allowed to say that the world is flat eh uh, whatever, you know...

<-- Blum: Bad professionalism? The world is flat?
Why then the need to spread lies about revisionists their statements and objectives, and why throw them in jail?
The politics of suppression and the logic of many revisionist arguments, together with an ever changing 'official story' and the unveiling of ever more bogus 'survivor testimonies' suggests something quite different!

Bent Blüdnikow:

Bent Blüdnikov

Well historical research is full of bad professionalism, and there are wrong assumptions, wrong assessments in many books.

We have just had a debate about a historian by the name of Christian Hvidt, who has been a reviewer of professional literature at Berlingske [the same center right newspaper Blüdnikow works for] for many years, who has published a book about the history of Europe in which he paints a very positive portrait of Lenin.

Lenin who was involved in massive repression, who decreed that woman and children should be shot, who deported whole ethnical groups. Has Christian Hvidt now disqualified himself because he has gotten the Lenin history wrong? Of course he hasn't, he may very well be considered the next time he applies for money..

Update: Danish holocaust researcher refutes claim of 6 million Jews killed during The Holocaust

The Wiesenthal Center World Report
German gas chambers for Jews in Iraq - Zyklon B.
Iraq's German made gas chambers - Iraq war

The Jewish weekly "The Jewish Press" (New York) wrote on Feb. 15, 1991 that Iraq's president Saddam Hussein had gas chambers for all Jews. "Iraqis have gas chambers for all Jews".

Erik Jensen - Marxist

The article that started the commotion was written by to left wing personalies. One of them is the left wing extremist Erik Jensen from the ultra Marxist Organization DEMOS, closely connected to the communist underground 'intelligence service' network REDOX. Erik Jensen also has a bunch of good friends who are organized under several cover names, but who belong to the international redfascist network AFA.

At demonstrations he is often seen talking to prominent communist strormtroopers, and it is alleged that he is playing a direct part as a strategist also during 'live action'.

Exactly how Erik Jensen manages to balance his views on Stalin, Lenin, Hitler and Mao, and his support for the very oppression of free speech and defamatory policies exercised by the most influential organizations of the Zionist / Jewish entity that manage to oppress Erik's Palestinian friends partly by exaggerating the dimensions of the so called holocaust, is a big question.

But also AFA groups in other countries such as Canada have been proven to be cooperating with Zionist organizations.

It seems that the left wing Communist revolutionaries are exactly as corrupt as their neoconservative Capitalist counterparts. Do they need money from Jewish circles that bad, or are their other reasons, like getting their own anti Israel alibi in order, by 'proving they are not anti-Semites', and striking a blow to their Nationalist ennemies at the same time?

The other author of the article is Poul Smidt a journalist who has a degree in law. Information July 18 2007: Holocaust-benægter fik kunststøtte

Bent Blüdnikow has been criticized by others for being a bad historian:

'Manipulation, swindle, sloppiness, laziness, characterize Bent Blüdnikow as a historian'

Modkraft 14 februar 2008 - Manipulation, svindel, sjusk og dovenskab karakteriserer Bent Blüdnikow som historiker.

Adam Holm:

But when we talk.. yes ok come in..

Jacques Blum:

Yes but this is a little bit different isn't it?

When you are part of a committee, you ask the following questions;

1. The project, is it interesting? 2. the method; is it durable. 3. how serious is the researcher..

If it is so, that it has been proven repeatedly that it is substandard, and that has nothing to do with convictions, but is just simply wrong..

Then I think it starts to become a little fishy, when there are so few resources that he [Erik Haaest] should be among the 25% that have received money..

The 75%, the majority, must be complete retards..

Bent Blüdnikow: Yes yes, but now it is such that...
Adam Holm:
Adam Holm

Yes yes, there I have to go and ask you Bent Blüdnikow, what it is that today we can almost say that Erik Haaest can get money today...

He himself told the newspaper Information, that ran this story first with a feature article, and later with a number of follow up articles, that it would have been unthinkable in the seventies and eighties for him to get state funding, since he was persona non grata, and didn't belong to the politically correct establishment. Now he receives 100.000 kr..

Bent Blüdnikow:

Bent Blüdnikov

The following happened in the historical research that we have begun to focus on Nazi's, Danish collaborators and a long range of books by Peter Oevig Knudsen and by somebody by the name of Henrik Lundtofte that have focused on the losers, the henchmen so to speak, eh and ask what kind of people they were, and therefore it is also relevant that Erik Haaest, who has connections in those circles apparently comes in.

His books are in my opinion not very good, but his books are not an expression of holocaust revisionism; that is something he has said in the media.

Adam Holm:

Adam Holm

But we have to hold on to how it is possible that he gets this money at this time because that is part of the on going debate, ehm cultural historian and debater Morten Thing has been quoted in 'Information' for saying, that they eh, I have to find the quote, here it is, quote:

"I am actually astounded deeply that they support a man who hasn't shown as much as a grain of literary quality, it almost only  makes sense if there have been some trade offs between the members of the Arts Council, it smells of political momentum" end quote.

In other words, it is politically opportune at this moment...

Bent Blüdnikow:
Bent Blüdnikov

Not at all, well I don't think we should see conspiracies, since there is a tendency at this point of time to focus at Danish Nazi's, Danish collaborators, they [the Arts Council] have found that perhaps he could contribute with something; he has not expressed holocaust revisionism in his books, that is something he has said in the media, and hence I don't find it strange that they have awarded him the grant. I think he is a bad choice, because he is a bad historian..      -->Bad historian

Adam Holm:

Jacques Blum, what is it that caused that Erik Haaest can get the money, can get this scholarship, can get peace to work, when that was not possible for him 20 years ago?

Jacques Blum:

Oh it's so hard with all this searching for motives; well I don't belief in any conspiracy theory either.. ah eh..

Adam Holm:

No but that there are favorable political winds

Cartoon ADL Control of Internet Speech - How do you want this wrapped?
ADL - Anti-defamation League - B'nai B'rith

Jacques Blum: 

Not for holocaust denial, certainly not.

Well what I think happened is that he has sent in an application, we have not seen the application, but we get a small hint as to what it is about.

He has sent an application in which it says that he has some contacts, as you mentioned before, that others don't have, and that it could be interesting to get this man to interview these people, and it is very relevant to say: Well, there are not that many who enjoy such fine company, ironically speaking, so let him have some money..

That which I am irritated about is that it is an approval of professionalism to get this money you know, Eva and I have received such money and we have been proud of that, I think that has become a little less valuable now, because there hasn't been a good assessment of it.

Adam Holm:

Last remark

Bent Blüdnikow:

I think it is crucial to hold on to the principles here, we should not mix subsidies with politics, in that case we should deny Morten Thing and a lot of other old left wing radicals forever.

We end in a slide which ends with a berufsverbot situation.

There are a number of people who would be quite happy with just berufsverbot..

See further down this page
Jacques Blum:  [mumbles] Yes I agree with you on that..

Adam Holm: Well those were friendly words across the table, Bent Blüdnikow, Jacques Blum, thanks for coming.


End Transcript

Online Video:

DR Deadline 21 juli 2007:

DR - Debat med Jacques Blum og Bent Blüdnikow om legatet til Erik Haaest


Update: Balder.org 10 marts 2010 - Denmark: Protest from Jewish journalist halts publication of WWII book (Blüdikow)

Update: Balder Blog 28 september 2008 - Søren Kam - Hitlers danske yndling, en ny bog af Gurli og Erik Haaest

Update: Erik Haaest replies to the accusations made by the two feature article authors Erik Jensen and Poul Smidt in the Danish left wing news paper Information: Erik Haaest - Feature Article in Danish newspaper Information a Lie

Update: Balder Blog September 17, 2008 - New book by Erik Haaest dealing with alleged Danish Nazi war criminal Soren Kam

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Balder.org 10 marts 2010 - Denmark: Protest from prominent Jewish journalist halts publication of WWII book by author Bent Christensen (Bent Blüdnikow)

Some other links relating to the case so far mainly in Danish:

A little about the Erik Haaest affair in English: Radio Holger (scroll down to point 4)

Dansk Selskab for Fri Historisk Forskning 30 juli 2007: Vedr. opfordring fra Simon Wiesenthal Centeret. Brev til Statsminister Anders Fogh Rasmussen

Debatprogram på DR om Erik Haast 23 juli 2007: Skal staten støtte Holocaust-skeptiker?

På BTs debatsider har forargede læsere allerede lagt ud med en smudskampagne mod Claes Kastholm Hansen og Erik Haaest.

Netavisen 180 grader 22. Jul 2007: Kunstråd vil rense min fars bøddel

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Information 18 Juli 2007: Holocaust-benægter fik kunststøtte

Information satte gang i smudskastningen mod Erik Haaest med en tendentiøs artikel fra kommunisterne Erik Jensen og Poul Smidt.

Simon Wiesenthal Center 18 Juli 2007:

July 18, 2007

Mr. Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Prime Minister
Prins Jorgens Gard 17
1218 Copenhagen K

Mr. Prime Minister,

On behalf of the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s over 400,000 members, we strenuously protest today’s award of 100,000 kronor to Erik Haaest, dubbed “The Holocaust Sceptic” in the Danish media.

Read the rest of the letter from the Simon Wiesenthal Center for Eternal Jewish Revenge, signed by Shimon Samuels, rabbi Marvin Hier, rabbi Abraham Cooper, and 'Taskforce Commander' Karen Fracapane here


Victims of the holy holocaust:

Germar Rudof

67 years old pacifist Ernst Zündel after two years in solitary
confinement in Canada now doing five more years in Germany...

ZDF Interview mit Ernst Zündel in German

Max Planck Institute Chemist doing two years of prison in Germany for doing forensic research on the walls of the alleged gaschambers in Auschwitz and getting politically incorrect results....

Germar Rudolf:

Lectures on the holocaust

Vorlesungen über den Holocaust

Illegally expelled from the US for an allegedly missing an immigration appointment, imprisoned in Canada under the now declared unconstitutional 9/11 panic anti-terrorist laws. Jewish organizations pulled many strings in all of these cases where unusual decisions and practices were a shocking testimony of their uncanny influence on judicial proceedings.

Ernst Zündel was the only person who was ever jailed and evicted under the Canadian'anti-terrorist laws', right into the hands of the new German totalitarians, and convicted to five years in prison after a mockery of a trial in which lawyers were prosecuted for defending their client.

This horrible abuse of justice was kept away from the general public by the (Jewish controlled?) media, who rather focus on abuse of power in Zionist weary Russia, and opponents of American / Israeli hegemony in the Mideast lik Syria, Libya and Iran, than in the German Bundesrepublik, Austra, Switzerland France and other European countries. Even Christian priests are being jailed under the German / Jewish laws that do not allow criticism of the Jewish version of WWII. More about Zündel in Danish

After being abducted from Germany and Canada where he was kept in solitary confinement for two years before he was expelled to Germany under now abolished 'antiterrorist laws' 67 years old pensioner Ernst Zündel with no criminal record is now serving a five year sentence in Manheim Prison in Germany for doubting the Jewish version of history..

In Germany a specially created concept called 'Offenkundigkeit' is used to shut up defendants and their lawyers. For all practical purposes it means that if something is considered 'public knowledge' or 'commonly known' it is not allowed to question its validity. It is a concept which is totally unique for Germany, but the concept might be practiced under another name some in some islamic states, North Korea, China etc.

Holocaust, benægtere, revisionisme, jødisk censur Dansk

Holocaust, deniers, revisionism, Jewish censorship English

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apr 27, 2009 000 Gerd Honsik - Power, Perjury and Murder in Simon Wiesenthal's Footsteps English
apr 25, 2009 668 David Duke anholdt af tankepolitiet i Tjekkiet - risikerer tre års fængsel Dansk
apr 22, 2009 666 Kongresmedlem Jane Harman anklaget for samarbejde med AIPAC Dansk
apr 20, 2009 663 Østrig: Retssag, 68 årig forfatter Gerd Honsik risikerer 20 års fængsel Dansk
apr 17, 2009 661 Australien: Tankepolitiet dømmer Revisionisten Fredrick Töben Video
apr 15, 2009 658 Så meget for Sarkozys mandfolkeord om ytringsfrihed Dansk
apr 09, 2009 653 Fire kalotter for Snaphanens tilsvining af britiske patrioter fra BNP Dansk
apr 08, 2009 000 Mind Bending Powers of the Masters of the Media (written in 1997 supposedly by Nick Griffin) English
apr 02, 2009 000 Frank Brunner responds to accusations from Swiss Jewish / Zionist hate group CICAD English
apr 02, 2009 000 Frank Brunner se défend contre les accusations de Swiss juif / sioniste groupe haineux CICAD Francais
apr 02, 2009 000 Frank Brunner verteidigt sich gegen Vorwürfe von jüdisch / zionistischen hass Gruppe CICAD Schweiz Deutsch
mar 30, 2009 648 Tyskland: Ny fadæse - ekstremistisk radiovært arresteret - agent-provokatør  Verfassungsschutz Dansk
mar 30, 2009 647 Jødekartoteket - Om ADLs kriminelle historie og praksis Dansk
mar 29, 2009 646 Jødiske ‘menneskerettigheds-organisationer’: millioner af amerikanere mulige terrorister Dansk Video
mar 23, 2009 639 Britiske Jøder starter igen kampagne mod British National Party English Video
mar 22, 2009 638 Hærens rabbinere under Gaza: Dette er en religiøs krig - ok at dræbe civile Dansk Video (3)
mar 19, 2009 637 Jens-Martin Eriksen og Frederik Stjernfelts blinde vinkel Dansk
mar 18, 2009 635 Ikke kun Bent Melchior - Amerikanske Jøder prioriterer samarbejde med Muslimer Dansk
mar 17, 2009 634 USA: Lou Dobbs afslører racisme-center SPLCs løgne om stigende racisme Dansk Video
mar 13, 2009 000 Stepen Walt interviewed about Charles Freeman and AIPAC on Danish TV English
mar 11, 2009 629 Politiet i Tel Aviv jagter hovedmand i kvindehandler-netværk Dansk
mar 05, 2009 623 EU-parlamentarier Elmar Brok kræver europæisk arrestordre for biskop Richard Williamson Dansk
mar 02, 2009 622 Strange bedfellows - Protests against the Durban II conference English
mar 02, 2009 000 Durban II Conference Protests Led by Censorship Promoters English
feb 26, 2009 621 Tyskland: Sådan ordner man holocaustbenægtere - 6 års fængsel for 72 årige Horst Mahler Dansk Video
feb 25, 2009 620 Australien: Jøder indrømmer hærværk mod forening af Kristne Jøder Dansk
feb 23, 2009 618 Dänemark: Zwei Männer nach Deutschland ausgeliefert wegen Nazi-Musik Deutsch
feb 23, 2009 617 Denmark: Two men accused of distributing Nazi music to be extradited to Germany on Tuesday English
feb 20, 2009 614 Auschwitz Byggeplaner - Nyfundne 'beviser' for gaskammer-drabene vakler Dansk
feb 09, 2009 610 Josef Gärtner- Åbent brev til Hans Hellighed Pave Benedikt XVI Dansk
feb 08, 2009 608 Biskop Richard Williams vil undersøge beviserne for holocaust på ny Dansk Video
feb 04, 2009 606 Tyskland: Hannover Zeitung beskylder ledende Jøder for at fremme antisemitisme Dansk
feb 01, 2009 605 60 Minutes: Bob Simon dokumenterer zionisternes dobbeltmoral Dansk Video
jan 26, 2009 602 Spanien: Catalonien aflyser Auschwitzdag Dansk
jan 24, 2009 601 USA: Højesteretsdommer deltager i Shariakonference (+ tørklædedebat Deadline) Dansk Video
jan 22, 2009 600 Richard Williamson, Catholic Bishop Challenges The Jewish World Order English Video
jan 18, 2009 000 Jødisk terrorgruppe ville samarbejde med Hitler - Stern banden. Irgun Hagana Dansk
jan 16, 2009 599 Claus Bentow - Dansk Zionistforbund: Jøder frygter Muslimer og venstreekstremister Dansk
jan 14, 2009 598 The Palestinian Israeli conflict in the Danish media as seen by a nationalist English
jan 12, 2009 597 Hamas blev i årevis støttet af Israel for at så splid mellem Palæstinenserne Dansk
jan 06, 2009 595 Palestinian who shot Israelis in Danish shopping centre was role model for multicult English
jan 05, 2009 594 Læserbrev: Herman Rosenblat og andre Holocaust fup-historier Dansk
jan 04, 2009 593 Tyskland: Gravskænderen fra Passau - TV2 viderebefordrer løgne om knivstikkerhistorie Video
dec 24, 2008 588 DR holder fast i traditionen med anti-kristne udsendelser omkring Julen Dansk Video
dec 23, 2008 587 Denmark: Alleged Nazi-music distributors’ extradition appeal failed in High Court English
dec 22, 2008 586 Landsretten stadfæster udleverings-dommen over angivelige nazi-musik distributører Dansk Video
dec 21, 2008 585 Tyskland: Katolsk avis beskylder Jøder for angreb på ytringsfriheden Dansk
dec 20, 2008 584 Denmark: Alleged distributors of Nazi-music fight extradition - Verdict on Monday December 22
dec 20, 2008 583 Dom i sagen om angivelige nazimusik-distributører på mandag 22 december Dansk Video
dec 18, 2008 582 Østrig: Mere end 6 års fængsel til Wolfgang Fröhlich for manglende ærbødighed for ‘Holocaust’ Dansk
dec 16, 2008 579 Hvem er Bernard Lewis Madoff, og hvor blev pengene af? Dansk
dec 05, 2008 539 Den 19 december starter appelsagen om udlevering af to borgere til Tyskland Dansk
dec 04, 2008 538 Forræderiske præster: Kathrine Lilleør i seng med fjenden (Omskæring, Langballe) Dansk
dec 03, 2008 537 Omskæringsdebatten der blev væk - Et amputerende fællesskab (Krasnik, David Sherson) Dansk
nov 27, 2008 536 Fordi jeg er Jøde: Menneskerettighedskommissionens klage mod Ezra Levant frafaldet Dansk
nov 25, 2008 535 Jødiske ekstremister Efraim Zuroff og Zvi Mazel starter hadkampagne mod Skandinavien Dansk
nov 24, 2008 534 Europarådet - ADL - Tankepolitiets svar på Töbens sejr i retten Dansk
nov 23, 2008 533 Tysk forbudsvanvid fortsætter: Nu forbydes også det keltiske kors Dansk
nov 23, 2008 532 Fra sladderspalterne: Islands israelske forbindelse Dansk
nov 21, 2008 531 Statsadvokat Andreas Grossmann, Mannheim opgav at få Fredrick Töben udleveret Dansk Video
nov 20, 2008 530 Igen nederlag til Tysk STASI justits: Udlevering af Fredrick Töben opgives Dansk
nov 19, 2008 528 Video med engelske undertekster - Mother, why was I circumcised? Martin Krasnik omskæring English Video
nov 17, 2008 527 Dansk Folkepartis Jesper Langballe forsvarer nu omskæring af drengebørn Video
nov 16, 2008 526 Germany, Mittweida - Rebecca Katzschmann ‘Victim of neo-Nazi hate crime’ sentenced English
nov 15, 2008 525 Sweden refuses to extradite Danish Nazi-music distributor to Germany English
nov 08, 2008 524 Talen der blev John F Kennedy’s død - Address before the Press (1961) English
nov 07, 2008 523 ’Nazi hunter’ Efraim Zuroff shocked: Danish Nazi officer Soren Kam gets peace English
nov 04, 2008 522 En yndig provins i Neuropa, Metockdommen, Durban2 og den europæiske arrestordre Dansk
nov 03 2008 521 European Arrest Warrant extradition victim Flemming - TV interview English Video
nov 01 2008 520 Interview med udvisningstruede Flemming - Den Europæiske Arrestordre - En fængslende succes Dansk Video
okt 30 2008 519 Britisk domstol siger nej til tysk krav om udlevering af tankeforbryder Fredrick Töben Dansk Video
okt 28 2008 517 Jødisk ejede bankers enorme bidrag til Obamas valgkamp Dansk
okt 24 2008 514 Kapret 'ukrainsk' skib Faina ejes af israelsk våbenhandler Dansk
okt 24 2008 513 Franske, italienske og tyske historikere vil af med holocaust-benægter-love Dansk
okt 23 2008 512 Denmark: Alleged Nazi-music distributors extradition case in court in Elsinore English
okt 22 2008 511 Angivelige hademusik-producenter for retten i Helsingør Dansk
okt 13 2008 507 Gerard Batten, britisk EU-parlamentsmedlem: Er vi i gang med at skabe en Euro-politistat? (Töben) Dansk
okt 11 2008 506 Balder sagde det, nu kan Asger Aamund også se det (OIC censurlove efter jødisk forbillede) Dansk
okt 10 2008 505 Jødisk pres: Irving invitation fra Norge aflyses - Forbandede krystere! Dansk
okt 08 2008 504 Baltimore: Falske hadeforbrydelser - Jøde anholdt for antisemitisk grafitti Dansk
okt 07 2008 503 German law now also applies in Denmark - neo-Nazi music producers to be extradited for thought crimes English
okt 07 2008 502 Tysk lov gælder nu også i Danmark - Musikalske Nynazister udleveres for tankeforbrydelser Dansk Video
okt 06 2008 501 Udlevering for tankeforbrydelser - Ingen kan vide sig sikker for EU lovenes lange arm Dansk Video
okt 05 2008 500 Extradition: Fredrick Töben, Danish Nazi music producers, 86 year old Nazi Soren Kam English
okt 04 2008 498 London: Holocaustbenægter Töben fremstillet på retsmøde om tysk udleveringsbegæring Dansk
okt 02 2008 497 London – Fredrick Töben, australsk revisionist arresteret i Heathrow lufthavn Dansk
sep 28 2008 494 Søren Kam - Hitlers danske yndling, en ny bog af Gurli og Erik Haaest Dansk
sep 25 2008 493 Nazirock - Nyt om fængslede og udleveringstruede nynazister - Celtic Moon Dansk
sep 17 2008 491 Ytringsfrihed under pres fra mange sider' - debatindlæg sendt til Jyllands-Posten Dansk
sep 17 2008 485 New book by Erik Haaest dealing with alleged Danish Nazi war criminal Soren Kam English
sep 09 2008 000 Jødisk rabbiner organisation vil bestemme EUs udvidelsespolitik - Ukrainere er antisemitter Dansk
sep 07 2008 478 Argentinere sagsøger jødiske organisationer for bagvaskelse og ærekrænkelse Dansk
sep 05 2008 475 Russiske arkæologer finder den længe savnede jødiske hovedstad - Khazar-riget Dansk
sep 03 2008 474 Vicepræsidentkandidat Sarah Palin sværger livsvarigt troskab til Israel på AIPAC møde Dansk Video
aug 28 2008 472 Nazi propagandists - Celtic Moon - in Denmark demanded extradited by Germany English
aug 27 2008 471 Dansker og tysker risikerer at blive udleveret til Tyskland for udspredelse af nazimusik Dansk
aug 25 2008 467 Obamas makker Joe Biden i interview fra 2007: Jeg er Zionist Dansk
aug 23 2008 465 Muhammad Rafiq melder hjemmesiden Mosaisk Upps til politiet Dansk
aug 19 2008 464 Berufsverbot - Tysk amt fyrer Rudolf Hess' sygeplejer p.g.a. bog Dansk
aug 12 2008 000 Antisemitisk Hate Crime - Breanne Coventry Snell, jødisk student indgav falsk anmeldelse Dansk
aug 11 2008 459 Den danske patriot Knud Eriksen interviewes af David Duke på Stormfront Radio English
aug 11 2008 455 Georgien, jødisk minister: Takket være israelsk træning holder vi det russiske militær stangen Dansk
aug 10 2008 455 Jyllands-Posten længe om at vågne - dødstrusler mod 'antisemitisk' fransk tegner Siné Dansk
aug 09 2008 455 Israel støtter Georgien mod Rusland i kampen om den Kaspiske olieledning Dansk
aug 05 2008 455 Jewish leader, anti-Nazi League, Copenhagen Labour councilor joins the ‘far right’ English
aug 04 2008 454 Den russiske frihedshelt Alexander Solsjenitsyn er død 89 år gammel Dansk Video Content
aug 04 2008 000 Council of the European Union - Framework decision on Racism and Xenophobia 19 April 2007 English
aug 03 2008 452 Er racetænkning en nazistisk opfindelse? Tag Jødetesten! (DNA, Tina Hvidbjerg Ilm) Dansk
jul 30 2008 448 LICRA, Jødisk organisation trækker bladtegner i retten (Charlie Hebdo, Philippe Val, Siné) Dansk
jul 26 2008 000 Alle 5 bestyrelsesmedlemmer af den amerikanske centralbank er Jøder Dansk Video Content
jul 23 2008 446 Ungarn: Kuruc.info - succesrig patriotisk nyhedsportal ramt af højrefobisk censur Dansk Video Content
jul 12 2008 442 Ezra Levant forsvarer retten til at sende barn i skole med swastika tatovering Video Content
jul 10 2008 000 False Flag - A different 9/11 Video featuring German minister Andreas von Bülow English Video Content
jul 01 2008 437 Vincent Reynouard Fransk dissident på flugt efter fængselsdom og økonomisk ruin Dansk
jul 01 2008 435 Ungarsk forfatningsdomstol underkender hate speech lov Dansk
jun 18 2008 428 Canada - Jøder og censur, af Ezra Levant 15. juni 2008 Dansk
jun 11 2008 000 Hvem bliver USA’s næste præsident? AIPAC bestemmer English Video
jun 11 2008 000 Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - France English
jun 11 2008 000 Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - Holland English
jun 10 2008 000 Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - Canada English
jun 10 2008 000 Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - USA English Video
jun 09 2008 000 Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - Britain English
jun 09 2008 000 Jewish Involvement in Immigration and Hate Speech Legislation - Ireland English Video
jun 07 2008 000 Raices del Racismo Supremacista en la Ideología de la UE - Coudenhove Kalergi Español
maj 28 2008 421 Tysklands Jødiske Råd kræver Brandenburgs hymne Märkische Heide afskaffet Dansk Audio
maj 24 2008 418 Israel - Professor Norman Finkelstein arresteret og deporteret Dansk
maj 22 2008 417 Tyskland - Horst Mahler dømt til 10 måneders fængsel for at heile Dansk Video Content
maj 21 2008 416 Jødiske ekstremister brændte Det Nye Testamente i Israel Dansk Video Content
maj 14 2008 412 USA’s største Kosher slagteri, illegale immigranter og produktion af metamfetamin Dansk Video Content
maj 13 2008 000 Deense onderzoeker ontkracht bewering van 6 miljoen joodse slachtoffers Holocaust Nederlands
maj 11 2008 000 Dänischer Holocaust Forscher weist Behauptung von sechs Millionen ermordeten Juden zurück Deutsch
maj 8 2008 - 411 USA valg - John McCain beskyld for at acceptere illegale donationer fra Rothschild familien Dansk
maj 07 2008 409 Danish holocaust researcher refutes claim of 6 million Jews killed during The Holocaust English
maj 07 2008 408 Dansk holocaustforsker afviser påstanden om 6 millioner dræbte Jøder under Holocaust Dansk
apr 28 2008 404 April 18 2008 - EU honors racist philosopher Coudenhove-Kalergi, architect EU dictatorship English
apr 25 2008 400 18 april 2008: EU ærer racisten Coudenhove-Kalergi, EU diktaturets åndelige fader Dansk
apr 14 2008 000 Sine Molbæk-Steensig - Internet macht frei? Holocaustbenægtelse på Internettet Dansk
apr 10 2008 397 Jødiske organisationer arbejder for hate speech love, censur, og multikultur - ADL Video Content Dansk
apr 06 2008 394 Bent Melchior og Bashy Quraishy bygger bro mellem jøder og muslimer Dansk
apr 03 2008 390 Lord Jacob Rothschild støtter den republikanske præsidentkandidat John McCain Dansk
mar 23 2008 381 Jødiske og etniske organisationer i fælles krig mod Englands nationaltsindede parti BNP Dansk
mar 13 2008 375 Tysk regeringskontakt til holocaustlobby: Tyske børn lider af holocausttræthed Dansk
feb 22 2008 365 Frankfurterskolen - Lærerig video om en af historiens mest destruktive bevægelser English Dansk
feb 20 2008 364 Falske hatecrimes begået af førende Canadisk ‘antiracist’ Richard Warman Dansk
feb 20 2008 363 Holocaust-advokat Yisrael Perry fik 12 års fængsel for bedrageri Dansk
feb 17 2008 360 Frankrig: Sarkozy traumatiserer franske skolebørn med holocaustpropaganda Dansk
feb 14 2008 359 Jean Marie Le Pen dømt til 3 måneder betinget og 75.000 kr i bøde Dansk
feb 12 2008 355 Krav om revisionisme fra de baltiske lande - 10.000 forbudte bøger i Tyskland Dansk
feb 11 2008 354 Sadistic Jewish Anniversary. - Children of ‘traitor’ victims of Jewish fanaticism English
feb 09 2008 353 Latino-jødisk Koalition i USA – Jøderne allierer sig med de nye indvandrere + Ezra Levant Dansk
jan 31 2008 000 Horst Mahler, Sylvia Stolz - Mannheim - Vanity Fair interview Michel Friedman Dansk
jan 29 2008 347 EU embedsmænd til Israel; skal lære hvordan man bekæmper intolerance Dansk
jan 24 2008 344 Hatecrime alert! Bølge af antisemitiske incidenter i New York Dansk
jan 22 2008 342 Irland: Wiesenthal Centerets metoder fordømmes af præsident Mary Mcaleese Dansk
jan 20 2008 340 Wiesenthal Centeret har et problem mindre - Bobby Fisher døde 64 år gammel Dansk
jan 25 2008 000 Gerd Honsik-Verhaftung auf EU-Rahmenbeschluss zurückzuführen Deutsch
jan 20 2008 000 Gerd Honsik - 18 Monaten unbedingter Haft nach dem NS-Verbotsgesetz Deutsch
jan 20 2008 399 Østrig - Gerd Honsik - Halvandet år i spjældet for 'wiederbetätigung' Dansk
jan 16 2008 338 Østrig: Wolfgang Fröhlich, intellektuel dissident dømt til 6½ års fængsel Dansk
jan 15 2008 336 New Jewish Neo Nazi Group in Austria endangers Law and Order in all of Europe English
jan 14 2008 335 Tyskland - Jødernes Råd holder med multikulti mafiaen Dansk
jan 04 2008 000 Kristne i Jerusalem vil have Jøderne til at holde op med at spytte på dem Dansk
jan 04 2008 333 Biskopper nægtet adgang til grædemuren - Kristne kors fornærmende for Jøder Dansk
jan 02 2008 000 De Racistische basis van de Ideologie achter de EU - Coudenhove-Kalergi Nederlands
dec 22 2007 000 The Racist and Supremacist Roots of European Union Ideology - Coudenhove-Kalergi English
dec 20 2007 322 Ekstra Bladet med i mediehetz mod den fremstormende Ron Paul Dansk
dec 19 2007 000 Rassistischen Wurzeln der Ideologie der Europäischen Union - Coudenhove-Kalergi Deutsch
dec 14 2007 000 EU Ideologien har rødder i filosemitisk aristokrats raceteorier - Coudenhove-Kalergi Dansk
dec 11 2007 322 Kæmpe Jødisk Menorah opstillet foran det Hvide Hus og Kremlin i Moskva Dansk
dec 10 2007 321 USA - Jødisk organisation kræver krybbespil fjernet: stødende for ikke kristne Dansk
dec 06 2007 317 USA: Jødernes krig mod Julen fortsætter - De Kristne slår igen Dansk
dec 02 2007 313 Kan USA afkristnes? Jøder føler sig stødt over Juletræer med Kristne Symboler Dansk
dec 01 2007 000 Kristne træt af Jøders racistiske overfald i Jerusalem hvor de spyttes på Dansk
nov 27 2007 000 Alexander Solsjenitsyn Revolutionens sidste tabu Jødernes rolle i Sovjet undertrykkelsen Dansk
nov 26 2007 311 Trusler om vold i England - David Irving og Nick Griffin på Oxford University Dansk
nov 22 2007 000 Jüdische Journalistin gefasst für Hakenkreuz Schmierereien Deutsch
nov 20 2007 309 Antisemitisk Hate Crime - Sarah Marshak, Jøde malede selv hagekors Dansk
nov 20 2007 308 Frankrig: Vincent Reynouard dømt et års fængsel for holocaust-benægtelse Dansk
nov 19 2007 307 Odense - Omstridt STASI Konference på Syddansk Universitet Dansk
nov 18 2007 306 STASI Konferenz Odense Universität Dänemark Deutsch
okt 04 2007 292 Chicago Tribune - Nye afsløringer om angrebet på det amerikansk spionskib USS Liberty Dansk
nov 11 2007 000 Spanien: Abschaffung Holocaust-Leugnungs-Gesetz Deutsch
nov 10 2007 305 Spanien afskaffer holocaustbenægterlov - Ytringsfrihed en grundlæggende menneskeret Dansk
nov 07 2007 000 Spain Overturns Holocaus Denial Law Pedra Varela freed English
okt 01, 2007 000 Gymnasieelever der søger på Cyklon B (Zyklon B) bliver forført til holocaustbenægtelse Dansk
sep 10 2007 279 Berufsverbot for at forsvare familieværdier - NDR, fyrer Eva Herman Dansk
aug 06, 2007 261 Den svenske filminstruktør Ingmar Bergman var Nazist og beundrer af Hitler Dansk
aug 04, 2007 259 Erik Haaest - Feature Article in Danish newspaper Information a Lie English
aug 05, 2007 000 CNN Documentary: God's Jewish Warriors - Christiane Amanpour - Video 11 parts Video Content English
aug 01, 2007 000 Government Money For 'Holocaust Denier' Erik Haaest - Protests from the Wiesenthal Center English
aug 01, 2007 000 Kunstrådet giver penge til 'Holocaustbenægter' Erik Haaest protester fra Wiesenthalcentret Dansk
jul 03, 2007 253 Jyllandsposten og Amnesty Internationals slemme selvmodsigelser Dansk
jun 25, 2007 252 Abortmodstand: Katolsk præst Johannes Lerle dømt et års fængsel for holocaust-benægtelse Dansk
jun 04, 2007 241 Svar til Sebastians spørgsmål: Hvordan definerer du Jøder? Dansk
jun 04, 2007 000 Gilad Atzmon: Holocaustreligionen lige så gammel som Jøderne selv - AIPAC Mordechais Dansk | English
maj 17, 2007 000 Balder.Org præsenterer første udgave af Chutzpah Magazine | Balder Blog Intro Dansk
maj 12, 2007 000 Opdatering Ernst Zündel video-interview optaget af ZDF Video Content Sensationelt! [Nederst på siden]
maj 10, 2007 234 Josef Kraus fra det tyske lærerforbund giver jødisk leder Charlotte Knoblauch fingeren Dansk
maj 10, 2007 233 CNNs Lou Dobbs: Udemokratiske kræfter presser globaliseringsdagsorden Video Content Dansk

maj 08, 2007 232 Christopher Hitchens om ytringsfrihed Dansk
maj 05, 2007 231 Jødisk organisation kræver CNN vært Lou Dobbs fyret for Nazi sammenligning Dansk
apr 23, 2007 227 Kimpolinas forsvar for idioters ret til at påstå at Holocaust ikke fandt sted Dansk
apr 20, 2007 227 Paul Fromm, canadisk ytringsfriheds forkæmper overfaldet af jødiske bøller Dansk
apr 18, 2007 226 Denmark: Justice Minister Lene Espersen accepts EU deal introducing censorship in Denmark English
apr 13, 2007 000 The Israel Lobby - Dutch Documentary about the influence of the Jewish lobby on US politics Video Content English
apr 10, 2007 000 Den Israelske Lobby - Hollandsk produceret dokumentar fra april 2007 Video Content Dansk
apr 02, 2007 000 Richard Toye modsiger Stephen Pollards bortforklaring angående Churchills syn på Jøderne Dansk
apr 02, 2007 220 Brigitte Zypries tysk justitsminister - Lovforslag afskaffer ytringsfriheden i EU efter tysk model Dansk
mar 31, 2007 219 Jylland’s Posten Editor Flemming Roses Slightly Crippled Plea for Freedom of Speech English
mar 28, 2007 216 Fundamentalist Conservative Muslim candidate accused of mentioning David Irving English
mar 23, 2007 000 Har Kevin MacDonald ret angående Jøderne? Dansk
mar 19, 2007 213 At Tæmme den Jødiske Drage - AIPAC i offentlighedens søgelys Videos 2 x  Walt & Mearsheimer
mar 12, 2007 212 Hvordan Jøderne kan modvirke forfølgelse - Churchill [...] Analyse af Mikael Rothstein Dansk
mar 04, 2007 209 Purim, Jødisk mytologi og dens relevans for kommende udviklinger Dansk
feb 22, 2007 203 Daily Telgraph: EU planlægger vidtgående "folkedrabs benægtelseslov" Dansk
feb 19, 2007 202 Ernst Zundel, Fem år i fængsel for at benægte Holocaust & Interview Zundel Video Video: Holocaust Deniers
feb 13, 2007 000 Elie Wiesel: Auschwitz overlevende, holocaust-vidne og professionel mytemager (198) Dansk
feb 13, 2007 000 Elie Wiesel et prominent falsk vidne (af Robert Faurisson) Dansk
feb 08, 2007 000 Jimmy Carter i Løvens hule Af Paul Findley Dansk 2 Videos Carter, Findley,
feb 05, 2007 000 Der Spiegel nu stop for holocaust bedrageri med pædagogisk sigte Dansk
feb 02, 2007 000 Læserbrev til Jyllands Posten: Er Jødisk censur mere spiseligt end Muslimsk censur? Dansk
feb 02, 2007 000 Letter to Jyllands Posten Is Jewish censorship more acceptable than Muslim censorship?
jan 31, 2007 192 Slovakiet: forslag til afskaffelse af holocaust-benægter forfølgelse Dansk

Book Cover The Israel Lobby
jan 31, 2007 191 Solsjenitsyn Ytringsfrihed og Gulagbenægtere Dansk Video Content
jan 30, 2007 190 Italien vedtager racismelov men kriminaliserer ikke "holocaust-benægtelse" Dansk
jan 25, 2007 187 Italiens Justitsminister Clemente Mastella vil gøre holocaust-benægtelse til en forbrydelse Dansk
jan 24, 2007 186 Østrigsk avis indrømmer nu at regeringspublikation lyver om koncentrationslejren Mauthausen Dansk
jan 22, 2007 185 DR2 21 jan 2007 Chefredaktørernes klub - Claes Kastholm forsvarer ytringsfriheden Dansk
dec 20, 2006 168 David Irving løsladt efter straf-nedsættelses-dom i Østrig Dansk
dec 14, 2006 164 Gamle nyheder stadigvæk lige aktuelle. - Holocaust-konference i Teheran Dansk Video Content
dec 14, 2006 164 Transcript & Video: CNNs Wolf Blitzer interviews David Duke via satalite English Video Content
dec 11, 2006 161 Rabbi Friedman advarer mod strategisk misbrug af Holocaust Dansk
dec 08, 2006 160 Ja men er der da virkelig nogen i Danmark der tager ordet ytringsfrihed seriøst? Dansk
feb 21, 2006 038 Tragisk dom over David Irving. Dansk
nov 11, 2006 000 Antisemitisk Hate Crime - Breanne Coventry Snell, jødisk student indgav falsk anmeldelse Dansk
dec 14 2003 000 EUMC Educating for Tolerance: The Case of Resurgent anti-Semitism English


Index of Offical EU Documents Hate Speech Internet Control etc.
Spydpigen feb 03, 2007 Fri debat - Ingen skal knebles
Spydpigen feb 01, 2007 Anslag mod ytringsfriheden
Spydpigen jan 28, 2007 Misbrug af holocaust-tragedien
Spydpigen jan 27, 2007 Skal det være strafbart at mene noget andet om holocaust end de fleste

Kaj Wilhelmsen fra Radio Holger gør detaljeret rede for den nye meningsundertrykkende EU lov.
Hør eller download mp3 En yderst behagelig måde hvorpå man kan stifte bekendskab med indholdet i den nye EU lov.
Download 5 MB mp3 | Oprindelig placering

Spændende pædagogiske foredrag om Holocaust, benægtelse og videnskab af den danske sociolog Jacob Munck:

Spørgsmål til holocaust-videnskaben Audio Mp3 Mp3 15 MB | Er Holocaust en myte? Audio Mp3 Mp3 9 MB Dansk

Download The Culture of Critique English

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Politiken 15 feb 2007 Danmark under pres i EUs kamp mod holocaust-benægtere
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