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Posted April 2, 2009

Frank Brunner defends himself against accusations from Swiss Jewish / Zionist hate group CICAD

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Swiss journalist Frank Brunner was jailed for criticism against Israel and Jews because the Jewish/Zionist hate group CICAD (Coordination intercommunautaire contre l'antisémitisme et la diffamation) by the president of the hate group; lawyer Philippe Grumbach filed a complaint against him with the police on accusations of of anti-Semitism, for statements made in connection with the Gaza Conflict.

Website off line

Swiss journalist Frank Brunners website has been pulled by the Swiss authorities. Most of the news about Brunner, and the website itself sofar seems to be available only in French.

I found Frank Brunners response to the allegations in the Google cache.

I was first alerted to the case of Frank Brunner by a short article:

Swiss Journalist Frank Brunner was jailed in Geneva, Switzerland, for having criticized the Jews on its website He was kept from March 5 until March 13 in prison in Geneva. Brunner  had been shocked by the atrocities committed by the Israeli army in Gaza -- and applauded by many Jews worldwide. Brunner had published his feelings about Jewish horrors on his website. The Swiss police arrested Brunner on March 5 after he was accused by Jewish hate group CICAD of criticizing the Jews. The hate group is led by Jewish attorney Philippe Grumbach. It is forbidden by law to criticize the Jews in Switzerland since Jewish minister Dreyfus had a anti-free-speech law adopted in 1995. Brunner’s website was locked upon CICAD’s orders. However, on March 13, Brunner was freed after it came out that he had actually done not one of the things that the Jewish haters pretended. And now, happily, Brunner is counter-attacking. On March 24, he sued the Jewish hate group CICAD for having been harassed, defamed and wrongly denounced.

National Alliance News March 29, 2009 - Swiss Journalist Jailed For Criticizing The Jews

Here it is in a French English machine translation

Machine Translation from French (Where neccesary I'll try to improve it a bit the next few days)

From Google Cache of Frank Brunners Webpage

15 March 2009

Switzerland: Jewish attack against freedom of expression

20 March 2009

by Frank BRUNNER

Through a scandalous process, a Geneva based Jewish organization seeks to criminalize any criticism of Israeli policy or Jews in general. Freedom of speech is seriously threatened. Websites are particularly targeted. has suffered such an attack.


During the Israeli aggression against the Palestinian population of Gaza in December 2008-January 2009, the site has published a series of articles denouncing the carnage victims were Palestinians and the fanatical support of the Jews the world to Israeli state terrorism. It will be recalled that the Israelis banned Palestinian population to flee the Gaza Strip, although they systematically bombed crowded places, deliberately killing entire families, and shooting at ambulances and prevented access to the injured. The Israeli war crimes have been reported by many media and denounced by Amenesty International. While this carnage was taking place, Jews around the world applauded. In France, Richard Pasquier, President of CRIF, said that 95% of Jews supported Israel.

On 27 January 2009 in Geneva, inter Coordination against Anti-Semitism and Defamation (CICAD) appealed to the Court of 1st instance of a "request for urgent provisional measures", so that access to several pages of the site interest be blocked. In support of his request, instead of submitting a copy of the full text of the pages in question, CICAD has presented a compilation of fragments of articles (sometimes only the title of the article) and comments I had written. The context in which these were fragments had been systematically evaded. This is a dishonest process.

By way of comparison, it is as if a journalist had written a series of articles on police misconduct. In an article on cutting "ripoux police. In another article, cutting "methods of thugs." In another article, cutting "unworthy of their police functions." Anything that demonstrates the veracity of this criticism is retracted. Then, on the basis of this compilation of fragments, it is claimed that the journalist was merely to "stir up hatred of the police" and demanded the censorship of his articles.

Although the site webmaster, I have not even been informed of proceedings before the Court of 1st Instance. I could not defend myself against allegations of CICAD, and exercise my right of appeal against the decision of the Court of 1st Instance. To my knowledge, the site of interest hé received the court order to block access to infringing pages, so that users can not read them.

Not content to arbitrarily censor the pages in question, January 30 2009, still in Geneva, CICAD has filed against me, a criminal complaint for "threat" and "anti-Semitism." Its purpose was to imprison me and she hoped to get sentenced to several years in prison. Again, the complaint was based on a compilation of fragments of the texts which had been systematically evaded.

Do I doubt any of this, on 5 March 2009 in the morning, I found myself in front of my computer, working on the illustration of an article that I am about to put online, when it comes to the door. I am open and I find myself in front of several policemen in plain clothes accompanied by a magistrate. The latter then informed me that access to several pages of site had been blocked by order of the Court of 1st instance and that I was the subject of a criminal complaint. The police were there to seize the hard drive of my computer and stop. In my mind, there was no doubt that the Jewish lobby was trying to intimidate me in the hope that I give to criticize Israel and Jews.

The police took me to the Hotel de Police. There, an inspector gave me a leaflet informing me of my rights and it showed me the complaint of the cicada, but me a copy. I found that only fragments of articles were cited in the complaint, but at this time, I assumed that the full text was also at issue in the case. The inspector wanted to know if I acknowledge having published the fragments in question. Not only I have acknowledged, but I said not to deny a single word of my writing, stating my belief did not publish anything illegal. I asked the inspector who was supposed to have threatened, and what these threats, but he was unable to answer me. When the inspector gave me the minutes of the interview to sign, I found that there was written that I would have gone to the Hôtel de Police of my own volition, when in reality it had taken me by force. I demanded that the inspector corrects this.

Once the signed minutes, I was expecting to be able to go home and resume my work on But the inspector told me that I had yet to be seen by the police officer. Meanwhile, I was locked up "violin", ie in a cell. It is a low concrete in which there is a foam mattress and two blankets near Turkish toilet. Not even a tap. Not any window, as it is in the basement. The walls, ceiling and door are covered with inscriptions, sometimes engraved and occasionally traced with the flame of a lighter, left by the former tenants. " It is an edifying literature such as "The Swiss are all fags", "Doe is a balance", etc. ... Tenants of "violins" must leave their shoes in the hallway near the door of their cell. One can easily identify which are the "violins" occupied.

I was there for a few hours when a policeman came to fetch me for a shoot me, take my fingerprints and carry out a DNA sample. I'm surprised we want to take the DNA of a defendant about a matter of articles published on the Internet. When the defendant objects to the removal of DNA, police blackmail him: "If you refuse, you will be locked" on the violin "until we have received permission from the judge."

As a meal, the defendants "violin" of the Hôtel de Police receive a cup of instant soup. Most survive. As a drink, they serve a cup of water.

I can not remember if it was that evening or the next morning that I was called to the police officer. It asked me to confirm the statement I made to the inspector. I repeated that I was renouncing not one word written and published that I was convinced of being in my right. Once again, I asked who I was supposed to have threatened, and what these threats, but, as the inspector, the police officer was unable to answer me. He told me that I would remain "fiddle" while waiting to be transferred to the Palace of Justice and presented to the magistrate of permanence.

I was transferred to the Palace of Justice was held in wagon, 6 March 2009, the day after my arrest in the early evening. The vans are divided into small compartments which have found it difficult to penetrate. Unable to stand up. It is handcuffed.

Like the Hôtel de Police, the Palais de Justice of Geneva has a number of jails where the prisoners are locked up pending before a particular judge. Some defendants are, like me, the Hôtel de Police, while others come from the prison Dollon Field. The dungeons of the Palais de Justice are about three times larger than those of the Hôtel de Police. It contains the same kind of literature on the walls, door and ceiling. There is no valve. Against by a small window overlooking an inner courtyard of the Palais de Justice. Instead of an instant soup, the defendants locked in the dungeons of the Palais de Justice are dinner. To drink, they receive a bowl of water. Compared to the Hotel de Police is Byzantium. If they must spend the night there, the defendants distributed a mattress, sheet and blanket.

In the early evening that I was received by the judge of permanence. Nor had it been aware of the full text of the articles in question and reasoned on the basis of fragments compiled by CICAD. I've said that I was renouncing not one word of the texts published and I was convinced of being in my right. Just as the inspector and the police officer, she was unable to explain who I was supposed to have threatened, or what would have been threats. She nevertheless charged imprisonment and ordered me: "Anyway, I will forward the file to a colleague. You see all this with her. No copy of any document was delivered to me. Before leaving the office of the judge, I signed a form for an application for a lawyer.

After a night in a dungeon, the Palace of Justice, I was moved by wagon to prison Dollon Field. When I arrived, I was made to sign various documents stating the money and personal effects (identity papers, cards, belt, knife, etc ...) in my possession. After this formality, I could finally take a shower. The first since my arrest. Then a guard accompanied me on the 3rd floor corridor to a cell. It provided me with a foam mattress, a sheet, a pillow, a duvet, covers, table service, a disposable razor, soap, a cup, a toothbrush and toothpaste.

When the guard opened the door of the cell 350, I found that the two stacked bunks were already occupied and that I should install my mattress on the floor. The two young prisoners who were there were thwarted by my arrival, because we were going to walk over us. They protested to the guard because they knew that other cells, on the same floor, were occupied by only one inmate. But the guards were ordered to isolate some prisoners and not to anyone with anyone. Despite these unpleasant circumstances, my fellow cell welcomed me and our relations have been cordial quickly. Extraordinary coincidence was that both lived in the same street as me, although it is a small street. We did not seen before.

Two days later, following the persistent protests of my co-prisoners, the guards have changed cell. I got to 356, with an inmate known to snore very loudly, why he was left alone until then. It seems that his ex-comrades cell failed to close the eye. Call him Albert Kadish. He was obese and aged sixty years. By an extraordinary chance again, he was a Jew. If a writer had imagined such a situation, it would not have appeared credible.

According to the portrait that made me the Cicada, it is likely that only the cell door closed I am eager to kill the Jewish screaming: "It will pay for the others!", "Vive Al-Qaeda! " or "Heil Hitler!" In fact, our relations have been courteous immediately. Mr. Kadish told me to be a Jewish Moroccan expatriate in Switzerland after the Six Day War in June 1967. At the time, the Moroccan population was rising against the Jews. Mr. Kadish expected to have reached the retirement age to leave the country and settle in a kibbutz in Israel. From our first conversation, I realized that we had diametrically opposed positions on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict: "The Arabs are all liars and thieves!" "A good Arab is a dead Arab!" "Israel is the homeland of the Jews!" "We have conquered the West Bank by the war and we have the right to keep it!" "If the Palestinians want a state, other Arab countries to have their hand over part of their land!" I realized it was pointless to discuss it further, because even after a century of blabla, Mr. Kadish remained at his position and me on mine. We changed the subject not to return.

I told Mr. Kadish my dispute with the Cicada. To pass the time, Mr. Kadish has taught me a card game, and we have got used to play several parts each day. Thereafter, and as our relationship became warm, I have started, ironically: "Mr. Kadish in your misfortune, you are lucky enough to be dropped on a dangerous anti-Semitic, as I ..." I could not finish my sentence, because we started to laugh.

Each cell of the prison Dollon Field is equipped with a TV. It is enclosed in a box, behind a plastic glass, and sealed to the wall, just the right height so that it bumps his head ten times a day. "It does not matter. You have hard-headed!" I kindly said Kadish. "You too have the hard-headed 'I replied. It's good to have hard-headed, provided they do not persist when it is wrong."

I do not like television. The noise I can not concentrate to read or write. Some inmates turn on their television as soon as they wake up. They left running throughout the day, Zappa continuously from one channel to another, and they can even fall asleep with the TV on. With them, it was not a minute of silence throughout the day. One of the reasons why I had an excellent relationship with Mr. Kadish is that it has agreed to Do the TV a few hours a day. Otherwise, it is certain that our relations would have deteriorated rapidly. Upon awakening, he was watching a program interrupted by news bulletins. Around noon, he watched a game more or less stupid. By mid-afternoon, he watched a German police. After dinner, he still typing one or two games televised débiles, until the nurse brings her sleep. As for the famous Mr. Kadish snoring, I hardly noticed because I spent most of my nights absorbed in reading a book.

On 11 March 2009, a guard came to register a parlor lawyer. Each time a prisoner moves within the prison, he must pass through metal detectors, as in an airport. These detectors sound for anything: the pastime of your shoe laces, buttons, metallic jeans or a pair of glasses. Each time, remove his shoes, emptied his pockets, removing his glasses.

The parlor of lawyer is a small room poorly lit, with a table and two seats that face each other. The person for me was a trainee lawyer, full of good intentions, but clearly does not match the lawyers and unscrupulous of the Cicada. She also had never seen the full text of the articles in question and reasonable solely on the basis of fragments compiled by CICAD. I felt as it I could not expect a defense molassonne, while I was meditating against a fierce attack. I asked the trainee lawyer Pascal Junod-Contact an experienced lawyer who defended me already, so disinterested in the political process and to ask him if he agreed to defend myself at the rate of 'legal assistance. This is because the fare is paid so little that most of the lawyers appointed ex officio delegate the case to an intern working in their study.

During this interview, the trainee lawyer explained to me that the judge before the file was opposed to my provisional release pending trial, citing a "risk of recidivism," since I was likely to publish articles critical of Israel and Jews. Although it has not even bothered to hear me from my imprisonment, the judge also cited the needs of education. He believes, I erase the danger of Site Articles issue. However, these items were removed from the site by the Court of 1st instance, at the request of the Cicada. Far from wanting to remove them, I wrote from prison Dollon Field, the director of Infomaniak, asking him to restore the site and send me a copy, because it was in pieces conviction.

On 12 March 2009, I was again called for a parlor lawyer. This time, it was Pascal Junod. He said that the trainee lawyer phoned him the day before. Not only did he immediately agreed to defend myself, but decided to pay the trainee lawyer for hours worked on my case. He was shocked to learn that I was imprisoned for a misdemeanor of opinion on the Internet and I was already being held for one week. He had not yet been able to view the file. The judge had forwarded the case to the Chamber, where I had to appear the next day. The Chamber of Accusation is a forum to extend or not a detention.

On 13 March 2009 in the morning, the Tribune de Genève everywhere had the following headline: "Blogger genevois antisemitic in prison." A local section contained an article on this case. This article was based clearly on a copy of the complaint of the cicada, because it quoted some fragments of the compilation concocted by my opponents. The journalist had it either, not had the opportunity to read the texts at issue in their entirety.

The title of the article was "anti-Semitic Web site: Internet genevois arrested. The article was illustrated by a photo showing two news agency published on the interest. The banner of the site had been blurred, but my signature was clearly visible at the bottom of a comment that I completed one of the news agency. I titled the first PR Newswire: "Middle East: One Palestinian killed by Jews after a bulldozer attack in Jerusalem." The second dispatch agency was entitled: "Middle East: The Palestinians are being deliberately starved by the Jews." The legend of this picture showed the news agency as "anti-Semitic articles."

In the article in the Tribune de Genève, Philippe Grumbach, a lawyer President of the Cicada, said: "You can not let the name of freedom of expression. This case shows that the Internet is the main vehicle for anti-Semitism, which is in force in the light of the situation in the Middle East. There is a confusion between the policy of the government of Israel and the Jewish community. Our goal is that [Frank Brunner] ceases to deploy its hatred of Jews on the Internet, the new sanctuary of anti-Semitic ravings. "

I think that the publication of this article in the Tribune of Geneva, that day-when I was already a prisoner since week, sought to influence the judges of the Chamber of Accusation who read while drinking their coffee in a pub opposite the Palais de Justice, before starting their work day.

From the viewpoint of a prisoner, a hearing of the House of prosecution is summarized by two transfers wagon, the prison at the Palace of Justice and back, and hours of waiting in the dungeons of the Palace of Justice. All this for a few minutes to appear. Many prisoners refused to appear because of how they are treated.

The judges of the Chamber of Accusation had them either, not aware of the full text of the article. Reasonable, too, on the basis of fragments compiled into the complaint of the Cicada.

Before the Chamber of Accusation, CICAD and the magistrate to extend my detention. It could be extended by three months, renewable up to the date of trial. Counsel for the Cicada even argued that the publication of the articles in question could I assert a sentence of 4 years in prison. This at least was the Jewish lobby hoped. Icing on the cake: the lawyer of CICAD for the closure of the site and the simple deletion of this domain name.

Through his lawyer, CICAD has tried to portray me as a despicable person, a real public danger. For example, counsel for the Cicada referred to a case entartage politician dating about a decade. But instead of saying that it was a entartage, he spoke of "a conviction for assault", suggesting it was a serious assault, if not an attempt to murder. Counsel for the Cicada spoke even more perfidious a more recent case, ignoring the fact that the investigation had cleared quickly and suggesting exactly the opposite. At the time, I published on the site, an article devoted to pornography on the Internet. To illustrate this article, I had chosen, on Google images, two photos that were not even real porn. One represented two young women sitting naked and laughing at a computer, while the other was a couple in the shower, seen more or less back. Under cover of anonymity, a person had written to the federal police in accusing me of having published photos of "pedophile" on This accusation was sent anonymously to the Geneva police. An inspector of morals squad called me for interrogation and the hard drive of my computer has been seized for three days for consideration before having returned. I had no difficulty in demonstrating to the inspector complained that the photos had nothing to do with pedophilia. And now that, before the Chamber, counsel for the Cicada insinuating that I would nevertheless pedophile. Everyone will appreciate these methods at their fair value.

When President de la Chambre d'Accusation gave me the floor, I denounced the intellectual dishonesty of my opponents, recalled the context of the war in Gaza, the overwhelming support of Jews around the world to the carnage perpetrated by the Israeli army war crimes denounced by Amnesty International and, in conclusion, I asked: "Should I join my applause to those of the Jews?"

After discussion, the Chamber of Accusation refused to extend my detention and quashed the indictment for "threats":

"Considering that the charges of racial discrimination within the meaning of Article 261 bis of the Penal Code are sufficient and, in fact, not challenged [this means that I do not deny being the author of the texts in question. I question only that the publication of these texts in their entirety, or constitute a breach]

"But what the charges of threats, the meaning of Article 180 of the Penal Code can not be accepted," What effect it is not about the charges against the accused has threatened anyone who d an individualized manner,

"That does not in any case in which the complainant and a civil [CICAD] was actually alarmed or frightened, or that the defendant had made him fear the occurrence of an injury in his hand,

"What led to the head of the psychiatric [claimed by the judge, but I refused because there is no need of" psychiatric "this case] of a Swiss citizen domiciled in Geneva does not continued detention,

"The risk of recurrence can be remedied by less incisive than detention, evidence either that the complainant and injured party has already been effectively put an end to the dissemination of the first words of the accused,

"That the closure of the site or the deletion of the domain name does not depend on the detention of their leader," That for the rest, the history of the accused are old and of a different nature,

"What ultimately the severity of the ideas propagated by the accused is not enough to justify itself to extend the detention, (...)

"La Chambre d'Accusation refuses to authorize the extension of pretrial detention of Frank Brunner,

"Orders accordingly his immediate release, on condition that the person charged to appear at all proceedings as soon as this is required. (...)"

My release "immediately" has been effective in the early evening. First, I had to return one of the dungeons of the Palace of Justice, pending a van brings me back, along with other defendants to prison Dollon Field. Upon my arrival, I had to restore my bunk bed, the towel, the towel, the table, books borrowed from the prison library.

Even before I left the cell, another inmate was introduced. It was an Algerian aged sixty years that had to be transferred to Zurich a few days later. He had the moral socks. M. Kadish and I have tried to comfort him, helping him to settle in what had been my bunk and answering the questions that we had worried.

Only after the distribution of the dinner that the chief warden of floor has finally come for me to accompany me to the office of the prison, where I still had to recover my money and personal effects on me had stripped to my arrival. While moving in a corridor, he said: "So, Mr. Brunner, you will soon be able to drink a good beer!" "I am not a beer." "Whiskey?" he insists. "No. A joint." He laughed. "When you write your story, I hope you do not say ill of us." "I have no reason to speak ill of you. Everyone was correct." "Tell particularly well guards 3rd floor!"


Original page found in Google Cache

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