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Most Outrageous Tales of the Holocaust

  Stalag - Israeli holocaust porn

Please remember when you skim through this long list and read individual stories, that although most of this may appear completely outrageous, impossible and laughable, these stories and allegations were presented dead serious as nothing but the truth.

These stories were and are still being used to defame the German people and their ancestors, to extort sympathy, cash and even submarines for the further glory of the state of Israel.

The suffering of many Jewish, and many more other non Jewish people during WWII was real. But these stories are part of a criminal enterprise, and are being used for ulterior purposes such as special rights for Jews, legislation against free historical research, persecution of dissident writers, the continuing oppression of the Palestinian people, falsification of history, propaganda for mass immigration, denationalization and globalization, and the deliberate brainwashing of school children in European and other western countries.

Many of the subjects mentioned below have suffered from persecution or inprisonment. But despite that they are criminals themselves for spreading all these evil stories. Some of these lies led to the torture and execution of German prisoners of war, and the relentless persecution of thousands of people whose only crime was that they were enrolled in the German army, and happened to have been near places were bad things alledgedly went on.

These stories are not innocent, and the enormous number and variation of them surpasses those about any other historical account. Jews are generally gifted people.

Also when it comes to telling the most outrageous lies and sadistic fantasies.

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