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Who is Vincent Reynouard

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Vincent Reynouard, born in 1969, is a French historian specializing in the Second World War and more particularly in the tragedy of Oradour-sur-Glane, an urban battle between a German Waffen-SS unit and the French Resistance in 1944 where many civilians died in what was claimed as a deliberate massacre by certain French but denied by various Germans.

  Vincent Reynouard

Political commitment

Vincent Reynouard was an activist with the "French and European Nationalist Party" ( PNFE) and is at present the main leader of the Fighting Movement of Saint Michael. He defines himself as a "Catholic, National Socialist and Revisionist."

Professional life

Vincent Reynouard studied in Caen, Normandy, and graduated as a chemical engineer with a diploma from the ISMRA (Higher Institute of Materials and Radiation), called since 2002 ENSICAEN.

He was hired by the French Ministry of Education, becoming a professor of mathematics in professional secondary schools. However, he fired for purely political reasons in 1997 by the Education Minister, François Bayrou, after the discovery of revisionist texts on the hard disk of the computer which he used in his secondary school. Since that political firing Vincent Reynouard survives on his writings as a historian. (He now has a wife and seven children.) He has become known for the lengthy revisionist magazine Sans Concession [ = "No Concession"].

A historian facing constant repression

While he was still a universitystudent, Vincent Reynouard founded an association, ANEC [ = Norman Association for the Awakening of Citizens] the purpose of which was the distribution of historical brochures that were unavailable through the "conventional" distribution networks.

Vincent Reynouard is himself the author of several dozen brochures on diverse subjects. Most deal with World War II. At present, he directs the French-speaking branch of VHO (Institute for an Objective Historic Version), which publishes in French, German, English, Dutch and other languages.

The writings and promotions by the historian Vincent Reynouard resulted in several serious prosecutions and convictions:

On October 8th, 1992, the Court of Appeals of Caen condemned him to one month in prison (with reprieve) and a fine of 5000 francs [ = $850] for "contesting the existence of one or several crimes against humanity," Vincent Reynouard having, according to the "Court of Cassation," committed the offense of "sending to 24 pupils of a secondary school, prize-winners of the competition 'Resistance and Deportation,' anonymous letters to which was annexed photocopies of papers disputing the existence of gas chambers in Germany during the Second World War."

In June 2004, the Court of Appeals of Limoges condemned him to 24 months in prison over his writings on the tragedy of Oradour-sur-Glane, claiming he had defended war crimes by creating and distributing a videocassette entitled "50 years of Official lies." The Court of Cassation revoked this judgment, ruling Reynouard had not defended but rather contested the existence of a war crime, which is not punishable by law.

On November 8th, 2007, he was sentenced to one year in prison and a 10,000 euro fine [ = $13,000] by the Magistrate's Court of Saverne (Lower Rhine) for "contesting crimes against humanity." Reynouard had written and distributed the brochure "The Holocaust -- What They Hide from You." Reynouard appealed the sentence.

On June 25, 2008, the Court of Appeals in Colmar (Alsace, France) condemned Vincent Reynouard to one year of imprisonment and the payment of the cost of placing an advertisement with extracts from this judgment in the Official Journal of the French Republic, as well as in the prominent newspaper Le Monde, the Dernières Nouvelles d'Alsace and Alsace. Raphaël Nisard, lawyer of the LICRA [ = "League Against Racism and Antisemitism"], declared: " It is an extraordinary result which satisfies LICRA completely."

On June 19th, 2008, a Court of Appeals of Brussels, in neighboring Belgium (to which Reynouard had fled with his family) condemned him for the publication of a revisionist publication to one year of imprisonment and 25,000 euros in fines.


Announcement by Vincent Reynouard – June 20, 2008

Vincent Reynouard
  Prison ferme pour délit d'opinion

On June 19, 2008, section 61 of the Brussels criminal court found Siegfried Verbeke and me guilty of "disputing crimes against humanity", sentencing us to a year’s imprisonment and ordering us to pay 25,000 euros in fines, damages and various costs... Moreover, it ordered the immediate arrest of Siegfried Verbeke and of myself as well (a friend of ours who attended the hearing says no, but the press reports state the opposite and we haven’t been able to get an answer from the Clerk’s Office).

Unsurprisingly, the court had rejected all our arguments, notably the one invoking article 150 of the Belgian Constitution to request a trial in the Court of Assizes, thus before a jury.

It’s plain to see that in the last three years anti-revisionist oppression has greatly worsened. The times when revisionist activists received suspended sentences are over: today, apart from the huge fines, actual imprisonment is always pronounced. I think especially of Sylvia Stolz, Ernst Zündel and Germar Rudolf, heroic people now languishing in German jails.

I think also of Georges Theil in France, of Gaston-Armand Amaudruz, René-Louis Berclaz and Jürgen Graf for Switzerland.

Historical revisionism belongs to no-one. Its findings are the fruit of traditional methods of inquiry where scientific expertise assists in the appraisal of testimonies and in documentary research. They will be obvious to any honest individual, whether on the political left or right, believer or atheist...

But it goes without saying that its implications extend well beyond the historical scope of its outset. The stakes involved, gigantic ones, are political and even theological. If some refuse to see this – because of blindness, cowardice or mistaken strategy – , our adversaries, at their end, have understood quite well. They know that a sudden bursting through of the historical truth about the period 1914-1946 would call into question the world order founded at Nuremberg in 1945-1946.

This is why, in the face of people whom they constantly present as a small sect of cranks denying the obvious, they have special laws passed in Europe and resolutions adopted at the UN. The flagrant discrepancy between their contemptuous talk, on the one hand, and their actions, on the other hand, gives them the lie. To paraphrase the French wartime orator Philippe Henriot, I’ll say: "When a man can think of no other way but imprisonment to rid himself of a verbal opponent, it’s because he has no arguments. When a man is reduced to making up stupid lies, it’s because the truth is against him."

The way ahead, therefore, is all laid out for us: we must continue to repeat the truth, the whole truth, including the truth about what’s at stake in this struggle. Far from being merely a sterile quarrel between devotees of the past cut off from present-day realities, the fight for historical truth is, on the contrary, the continuation, on the intellectual level, of the war whose armed phase ended in 1945 with the defeat of the Axis forces. And it’s clear that this conflict, having begun not on September 3, 1939 but on January 30, 1933, is the modern form of the eternal struggle between Light and Darkness. In the 20th century, National Socialist Germany embodied – doubtless imperfectly but successfully all the same – the very last attempt to return to a well-ordered society, that is, a society respecting the natural order.

This is the reason why, even after the 3rd Reich was completely crushed militarily, the war continued, and has continued up to today. Our opponents in this never-ending fight have a weapon of mass destruction: the alleged "Holocaust".

Vincent Reynouard - Les arguments révisionnistes en trente minutes | YouTube

Since 1945, this lie has prevented any dispassionate debate on National Socialism and, more generally, on societies that respect natural order. "We know where that led! ..." is how people constantly respond to those who, against the “Rights of Man” and their natural offspring: the unleashing of all selfish inclinations, dare speak of order, the Common Good, wholesomeness, moral standards, safeguarding the genetic heritage, the birth rate, rights of kinship ..

Against all the cowards with their claims of prudence, concern with efficiency, realism and whatever else; against all the pretentious twits whose lives are nothing but a series of intervals between assorted betrayals, we should repeat Christ’s own teaching: “let your Yes be Yes, and your No be No, for all else comes of evil.”

No, the German homicidal gas chambers never existed. Yes, "the Holocaust" is a myth. For my part, I add: yes, Hitler embodied the hope of Europe in the face of the ruinous ideals of 1789; yes, we must take up the best of what National Socialism comprised in order finally to surpass it and forge a doctrine that will be able to save our Old Continent.

Some will condemn my actions for the fact that I have seven children.

They are wrong: if I act as I do, it’s first of all for my children, to ensure a better future for them. However, our civilisation will not be saved by any sparing of efforts in the most vital struggles, which are (as is only logical) also the most dangerous, for when engaged they threaten the very worst for the opponent, and so provoke his most violent reactions. But, as Chesnelong said: "When evil is the most daring, good must be the most courageous."

Vincent Reynouard, father of seven children

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Disclaimer: Articles by third parties published or translated by do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the editors of this website.
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