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Update on French author Georges Theil's legal battle

Press Release - 18 December 2007

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If your world view - Weltanschauung - is influenced by Revisionist work, and you are comfortably off and have your sheep in the dry, then remember those who stick their necks out at the battlefront for the cause of liberating the world from this mentally enslaving pestilence called the 'Holocaust'.

It is shameful that Europe and the rest of the world as well, lets itself be enslaved by the 'Holocaust' myth.

All the more admirable and morally uplifting is the fact that a courageous Iranian statesman has taken on Jewish supremacist thinking, and exposed it for what it is - and now the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Dr Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has cut through the rubbish that is being fed to the world about the 'Holocaust'.

Please contact the latest victim of Zion, Georges Theil, and help...and remember that Professor Robert Faurisson will also be facing a French court in June.

Fredrick Töben


Enormous penalties for Georges Theil,

French heretic on the question of the “Holocaust” and the “gas chambers”

            In France the repression exerted against doubters of the “Holocaust” is intensifying considerably.

            In the spring of 2004 Georges Theil, 65, a retired telecoms executive, distributed a few dozen copies of his 115-page samizdat book entitled A Case of Insubmission  - on becoming a revisionist, in which he relates the intellectual journey of a man who set about seeking to understand the 20th century, and then tells how that quest led him to believe no longer in the “Nazi gas chambers”, hence no longer in the “6 million”. For that “crime” he has recently been found guilty on appeal in the town of Limoges and sentenced to two six month prison terms = one year in prison without remission, a fine of €30,000 (or 38,000 US dollars), and ordered to pay about €10,000 ($12,500) in damages.

            But it doesn’t end there! After being approached by a journalist in Lyon in October 2004 for a one-to-one talk that was recorded and broadcast the next day on the local television station TV8-MontBlanc, a conversation in which he was questioned on the contents of the incriminated book, and particularly on the passage where, after Robert Faurisson, Fred Leuchter and Germar Rudolf, he deals with the radical impossibility of the operation, even the very existence in the places referred to (Auschwitz I and Birkenau – Krema II) of slaughterhouses for humans using hydrogen cyanide gas, Georges Theil was prosecuted once again. On May 17, 2006 he was convicted on appeal to another six months’ imprisonment without remission and a fine of €10,000, and ordered to pay €40,000 in damages and to cover the cost (about €8,000) of having the judgment published in two newspapers.  

            For these two cases only, the financial burden amounts to €98,000, or $123,000, not including lawyer’s fees and other expenses…

      Georges Theil’s situation does not enable him to cope with this alone: it is therefore important to help him; such courage as his is not found very often.


You may contact Georges Theil


Email  gmtheva@yahoo.fr


Letter: P.O. Box 50-38

            F-38037 Grenoble cedex 2



PS: The book A Case of Insubmission will soon be available in English.




In Frankreich wurde am 3. Februar 2006 und am 17. Mai 2006, Georges Theil vom Berufungsgericht  in Limoges und in Lyon, zu hohen Strafen verurteilt : im ersten Verfahren wegen Vertriebs seines Büchleins  « Un cas d’Insoumission »  (Ein Fall von Nichtunterwerfung), worin sich,  im  Laufe der Beschreibung seines intellektuellen Werdegangs, seine zunehmenden Zweifel an der offiziellen Wahrheit klar hervorheben,  und in Lyon wegen einer öffentlichen Erklärung in Verbindung mit selbigem Buch, die ein TV-Journalist mit Kamera und Mikrofon aufgenommen hatte und in der Georges Theil erklärte, daß, wenn die offizielle Fassung über Auschwitz, obwohl untragbar aufgrund der Gesetze der Physik, trotzdem aufgezwungen und  letztendlich unwiderruflich akzeptiert wurde, dieses zurückzuführen ist auf die ausserordentliche Faszination, die das  deutsche technische  Genie hervorruft. „Wozu niemand anders fähig ist, und was als unglaubwürdig gelten muß, das können Deutsche fertigbringen.“


Insgesamt belaufen sich die Verurteilungen der beiden Strafkammern auf :


-         1 Jahr Gefängnis (2 x 6 Monate) ohne Bewährung 

-         40 000 € Geldstrafe 

-         ca 50 000 € als Entschädigung u. a. für 9 jüdische Vereinigungen 

-         sowie die Bezahlung der Kosten für die gerichtlich aufgezwungenen Veröffentlichungen in der Presse (ca 8 000 €).


Sie können Georges THEIL helfen, indem Sie ihn über e-mail (gmtheva@yahoo.fr)  ermutigen oder ihm Ihre Unterstützung an seine nachstehende Adresse zukommen lassen :


G. Theil

B. P.  50-38

F- 38037   GRENOBLE cedex 2



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