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Danish Islam Expert Tina Magaard Warns Prime Minister And Danish Secret Service

Tina Magaard

Danish Islam expert Tina Magaard warns Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen against extreme Islam appeasing ‘experts’, and any showing any sign of weakness in the face of Muslim demands for apologies.

In sharp contrast to those ’experts on Islam’ the national TV stations favour and invite for comments, Tina Magaard explains without restraint about the very real and dangerous attempts of  Islamists to  impose a status of dhimmihood on non Muslims.

Jyllands Posten 22 October 2006

Danmark’s road to subjugation

Religious extremism: Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen has found a new way to deal with offense to Mohammed.

This signals that Denmark is on it’s way to subjugate itself to an Islamic agenda, says Islam researcher Tina Magaard, who also criticises the Danish Secret Service (PET) and other experts on Islam.

Original article By Pernille Ammitzbøll

On the surface everything seems peaceful, after the threat of yet another international crises as a result of the video with the happy young members of the Danish People’s Party Youth.

Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen seemed to have prevented a repeat of spring times Mohammed Cartoon Crises, by quickly distancing himself from the video.

»This was a case of unacceptable behaviour from a small group of young people. Their tasteless conduct in no way represents the Danish people, or young Danish people’s view of Muslims or Islam,«  he said.

Kasem Said Ahmad - The islamic Faith Society Denmark - Islamic Extremist
Kasem Ahmad - The Islamic Faith Association Denmark

October 13 Kasem Ahmad interviewed on Danish TV after PM Rasmussen said he distanced himself from the Danish People’s Party Youth’ new Mohammed Cartoons.

Kasem Ahmad: »I can see that there are more politicians who have understood our message, and we are getting help, eh there are more politicians who take our side. So that is really good.«

Afterwards The Islamic Faith Association (Det Islamiske Trossamfund) in Denmark, represented by Kasem Ahmad and imam Abu Laban said that the issue was dead.

»We are very satisfied with the way Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen and Chairman of the Danish People’s Party Pia Kjaersgaard have distanced them selves from the video. That was both wise and necessary, and we will take no further action.«

Perhaps this fraternising has prevented a crises here and now, but Islam researcher Tina Magaard warns the Prime Minister against granting too many concessions to the The Islamic Faith Association, because that will be understood as if the ”Official Denmark” subjects itself to an Islamic agenda, which is about forcing Islamic rules over Danish society.

PM Fogh Rasmussen in a dhimmi position

With his statements the Prime Minister has written himself and the Danes in an Islamic theological framework, is her message.

»This case has to be viewed from the viewpoint of the Islamic holy scriptures, that constitute the basic values for The Islamic Faith Association in Denmark, and for their political program. What Kasem Ahmad says now, is that now the Prime Minister is doing what we want him to do. In their eyes the Prime Minister has accepted a dhimmi position, by accepting him self to the rules a dhimmi must adhere to,« says Tina Magaard.

She explains that a dhimma is a contract, which has been made by the Muslim rulers and the non Muslims in the areas which were conquered by these commanders. A dhimmi is one who has accepted this contract. Tina Magaard:

»According to scriptures like the Koran verse 9.29, this means they have to subjugate to the Muslims. From a theological viewpoint, their has never been any reform in Islam, which has led to an acceptance that Jews and Christian can be human beings equal to Muslims«.

Criticism of Islam is forbidden

Submission also means that dhimmis will pay a tax ’jiyza’ to the rulers, and that the dhimmi also is socially and morally inferior to Muslims.

»Another important element in the definition of dhimmi, is that dhimmis have limited freedom of speech. That means that the dhimmi can not criticise Islam or Muslims. It is a hierarchical relationship, where it is the Muslim who makes the rules. The Dhimmi never has the right to offend Muslims, and it is the Muslims alone who can define, when he has been offended,« thus Tina Magaard.

»If you break this ’dhimma’ you and your possessions become halal. That is a juridical category which means that one is ’allowed’. That means that it is allowed to kill you. Flemming Rose, cultural editor of Jyllands Posten was declared ’halal’ during the Cartoon Crises. The interesting thing to note here is that apparently already before the Mohammed Crises there were some who regarded Europe and Denmark as a part of the Islamic world, and therefore could pass sentence on Flemming Rose, as the dhimmi he would be if that were true.,« she says.

In the Islamic holy scriptures Mohamed takes care of creating a common sphere of interest with a dhimmi-elite, who on his behalf keep down the criticism among the lower ranking common dhimmis.

Today Tina Magaard thinks that the way the Danish Secret Service (PET) acted during and after the Mohammed Crises was a sign that the agency is starting to act as a dhimmi-elite.

»The Danish Secret Service was praised by The Islamic Faith Association, and Danish Secret Service were praising the imams and credit them because there were no violent episodes in Denmark during the Mohamed Crises. This is a short sighted strategy, with the purpose of preventing terror here and now in Denmark. But the imams have a long term strategy for their cooperation with the Danish Secret Service. Little by little they will teach Danish Secret Service to think like them. Little by little the Danish Secret Service will start to think just like them. Bit by bit the Danish Secret Service will defend the interests of the imams.«

Stop Islamisation

Tina Magaard also refers to the association ‘Stop the Islamisation of Denmark’ (Stop Islamiseringen af Danmark, [SIAD]), which is no longer allowed to demonstrate close to immigrant quarters like Vollsmose (Odense), Noerrebro (Copenhagen) and Gellerup (Aarhus).

»Whatever one may think of them, it is their constitutional right to demonstrate. When the Danish Secret Service (PET) is advising police precincts to disallow SIAD to demonstrate certain places in Denmark, the Danish Secret Service is sending a signal that they have a dhimmi-pact.«

They are willing to forget the constitution and accept their duty of preventing the common dhimmis from criticising Islam.

This is done because the Islamists have a violent potential at their disposal, and are negotiating with the Danish Secret Service. But this way the Danish Secret Service has handed part of the State monopoly on the use of force over to the imams. With their praise of  the Prime Minister the Islamic Faith Association signals, that they now own part of the state monopoly of the use of force, when Kasem Ahmad has said that they now no longer will press their case in the Middle East and thereby will prevent more violent reactions«

She is warning the Danish Secret Service not to further pursue this path.

»If a new leadership in the Danish Secret Service (PET) wants to try to get some of that monopoly on the use of force back, they are likely to see a violent reaction, where it is thought to be legitimate and necessary to call for help from abroad. Just like their is no lower limit for when Muslims feel offended, there will be no upper limit to what kind of violence can be used. A little provoking, one could say, that if they break off their cooperation with the imams now, we may see a clash, yes, but this will demonstrate that we are not dhimmis, and we will be spared a much bigger clash in the future.«

Time bombs

Joergen Baek Simonsen - Islam apologist Carsten Niebuhr Institute Copenhagen Denmark -Jørgen Bæk Simonsen
Joergen Baek Simonsen
Islam Apologist Carsten Niebuhr Institute Copenhagen Denmark

Danish subtitles: (1) This cocktail is dangerous, but that Islam has not followed modernity (2) I do deny…

Much the same way, Tina Magaard thinks that the Prime Minister in stead of playing on the terms of the imams, he should rebuff them.

»That agenda is a time bomb, Tina Magaard thinks. He should quote the concrete passages in the Islamic law books, and say, that dhimmis have restricted freedom of speech, and tell the imams that those laws do not apply in Denmark.«

Tina Magaard, who holds a position at the University of Aarhus, also criticises research on Islam, where she sees examples that researchers, consciously or unconsciously take up a role of aides in favour of the demands of Islamists.

As an example she mentions Islam researcher Joergen Baek Simonsen (Jørgen Bæk Simonsen) from, the Carsten Niebuhr Institute at the University of Copenhagen, who is an apologist for Abu Laban, and thereby has placed him self in an extreme position, Tina Magaard thinks.

»Within the academic research of Islam Joergen Baek Simonsen represents a trend which very much resembles the way some people understood them selves during the Cold War.

Then people accepted the ideological premises of the Soviet Union, defended the system, and tried to make it appear appetising for others who didn’t have the same positive attitude.

It is the same attitude towards Islamists, we see every now and then among Islam researchers today.«

That’s the reason why they do not wish to criticise the dhimmification of Christians and Jews, which has been going on during history, she thinks.

»But it would be good, if the research on Islam in Denmark could be a little more inclusive, and let the story of the Middle-East also be told from the point of view of the dhimmi.

That is the only way to raise awareness to the signs of the dhimmification that are manifesting them selves in Denmark.«

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