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Danish People’s Party Youth held Muhammed Cartoon Contest at Private Party Summer Camp

Great commotion among the politically correct, when it became known to the public, thanks to a left wing spy by the name of Martin Rosengaard Knudsen (27) member of a group of 'artists' which calls itself 'Defending Denmark'. This despicable individual signed up with the party as a member, and spied on his fellow Danes for 18 month, looking for statements that could compromise them, and making secret video recordings.

Well so far it is indeed very impressive what this mole could come up with:

Muhammed Cartoon by intoxinated Danes
Muhammad as the Danish People's Party Youth see him
(The 'youth department' includes people up to 30 years of age, which is normal for Danish political parties)
Well, in my opinion the drawing of this camel with Carlsberg bottles for humps is far to benign for the murderess pedophile so called 'prophet' Muhammad.

The terribly disrespectful members of the DDP's youth department had a wet evening in the privacy of their summer camp (or so they thought) during which they held a Mohammed Cartoon contest.

Several newspapers reported that leading members of the DDP took part in a competition with the intent of depicting Mohammed in the most degrading way, and drew him like a urinating beer drinking camel and then as a drunk terrorist, who after having attended some Islamic schools bombs Copenhagen some Islamic schools bombs Copenhagen.

The Danish 'Public Service' TV channel (by some called Danish Muslim service) Denmark’s Radio, (shortened DR) showed part of the video made by the mole Martin Rosengaard Knudsen, but acknowledged the severe threat that certain members of the Muslim community in Denmark present to anybody who dares to criticize the prophet of the mid-eastern medieval murder cult, by blurring the faces of the participants in the private cartoon party.

In a serious and almost accusing tone which brought back memories of the so called Mohamed Cartoon Crises where this TV channel clearly sided with the voices that condemned editor Carsten Rose and Jyllands Posten for 'provoking the feelings of 1.3 billion Muslims' DR's Vibeke Hartkorn informed Kenneth Kristensen of the fact that parts of the movie made by Martin Rosengaard Knudsen had already been broadcast by the Arabic TV station Al Jazeera.

Zeinab Badawi Sudanese BBC
Zeinab Badawi BBC
Sudanese promotor of immigration to Britain.

Some readers might recognize this judgmental tone from the BBC's Zeinab Badawi or the countless Hindustani girls who seem to dominate the British Bullshit Company's news and actualities programme's, that leave the impression that half the country has already been taken over by foreigners.

The Danish broadcaster makes no secret of the fact that they are aiming for the same, and the number of Muslims and other foreigners employed by the DR is rising steadily. Ethnic discrimination against Danes concealed as 'affirmative action' is showing it's ugly face.

It seems that this time an ethnic Dane; Martin Rosengaard Knudsen has played the part of messenger boy for the Arab world in stead of the Danish based Imams. One only has to connect the dots: Knudsen had interests in the Images of the Middle East festival, which was subsidized by Muslim countries.

Further investigation to the question if his pro immigration organisation also receives benefits from those states that are attempting to bring Europe under Muslim rule by financing activities that promote immigration and keeps Muslims from integrating in society.

Søren Espersen Dansk Folkeparti
Soeren Espersen
Nothing wrong with some beer and fun! No remorse.
More fun to be in it, than to watch it though..
Vibeke Hartkorn - Danmarks Radio
Vibeke Hartkorn
Danmark's Radio
Do you know that Al Jazeera has heard about the DDP's private drunk party? Mohammed is watching!
Kenneth Kristensen
Kenneth Kristensen
DPP Youth
Afraid of Muslim revenge, being drunk not party policy.
Usually anti Muslim hardliner Kenneth is not that shy.

Interviewed on TV one of the leading representatives of the DPP Soeren Espersen could see nothing really wrong with some young people having a few beers and a laugh, and drawing some funny pictures of the murderous prophet, but the leader of the youth department Kenneth Kristensen, who had not been present at the party, regretted that party members had been drunk during a party event and felt not happy with what had happened.

As soon as the news of the cartoon party became public the usual Islam apologists, the worst of whom is the extreme Islamophile Dhimmi, 'Islam Expert' Joergen Baek Simonsen, as well as his slightly less zealous colleague Lars Erslev Andersen appeared on TV and did their versions of Shakespeare's famous play 'Chaimberlain'.

Now Martin Rosengaard Knudsen, the mole who infiltrated the Danish People's Party has his own very specific agenda; he is one of the participants of Asylum Home Net, and promotes immigration, exactly the opposite of what the DDP stands for.

It is associated with '', 'Defending Denmark', and it seems almost any minority organization, all of which have in common that they want to make Denmark the sovereign playground of any third world asylum seeker who wishes to do so. One of the most ludicrous organizations I have so far never heard of, is the 'Danish Puerto rican Society', headed by one Solana Larsen...

Martin Rosengaard Knudsen and his compatriots also seem to have connections with the infamous 'Images of the Middle East Festival', a recent effort to promote Islamic culture in Denmark, where Israeli artists were exempted from participating, because of pressure from Arab sponsors....

Text below from 'Defending Denmark'

Martin Rosengaard Knudsen
The Danish People's Party (Dansk Folkeparti) has long had problems with extreme right wing associations. The videos shown here - recorded at the Party's official youth party gathering in August 2006 - clearly document the challenges the Party is facing.

To avoid further problems with racism, Defending denmark urges the Danish People's Party to STOP the making of Muhammad caricatures and other offensive gestures at party gatherings. We also ask the Party to strongly consider participating in a FREE Defending denmark workshop in constructive communication.

Above: Here again the false accusation is made that the DDP is 'racist', which in no way reflects the truth. But since almost everybody of colour with few exceptions allies him or herself with the multicultural agenda, and thus contributes to the destruction of Denmark, this may change...
Would Martin Rosengaard Knudsen be opposed to caricatures of Adolf Hitler, who was no more than a small fish compared to the murderous 'prophet' Mohammad? Or would he be concerned for the feelings of the Danish Nazi's perhaps?

No wonder the general disgust of Muslims in Denmark is slowly transformed into adversity to other 'ethnic communities' as well, since they all seem to side with the 'multicultural agenda', and have no respect at all for the complaints of the Danes who have to suffer the results of this multi-ethnic experiment gone awry.

Seventeen year old boy stabbed in the back by immigrant gang of 10.

Only yesterday October 5 a seventeen year old Danish boy was dragged from his moped by a gang of ten to twelve Muslim youth, was told to lay down on the ground, after which he was stabbed in the back several times by an only thirteen year old Muslim immigrant. This news was covered in all but two newspapers without mentioning the ethnic background of the knife wielding gang, and got no attention from the TV media.

By contrast, last year a Somali family who had allegedly received threats from young Danes that felt provoked by the usual disrespect for by Somali's for Danish girls, and had their mailbox smashed, resulted in thousands of demonstrators, brought in from all parts of the country, led by left wing and immigrant politicians, such as the Pakistani Kamal Quereshi.

It was shown on all TV channels numerous times. No violence against any person had been committed, yet this case where a young Dane is being stabbed in the back, after having been forced down on the ground by a gang of ten or twelve, the case is not even mentioned on TV!

Our lives are not worth shit, we are being betrayed, were the reactions of some young people I spoke with in Copenhagen. Muslims rule the streets and this kind of violence is happening so often, that it almost seems normal.

Before the first wave of Muslims arrived in Denmark in the sixties, there were about 3 to 6 murders a year in Denmark. The later years this figure has risen to about 90.

For Danske læsere er der godt gang i diskussionen på Uriasposten: Nyhedsavisens første forside…. kom ikke overraskende til at omhandle Dansk Folkeparti


For those who are interested; here are the videos made by the infamous Martin Rosengaard Knudsen

Drawing Mohamed The Contest
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