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Transscript and translation of Danish TV News broadcast of february 29 2008 relating to the Kurt Westergaard Story

The written transscript may differ slightly from the subtitled video.

No more Idomeneo,
No more piggy banks,
No more three little piglets.

It's simply not Halal!

Danish TV News February 29 2008 YouTube

The Prophet Mohammad


Helle Thorning-Schmidt
Social Democrat Party Leader
  Inger StøjbergInger Stoejberg - Liberal Party

Inger is one of the reasons why I'm a teeny weeny bit racist ! Click image for larger!

  Per Stig Moeller - Foreign Minister

He may look harmless, but this well meaning man is a dedicated promotor of globalism and the European Union Monster State.

In 1973 he published a book 'Utopia & Reality' [Utopi og Virkelighed] in which he entertains ideas like forced race mixing. Here a short quote to give an impression:

'.. and in my opinion a courageous vision, that mankind only through this race mixing gets the qualities which enables it to impede the expansion of the western world, the idea that there is more between heaven and earth that other races have, which gives that feeling of togetherness that other races possess... '

Of course the few short quotes I so far have read from this book are not enough to judge it all. But I have a strange feeling that what Mr. Per Stig Möller wrote has a remarkable resemblence to the writings of Pan European Union pioneer Coudenhove-Kalergi. Just compare the title: 'Utopia and Reality' versus 'Practical Idealism'.

What seems obvious from the TV interview, is that Mr. Möller's comments about free speech differ in quality from the straight forward comments by the other politicians. He refuses to make a clear and unambiguous statement, but tells us that 'the EU position on the subject is known', and then he starts talking about responsibility (us) and 'finding rules to play by'.

The tone of this sounds suspiciously similar to what EU commissionar Mrs. Benita Ferrero Waldner said in her infamous speech at the Euromediterranean Symposium in Vienna on May 22-23 2006 where the the EU media strategy was unveiled.

  Henriette Kjaer - Conservative MP
  No refuge for Kurt Westergaard and his family in the now rather infamous SAS Radison Hotel - Scandinavian Center Aarhus. But we have already found out that to commerce, patriotism courage and morals don't serve any purposes at all.


Speaker: Two years ago the German Opera took the Mozart Opera Idomeneo off the program for some time.

The Opera was afraid of Islamic trouble because it shows the decapitated heads of amongst others Mohammed.

Panic right now in Holland. The politician Geert Wilders has announced an Islam critical film, but this has now been delayed in fear of riots.

And somewhat more grotesque, a Dutch and two British banks abolish the piggy bank because muslims regard the pig as unclean.

For the same reasons a British kindergarten has dropped the story about the three little piggies. Now the book is about.. cats.

A growing self censorship caused by growing fear for the reactions of extreme Muslims, a fear which hit Danish artists in Berlin, and here in Denmark it caused politicians to sharply denounce any and all forms of censorship and self censorship.

The Berlin incident caused a number of Danish politicians to shake their heads.

Inger Stoejberg Political Spokesman of the Liberal Party (Venstre):

I think it is disgraceful that they are able to silence people with threats.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt (Social Democrat Party Leader):

We won't accept that others are trying to decide on what we can and cannot do in Europe.

Henriette Kjaer (Conservative Party MP)

It is becoming a really scary development that certain Muslims think they have the right to decide what can be exhibited, what can be said, and what we can do.

Speaker: The case once more illustrates the dilemma between the security of the citizens and freedom of speech, but the politicians stand firm.

Inger Stoejberg: I am really glad that the German politicians and others have intervened and have said that this exhibition must proceed. I fully support that, and I support the right of the Danish artists to exercise their freedom of speech.

I don't think at all that we can relate this to the fact that a lot of people are being killed.
This is a right we have in Denmark, and we have to make use of that right and cherish it.

Speaker: The Social Democrat leader appeals to the foreign minister.

Helle Thorning-Schmidt: I want to direct a strong appeal to the Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss this with his colleagues in Europe.

And they should make it clear once and for all, that we have legislation which regulates what one can and cannot do in Europe, and we will not accept that people from the outside with thin veiled terror threats shall decide about what we can do and can't do in Europe.

Speaker: Could it perhaps be helpful if the EU foreign Ministers came with some statement about this?

Per Stig Moeller: Well there can not be much doubt about the European position on this matter. What we have to find out lies on another level; how we have to live with each other.

Speaker: According to the foreign minister, the only way ahead is for the Muslim world to understand the basic values of the West.

Per Stig Moeller (Foreign Minister Conservatives):

There is reason to be worried about the future, because we can not have these eternal confrontations which grow, and can grow out of our hands, they can, we have seen it, and it could be worse in the future.

Therefore we who are responsible must find some rules to play by so we can live with each other.

Speaker: The Friday prayers in many muslim countries for the third week in a row released protests against Denmark, because of the reprint of the Mohammed Cartoons.

Here in Pakistan, demonstrators demand the Danish Ambassador expelled, and a spokes person said that Pakistan ought to break all diplomatic and commercial relations with Denmark.

Apart from in Pakistan, there were demonstrations in Lebanon and Afghanistan.

And while the Mohammed cartoon case is developing in the muslim world; it also does so here in Denmark. But in some unexpected way.

We will now visit the Westergaard family in Lolland (south of Copenhagen).

A quiet country road in Roedby.

Here lives the Westergaard family; Kurt Westergaard and his wife Inge.

[phone] Inge Westergaard.. Last Tuesday an anonymous caller asked for the cartoonist Kurt Westergaard and his wife or girl friend.

Inge Westergaard: The reaction of course first comes afterwards. Then one starts thinking, eh what is this, how did they get my number? There are many thoughts which run across one's head.. Afterwards.

Speaker: Kurt Westergaard bears the same name as Jyllands-Posten's artist Kurt Westergaard who lives in hiding, threatened as he is by angry muslims, who comdemn his drawing of the prophet Mohammed.

Since the mysterious call Tuesday the Westergaard family have also come under the protection of PET (Danish Security Agency).

Kurt Westergaard (2): My wife has told me many times you have a dangerous name, but I really hadn't given it that much thought. And then suddenly it gets close to you, and I started to worry about it.

Speaker: Just as close that fear crept up last Wednesday when one of the teachers from a kindergarten in Aarhus was told to go home because some parents had feared for the safety of their children.

The teacher is married to cartoon artist Kurt Westergaard.

Earlier this month it was the management from this hotel who became fearful. The management did no longer dare to have Kurt Westergaard as a guest, because of the threat to the security of the other guests.

Here on this country road in Roedby the Westergaards have taken their precautions, for when they go on holidays next month.

Inge Westergaard:I don't think we will book some hotel as Kurt Westergaard.

Kurt Westergaard (2): I have a middle name as well, so I will probably use that.

Kurt Westergaard: I want to emphasize that I am the one and only Kurt Westergaard, and all threats should kindly be addressed to me.

And I think it is a pity that my namesakes have to suffer from that.

(There are at least 80 people with the name Kurt Westergaard in Denmark!)

Speaker: Earlier other Danes with the same name have received anonymous threats as a result of the Mohammed Cartoons.


End of transscript



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