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Defaming The Prophet Mohammed National Sport In Denmark

The Danish Muslim & immigrant loving multicult promoting anti-Nationalist Radical Party also defamed the false ‘Prophet’ Mohammed.

Drawing ridiculing pictures of the false prophet Mohammed seems to be a Danish National Sport

Translated from the royal multi-culturalist newspaper Politiken

Friday October 13 2006

Young Radicals made drawings of Mohammed as a chair. (Party name in Danish: ‘Radikale’)

Vice President condemns the event

According to the Danish TV station TV2/News, the drawings, where Mohammed is being depicted as a chair were created at a common introduction meeting with a subsequent party for new and old members of the Party Youth about six month ago.

‘We were drunk’

According to the information available to Politiken, five young members of the Radical Party had started drawing several faces on a white board during the party being pretty drunk.

One of the young people was supposed to have drawn a beard on one of the drawings and have stated that now this was Mohammed.

Christian Slot was at the meeting.

‘I remember it being a late night where we were drunk. We were partying, and then we drew Mohammed on the white board, he stated to TV2

Images not part of the original story in Politiken
Louise Frevert from the 'racist' DPP with Syrian Palestinian Naser Khader from the islamophile Radical Party
Louise Frevert from the ‘racist’ DPP with Syrian Naser Khader from the islamophile Radical Party

Louise Frevert from the ‘racist’ DPP is a former belly dancer, author of a book on oriental cooking, mother of four an open lesbian and former porn model. A real extreme right wing nazi role model, if we have to believe the criminal slanderors from the BBC and foreign European press.

Naser Khader: They have a lot to explain.

From top to bottom of the Radical Party there is condemnation of the drawings.
‘I know nothing about the drawings says Anders Frost, who is the vice President of the Party Youth.

If this took place under the auspices of the Radical Youth, I strongly condemn it. I think they have a lot of explaining to do, says Naser Khader to TV2/News.

The Young Radicals terminated their relations with the Danish People’s Party Youth DFU after it was revealed that the DPP Youth had been making discriminating drawings of the Prophet Mohammed.

Together with the Conservative Youth (KU), the Danish Social Democratic Youth (DSU), and the Liberal Youth (VU), the Radical Youth had formed a common front against the Danish People’s Party’s Youth (DFU)

At the Radical Youth home page it says:

‘After the despicable nightly games at the Danish People’s Party’s Youth summer Camp, where leading members of the Danish People’s Party’s Youth had behaved very discriminating towards Muslims, we have decided to cut all future contact with the Danish People’s Party’s Youth, until sanctions are made for the leaders who were responsible’

Comment Blog: It is all becoming more and more ridiculous and tragic, it seems as if Islamic law has already been implemented in this country, and people are falling over their own legs to appear politically correct. Actually including the declared anti Muslim Danish People’s Party themselves. Nobody seems to have any balls at all anymore.

There was no reason at all for the Danish People’s Party’s Youth President Kenneth Christensen to distance himself from a completely harmless fun drawing competition, and this had not even been required of him by the senior Party members, see the statement of MP Soeren Espersen.

The pompous statements of the four other Party Youth Organizations are completely void of any meaning, since none of these Youth organisations had any serious contacts with the Danish People’s Party Youth to begin with!

These statements can only have the purpose of profiling themselves as being ‘more serious’ than the DFU.

But all of it shows that there is something seriously wrong in Denmark. Not because of the drunken drawings, but because the objections to these youthful expressions have been taken serious at all, no matter how many Imams have been raving and ranting in their Mosques, and no matter how many Embassy’s have been torched.

It has always been the most normal thing in the world for Danes to mock whoever was found suitable, and it must be a grave warning sign that that seems to be changing because of the pressure of Islamic immigrants or Mideastern dictatorships mixing in internal Danish affairs.

I propose the public defamation of the do called prophet Mohammed as an annually repeated cleansing from the poisonous influence of Islam as a cure.

When that is said, it suits the sanctimonious representatives of the notorious Muslim loving immigration promoting Radical Party, that it has come clear to the public that even in their midst’s the pedophile prophet of violence is not taken very serious. That the attacks on Denmark by Fanatic Muslim inc. worldwide have left the need to piss on the so called prophet once in a while, can be seen of a tiny sign of health among this otherwise extreme anti-national party’s members.

Naser Khader -'democratic Muslims'
Naser Khader
Withdrawing as President of 'Democratic Muslims'

Democratic Muslims un dramatically and as to be expected fading out as a publicity stunt gone wrong.
Those who support him are not considered ‘real Muslims’, and ‘real Muslims hate his guts. Protected by police body guards night and day, even a hard working and productive Muslim like the Syrian Palestinian Khader is a costly guest for the Danish taxpayer. Like everywhere in Europe, insecure native bred politicians don’t dare to risk being called racists when implementing unpopular policies. Therefore we see the same thing everywhere, immigrants are being moved into position to do the dirty work.
In Holland it was Ayaan Hirsi Ali, in Denmark it is Khader, and the new centre right coalition in Sweden has positioned an anti Islamic African Negro to try to curb the Muslim advance. So much treachery, so much cowardice.

The Radical Party combines an extreme love of multiculturalism, foreign aid and EU and ‘International Conventions’ with a right wing liberal attitude to economic policies. Which in my opinion makes it the most hypocritical of all Political party’s in Denmark, because they want to preserve the economical interests of the more well to do with handing out rights and economic support to the rest of the world, which of course leaves the common ethnical Dane as the only ones to pay the price.

While we are at the Islamophile Radical Party: The before mentioned Syrian Palestinian Naser Khader, a Muslim himself, is one of the leading MP’s of the Radical Party, which has a large number of Muslim members, as well as a large history of Muslim Party members who were forced to leave because they would not give up their support of Sharia Law and other immoral Islamic practices. Some of them after long trials of trying to lie and talk themselves out of dubious statements they had been caught making.

Khader himself calls himself a ‘culture Muslim’ who drinks alcohol, and says he practices his religion the way most Danes practice Christianity. His stance on integration is a lot tougher than that of the party leader Marianne Jelved and other bleeding hearts, and Khader is almost more popular among members of other party’s, including the so called ‘racist’ DPP.

Khader who is married to a Dane, has also tried to start a Muslim community ‘Democratic Muslims’ in response to the dominance of radical Imams, but with little success.

Among it's members are actually non Islamic Danes, and many of the original Muslim members have either been excluded, because they set Islamic law over secular Danish democracy, others left on their own accord.

Khader is generally hated in Muslim circles, where he is seen as a traitor, and is the most guarded person in the state of Denmark. He never goes anywhere without at least four body guards from the special police force, and he regularly receives death threats and is verbally abused by immigrants when he is spotted somewhere.

Update March 2008: Since the time of this report Khader has started and sunk his own party 'Ny Aliance' (New Alliance).


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