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Martin Rosengaard Knudsen And Sixten Tobias Kai Nielsen Defending Denmark

Woolomaoloo artists fishing for publicity and media attention with undercover video

Destroying Denmark would be a more fitting description for these Marxist totalitarians

Strange occurrences in the rotten state of Denmark

These two crazy 'Woolomaoloo' characters look quite comical, as they appear on Danish TV day after day, wearing some new and more luxurious version of some kind of Maoist uniform.

It will be hard for the politically correct media, to present them as heroes, since their revelations about private parties arranged by the Danish People’s Party’s Youth, have caused a number of participants to go into hiding because of the death threats they received since the ‘great news’ was broken to the larger public.

Sixten Tobias Kai Nielsen must have come along for his good looks, or to display the tasteful contrasts between the colours of their two communist (or is it north Korean?) uniforms, because Martin Rosengaard Knudsen is doing virtually all the talking..

Defaming Denmark makes good living - You got your picture
‘On the Cover of the Rolling Stone’ now, are you happy?

Sixten Tobias Kai Nielsen & Martin Rosengaard Knudsen Defending Denmark
Sixten Tobias Kai Nielsen & Martin Rosengaard Knudsen

When interviewed on TV these sanctimonious bastards said that they had carefully edited the videos, so nobody would be recognized and become direct target for an Islamist attack. But the DDP’s Kenneth Christensen could inform the viewers on the fact that the people in the background were clearly recognizable, and that they had given the TV stations unedited copies of the video, some of which were actually broadcast. Kenneth could also tell us that Martin R had been actively participating in the contest, and had been one of the judges as to which drawing was the best. It took Martin K 18 month to find this rather uninteresting ‘proof of the awful tone’ being used, and the ‘racist behaviour’ inside the DPP youth.

But even apart from the fact that they exposed their own countrymen having some rather innocent traditional Danish fun at a private party, thereby exposing them to death threats from the many Islamic maniacs that crowd the streets of Denmark, there is nothing funny about them.

Here we have some perfect examples of people who would love to deliver Denmark and the rest of Europe into the hands of the ever increasing army of immigrants.

Their activities seem to have an international aim, judging by the many splinter groups of a similar character that they seem to have connections with. Yes they talk civilized, but that doesn’t change the content of their well disguised but utterly evil message.

They have no respect for the millions of people in Europe who have seen enough of the failed multicultural experiment, and who detest hearing about the daily quote of immigrant crime, rape, robbery, honour killings, murder, and asylum swindle, that has long been recognized as the true result of the combined efforts of left wing loonies, and liberalist entrepreneurs.

The latter of whom were willing- and still will, exploit every chance for making quick buck off cheap labour.

It was mainly these two groups who brought us into this extreme situation.

At present the left wing loonies are facing strong opposition, increasingly leftists are becoming aware of the devastating results of the Muslim mass invasion, while the liberalist entrepreneurs again are lobbying for more cheap labour from abroad, without thinking of the consequences, at a time when the presently almost overheated economy will be slowing down again, and the final bill for the exploitation of now convenient Polish and other European labourers will have to be paid, of course at the expense of the indigenous Danes.

The craziest thing about it though is the amount of zeal they put into this every time, I is hard to believe that these efforts match the real necessity for large numbers of imported workers. Either there’s something we don’t know, or they are thinking of the long term, regarless of the actual situation. Preparing the ground for the next chance so to speak.

Serious warning signs from Germany and England are already there, but who cares when there’s money to be made, and the fiscal paradises inside the European Union; Liechtenstein, Monaco and Jersey which of course will be left alone and form safe retreats the more than well to do, should things go wrong in the countries they sacrificed.

Just think of the great European ’socialists’ Tony Blair and his posh lawyer wife Cherry, who made millions defending the right of immigrants, without ever having given the reasons of ‘White Flight’ a single thought other than that these white refugees must be racist bastards not wanting to live in a nice multiethnic neighbourhood. Or what about the great socialist leader of Sweden, Göran Persson who since he lost the recent elections can forget all about the multi-ethnical chaos he left behind, and enjoy his new multi-million property in the a Muslim - and thus trouble free part of Sweden.

While they stubbornly focus on every politically incorrect opinion, and try to chastise the speech and freedom of expression of their fellow countrymen as did their predecessors in the former USSR, Albania, China and Eastern Germany and are going on about respect and human dignity, while the enemy draws new strength from the subversive schemes they have put in place, and is again burning Embassy’s and shouting ‘death to America, death to Israel and death to the Danish infidels.

Governments are no longer in charge, media power on the rise

'Defending Denmark'
Sixten Tobias Kai Nielsen Defending Denmark
Sixten Tobias Kai Nielsen
Second violin in the Woolomaoloo PR. Department.
‘We wanted to tell the public that the Anders Fogh Rasmussen government is cooperating with the racist extreme right Danish People’s Party.’

Well 'extreme right' is nonsense, as most people here now have known for years, and the party’s opposition to Muslim immigration and the implementation of Sharia Law on Danish territory is certainly no secret either. One of the ‘racist party members who has now gone into hiding, because she was recognizable and already received death threats teaches Muslim children the Danish language in an integration project. That’s how racist these Danish extremists are…. The Party has been soaking up members from the social democrats for years and are considered the New Social Democrats.

Unfortunately they are not alone. A whole new class of self hating Europeans, many of them in key positions in the press, politics and organisations has firmly established itself, and so far seems untouchable, no matter what government manages to get elected, even if it is in spite of their influence and manipulations, they keep their grip on the media, relentlessly flooding people with programmes of every conceivable kind, just as long as they deem it fit for their concept.

Shamelessly they try to stop us from protesting against the Muslim invasion, and the steady advance of the Islamic fundamentalist influence in our native countries. How they must rejoice, when they see more and more burka clad and ever pregnant Muslim woman, openly practicing their medieval beliefs, not in the least ashamed, but openly asserting that their beloved Sharia law will soon be competing with our European judicial system.

In Denmark these are people such as Toeger Seidenfaden, editor in chief of the infamous Copenhagen newspaper Politiken, the preferred spokesman of the multicultural elite that for many years has dominated ‘intellectual circles’ in this country. Slowly but steadily, and with great success, the conspiracy against everything Danish, against everything ‘National’, against everything that is common sense has grown and evolved.

Nothing better exemplifies the purpose of this organ for decay of Western Civilization than the statement of Seidenfaden’s predecessor, the Israeli citizen Herbert Pundik, who for many decades flew back and forth between his home in Tel Aviv and his office at Raadhuspladsen in Copenhagen to stage the multicultural alliance’s assault on the people of Denmark:

We (Politiken) must educate the Danes so the Turks can be here….

It seems hard to believe, but it was this man, who as a young boy left Denmark, to fight the Palestinians in Israel, who spent most of his life making Denmark look more and more like the Gaza strip.

I wonder how he feels, now that his disciple Seidenfaden has taken it one step further, and has changed the papers traditional support for Israel, into full fledged siding with Arabs, Palestinians, or almost anything that is not Danish.

Alas, this newspaper has managed to create a whole class of full time saboteurs of Danish values, customs and believes, has attacked the Christian Church and ridiculed Christian beliefs, and is now fiercely defending the rights of fundamentalist Muslims, the burka, the veil, and the segregated swimming pools, although Seidenfaden when confronted of course would deny this fact, and like Martin K & co. pretend that he and his sanctimonious newspaper are the ones who are the true defenders of European culture and values.

It is from these seeds of evil that the disaster sprung in Denmark: the sneaking influence of the Radical Party that has dominated Danish politics for so many years, until the people’s protests finally resulted in the birth of the now solidly established Danish People’s Party.

It is going to be a long fight, for the seeds of evil have taken root, and have resulted in the mass production of many of the useful idiots represented by Martin Rosengaard Knudsen and his friend Sixten Tobias Kai Nielsen, who reap the result of the programs of the multicultural mafia that has overtaken almost anything that is to be found from ‘humanitarian organisations’, ‘artists and writers’ and the silly ‘Free Speech’ organisations like Danish PEN, Amnesty International, ‘The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance’, (ECRI) and the rest of the well funded elites, who’s declared purpose it is to make the land of our forefathers the land of the Arabs, the Somali’s the Turks, the Vietnamese, the Hutu’s and the Tutsi’s, whatever has the right colour and the right ethnic background and colourful customs.

Every day we hear how people fight for their own separate homelands in the Middle East, a fight nobody can or dares to stop. How do these multicultural advocates think they can get away with doing the same thing to their own people, that everybody wished would never have happened in all these other countries where violence and war seemingly ever lasting were the obvious result?

Hate expressed in a soft voice…
Martin Rosengård Knudsen
Martin Rosengaard Knudsen 27

‘We think the party is dishonest by talking bad about Muslims, they should do that in public.’ (sic) ‘We have spoken to Imams about the project.’ Martin Knudsen has recently published a novel.
Well we really can’t wait to read it!

The (Hindu) Tamil’s were imported from India by the British to Buddhist Ceylon, now Sri Lanka, as cheap labour for picking tea. Now they also are fighting for the same thing everybody seems to want wants, except for the self-righteous idealists, communists and other loony dreamers. A society of their own, with their own language, their own laws and customs.

Of course there is room for strangers in most societies, and even for other ethnic or religious groups, as long as the proper owners of the land stay in charge, and the newcomers slowly assimilate into the native population; ethnically religiously, slowly being absorbed and becoming part of the population, just as the ‘potato Germans’ who came to Denmark to work and stayed, or the ‘beet Poles’, who came to work and stayed, many of whom even preserved their Catholic religion without ever causing serious trouble or being felt like a threat.

The Dutch immigrants on Amager near Copenhagen who were invited by the King because of their skills and crafts, and who became an integrated part of Danish culture, or the Huguenots who settled in Fredericia, to flee from persecution.

But they didn’t come by the thousands, they were not living on welfare, but were highly skilled, they did not bring with them terrible customs and practices, or did abolish them according to the rules of their new home country, nor did they steal rape and murder such as many of the Muslim primitives from the Middle East and Asia seem to do everywhere they are present in significant numbers. This same development can be observed all over the world, from Sweden over Thailand and the Philippines to antipode Australia. The immigrant groups I mentioned before intermarried and interbred with the native population, and sure there were squabbles and skirmishes once in a while, but it just doesn’t compare to what we are experiencing today. Not by far!

The Second World War

It took us Danes at least 40 to 50 years to forgive the Germans after the second world war, and some people still don’t like them, although they actually behaved rather nicely in Denmark, and in France, as the French opposition leader Jean Marie Le Pen once remarked, which of course brought him everything from charges of anti-Semitism to court procedures. That is a good picture of the state of Free Speech today, or rather the actual lack of it!

The news about France in the case of the Armenian genocide, where even more new laws are being proposed to counter free speech and to give us government approved history in stead, punishable by year long jail sentences and fines up to 50,000 $ US. First they went for the… orgh shut up, forget it. This is not about fairness, it is about power dirty deals and exploitation.

David Trads
Chief Editor Nyhedsavisen

David Trads’ newspaper
Conspired with ‘Defending Denmark’.

The DPP’s party story was used in promoting the first print of his new commercial ‘Metro Express’ like paper Nyhedsavisen.

Mr. Trads, also a candidate for the Social Democrats, was very critical of Jyllands Posten’s decision to print the famous Mohammad Cartoons, but didn’t hesitate to bring the ‘offensive pictures’ of the DDP party to the attention of the world. Exposing the terrible ‘racism’ of the hated DPP was more important than the feelings of 1.3 billion Muslims.. Well done Trads, your are one of ours now aren’t you? Defending Denmark had been trying to sell their project to other media, who rejected the idea of publishing pictures from a private party, so Trads became the lucky one and was able to use the story, which actually dated from way back in August, to promote his new commercial newspaper project.

And exactly that is what people such as Martin Rosengaard, Sixten Kai Nielsen, Toeger Seidenfaden, Klaus Rothstein most journalists employed by the Danish State Television (DR), and the thousands of other ‘intellectuals’ for whom the ‘free speech’ is only for ‘the educated’, for the the ‘people of good will’, for the ‘civilized’, for the ones ‘who are to lead and guide the masses’, yes indeed, for those who’ll promise not to use it! They detest and despise common people, real dissidents what they say, how they say it, why they say it.

At the same times they elevate people like the Turkish writer Pamuk to sainthood, and moan and groan about the lack of free speech in Russia and the murdering of dissenting journalists and human rights campaigners.

The same Danish PEN which was more or less split in half over the issue of free speech in the Jyllands Posten Mohammed cartoons affair, are the first ones to stand beside the grave of the murdered journalist Anna Politkovskaya and starting (absolutely justified) campaigns of protest against the Putin government. Half of the same people were willing to side with the critics of Jyllands Posten during the Cartoon Crises, the Embassey attacks, demonstrations and violent rhetorics from the Mideast.

That is because just as "some are more equal than others" in the Orwellian vision that is slowly revealing itself to have become reality these days, free speech of some is justified, and worth defending, while the free speech of others in the best case is being ‘forgotten’, and in other cases is actively being attacked

The famous and often quoted words of Voltaire have become a joke, and the ideal impartiality, the ‘blindness of justice’ has been subjugated to practical personal and political interests.

People who have their ears to the ground, and hear their people sigh in despair, and act upon those cries, are being defamed as ‘populists’, who deserve to be shot, like Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh very few say that out loud, but it has come so far already that some actually have expressed that. They go on about ‘the tone of the debate’, ‘religious feelings’, ’sensitivities to be recognized’ and atheists and Christians are talking about ‘The Prophet’ as if they are already on their way to convert to His Teachings.

The multiculturalists are the people who want to oppress the ugly truth, keep it away from sight, who ‘forget’ to mention ethnicity, when their publications cannot avoid reporting the daily quote of atrocities, almost always mainly committed by Muslim immigrants, and their descendants of the second and third generation.

These are the people who can always find excuses, and hasten to tell us that ‘we shouldn’t be prejudiced’, already before the victims have become cold. These are the people who are eager and ready to put the blame on the terrible racists from the Danish People’s Party, Vlaams Belang, Front National, the British National Party and Jörg Haider, and if their senseless lies have lost their effect after having been abused for so long, they go for their last and most powerful resort, and start whispering in the corners about anti-Semitism.

For these people the French proposal, (Armenian Holocaust Denial) which to my knowledge already is in place in a more generalized form, must be ‘gefundenes fressen’. A new monument of human evil that can be exploited to hide their true agenda; the suppression of real dissidents as well as keeping control of the masses.

Klaus Rothstein, multicultural advocate - Weekendavisen
Klaus Rothstein

Rothstein: This long time activist for multiculturalism, and former employee of the refugee hugging organisation, ‘Danish Refugee Mission’ considered the spying mission and videos of ‘Defending Denmark’ to be ‘Art’..

His brother Mikael Rothstein, a media darling as well, is a revolutionary sociologist who reserves himself the right to call Jesus a ‘pissing-broom’ [makes no sense in Danish either], but was very upset on behalf of 1.3 billion Muslims when the provoking Mohammed Cartoons were published.

Some of them even actively support terrorist movements, violent resistance groups, religious extremists, or even plain secular Nationalists, such as part of the Iraqi resistance. Nationalism is good, if they are the right nationalists…, like in case of the Danish Baath Party representative Carsten Kofoed, who proudly updates us with translations of songs honouring of the Great Leader Saddam Hussein alternated with reports that drip with glee when yet another Danish, British or American soldier comes home in a coffin. Traditional Nationalism is evil, but communist Nationalism is good. Where’s the logic. But I suppose if you’d ask him he could go on raving for hours with unintelligable Marxist theory to back up his claims for the solitary right to the Truth.

My God, it doesn’t get any closer to Hitler, am I happy this guy doesn’t have an Army at his disposal, or a small terrorist group. But in between the crazyness sometimes there’s some sense in his messages. A pity that he’s so outrageous that after you’ve read some of his collumns a couple of times, you automatically start to envision him as some Stalinist Army Commander with Red Stars everywhere. It’s hilarious in a sense.

The ways of multiculturalists, leftists, peace freaks, and now even Satanists are inscrutable, illogic, filled with inner conflict, irrational. They are in a state of denial from reality, they believe human nature can be molded, processed and manipulated, they refuse to see the disaster they have created, and continue to create more.

Although most of them are not religious, they show clear signs of religious delusion. They need to feel that they are the chosen ones, the ones who know, and if only these terrible inhumane racists, would leave the world in their hands, everything is going to be fine. The blood that already has been spilled; our blood is forgotten.

We illuminated Westerners, we must be able to cope with some losses, and on the other hand show respect for those that are not able to do so, as long as this can be justified by their culture, customs or lack of education. We must turn the other cheek in the face of violence, let ourselves be victimized. Suffer or die for the sins of others. And if we are not willing to do that, we are Nazi’s. Nothing less.

Although they talk about the Nazi’s and the Holocaust on every possible occasion, they don’t understand how the Nazi’s could come to power, and what the reasons were that civilized people turned into beasts.

That’s why they copy the methods of propaganda, the repression, the go with the flock and follow leaders strategy, that the Nazi’s used so effectively. The Nazi’s had the notion of ‘entartede Kunst’, the new media strategists of the multicultural left say the opposite. They bombard us with ‘entartede Kunst’ and call it ‘popular music’ and present every twist and scream that originates from the back streets of Harlem and has been processed and polished by Hollywood engineers as ‘modern’ and ‘trendy’, full of life, as ‘Art’. These two seemingly different strategies, the ones the Nazi’s used, and the one the modern multicult promoting industry uses today are in fact one and the same thing.

Rune Engelbreth Larsen - 'Minority Party'
Rune Engelbreth Larsen
‘Minority Party’

Tøger Seidenfaden - Chief Editor Politiken
Toeger Seidenfaden
Chief Editor Politiken

Erwin Neutzsky-Wulff Satanist writer & Guru
Erwin Neutzsky-Wulff
Satanist writer & Guru

Strange bedfellows in the State of Denmark. Toeger Seidenfaden editor of the once dominating newspaper Politiken is one of the most invited commentators on TV as well. It is probably something he inherited from his predecessor Herbert Pundik, who also was one of multicult TV’s most beloved darlings. Seidenfaden is currently cooperating with the nitwit Satanist Rune Engelbreth Larsen, who tried to form an alliance of Islamists, homosexuals, lefties in his now disbanded ‘Minority Party’. Engelbreth (often misspelled as Engelbrecht) and Seidenfaden wrote a book together about their views on the Mohammed Cartoon Crisis. One of the Minority Party members was an advocate for a more liberal approach to pedophilia.
Neutzsky-Wulff is thought to be the (secret) inspirer of Engelbreth and other oddities on the extreme left wing fringe of Danish politics. Seidenfaden may not need this inspiration, because he is odd enough all alone. The latest initiative of this Rune Engelbreth Larsen character is that together with about 60 ‘leading cultural figures’ he filed a complaint for ‘racism’ against Danish People’s Party’s MP’s.

They think it’s all a matter of propaganda and education, and require more brainwashing, more compulsory education on ‘The Holocaust’, slavery (only the white on black variety of course), Colonialism (once owning some 10,000 squire miles Caribbean sand dune, but don’t hang me up on the numbers) if possible from early childhood. But they don’t understand the nature of people, deny the power of kinship and condemn the idea of the importance of blood relations, although the very same people whose side they choose against their own, actually value this approach to a higher degree than most Europeans.

They don’t recognize the lesson from the communist German Peoples Republic, that is so close in time, so obvious.

They are forbidding the Native Population, to have ‘certain attitudes’*), and importing Muslim tribe folks who have these same attitudes, but to a much larger and many times extreme degree! [* Nationalism, tribalism, tradition, history, continuety, stability, homogeneity, local family values, whatever.]

Advocates of the multicult and creators of diversity

The advocates of the multicult, the creators of artificial diversity, not really wanted by anybody except themselves, don’t understand that people who have learned to hate themselves, their traditions, their culture, who have lost their pride, are time bombs waiting to go off.

The German NDP, which is the only Nationalist party in Europe that contrary to the propaganda from the BBC, Danmark’s Radio and similar institutions in other countries, comes anywhere close to the ideas and ideals of National Socialism, is on the rise, and is becoming a well established factor of power in Germany. Russian skinheads, are among the most violent and extreme groups we have in Europe, apart from the ever present Muslims.

Have you, ever thought about why it is, that it is the citizens of the former Socialist German Republic and the Communist Soviet Union who make up the bulk of these movements, Mr. Seidenfaden, Mr. Sixten, and Mr. Rosengaard Knudsen? And why there are twenty or more times more Nazi’s in the Socialist Multiethnic Paradisiacal Republic of Sweden than there are in Denmark and Norway combined? It is because manipulation, indoctrination, lies, lack of free speech and persecution by the Establishment results in the complete opposite.

Sweden, is the clearest example, because it is ruled after exactly the same principles that Mr. Seidenfaden, Rothstein, and our present hero infiltrators and unveilers of ‘the extreme right’ from ‘Defending Denmark’ have in mind, when they talk about ‘changing attitudes’ and ‘educating the people’. No more no less. Sweden is a powder keg waiting for somebody to drop a match..

In Germany where the movement is extremely well organized, the NPD will continue it’s rise to power, if not their sanctimonious and self hating government stops it’s contempt for those people who have been neglected for so long, and who bear the brunt of the burden of the ‘multicultural society that we have to accept’ because ‘we were the ones who built Auschwitz’.

The multiculturalists are the slanderers and liars who go on about racism, although it is obvious that race is no factor of any importance at all, for the far greater part of the European Nationalists. Not many hate the Vietnamese, Hindustanis, nobody even really despises the Tamils, although also they are also problematic in many ways. The difference is the violence, the inherent racism, the open contempt, and the characteristic arrogance, that many Middle Easterners have for the societies to which they fled, for anybody who does not share their religious views, and especially for the Christian or Atheist population in their host countries whom they despise.

The useful idiots

These idealists and their useful idiots dominate the media, the Unions, the Educational institutions, and now they are on their way to take over even in the Christian communities they worked so hard to destroy. Every vital gland of society has been infected by the producers of these ‘useful idiots’, to the extent that it no longer makes much difference what government we elect, that the present cabinet depends on the support of the ‘Islamophobic’ Danish People’s Party’. Like in the former Soviet Union opposition to their idea’s is diagnosed in psychiatric terms, and new words are created, to describe the new diseases.

And the Islamists, the army’s of Third World’ers, who’s main real skill is procreation, and adhering to the norms of Islam are marching on, looking for new ‘Lebensraum’, looking for more ‘lands of milk and honey’ where the grass grows lush and green.

‘With the great German Victories that have struck the world with awe and admiration a new time has come in Europe under the leadership of Germany’

Teheran - Danish Embassy Oct. 2006 Muslim protestors in Teheran, are calling for Danish blood
Muslim protestors in Teheran,
are calling for Danish blood

These were the words of Scavenius, in 1940 the Danish Prime minister during the time of the Danish Quisling government that cooperated so satisfying with the Nazi occupiers, until things were going the other way for the Teutonic leadership.

Not surprisingly this Scavenius was the leader the same Radical Party, the same Radical party that seeks our annihilation with such defiance and fervour today. Substitute ‘German’ and ‘Germany’ in the emphasized quote above with ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’, and you’ll get the picture.

What have we learned from history? From the Holocaust? From the deliberate destruction of peoples and cultures, in order to realize the Great Socialist Ideology?

Nothing, absolutely nothing! During the German occupation until 1944 the life of a Jew in Denmark was a whole lot safer than it is now. During the German occupation, our woman were not disrespected or gang raped, and small children were not being beaten and robbed by small Germans. All that has changed.

Today we have ‘no go zones’ for Jews, and no go zones for the police.

Fire-fighters are attacked when doing their jobs. We feed the snakes that cause uproar in the Middle-East and burn our embassy’s while the Danish left, the Muslims and the Imams and their multicultural allies keeps us busy with legal proceedings, because we make ‘derogatory remarks’, or ‘defame the prophet Muhammad’ by making silly drawings. We are dangerous Nazi racists, and the world should be warned against us.

Muslim Message of Peace from London

London: Be prepared for the real Holocaust!

Be prepared for the real Holocaust!
Catch the dreadful right wing extremists!
Stop them from using racist language and the
defamation of the Prophet of Peace.

Do you know how many Jews were killed in Denmark during the five year Nazi occupation in WWII? Far less then the number of Danes that have been murdered by Muslim immigrants just the last five years, that’s for sure. (Must admit I don’t remember the number, but I think it was one or two.) And if we compare rapes perpetrated by the Germans in Denmark during WWI with the number of rapes perpetrated against just our own woman, not counting their traditional ‘in house activities’ we’ll probably even see an even more shocking difference. But of course it is racist to talk about this, and according to the theory of these appeasers it even legitimises the behaviour of these people. These people may not be all that bad at heart, but they are just not fit to live in large numbers in a free society without tough criminal and moral justice. These are people who need the rule of the Mullahs, the Saddams, who long for the comfort of Islamic law and the rules stuck out by Syrian dictators.

Thus some of us have to spend our time in courts, where Judges are consulting experts in linguistics and splitting hairs trying to determine if something ‘inappropriate’ can be found in the things we said, while outside the fires are burning, our children are crying for help, stabbed in the back by some 13 year old Muslim derelict, that can’t be punished, because he is ‘to young’.

Don’t you dare say anything about the Muslims or their prophet! You will go to court, and be arguing your ass off, weighing every word on a gold scale in order not to be caught up in the cob web of oppressing laws that are conveniently put in place and are regularly expanded and updated, in order to to support the attackers and to defame their victims. In many countries now it is forbidden to ‘deny The Holocaust’, but it is even more forbidden to talk about the forebodes of the new Holocaust that our Muslim guests are preparing for us… Makes sense, doesn’t it? If we were allowed to talk about it, we would try to stop it!

Sorry if you thought this was going to be only a report about the latest Mohammed Crises.


But perhaps you learned a few more strange things about Denmark you hadn’t heard about before.


Defaming The Prophet Mohammed National Sport In Denmark

Watch the video's here:
Danish People’s Party Youth held Muhammed Cartoon Contest at Private Party Summer Camp

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