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Outlandish, an 'ethnic' rap boy's band based in Denmark demands Islamic rules

Islamic Rules during Christmas Show on Danish TV December 17 2006

New Islamic Front: Islamic fundamentalism invades Pop Culture

The Great Christmas Show (Danmarks Radio's store Juleshow) was recorded in the Copenhagen Opera end November, and will be broadcast by DR1 on Sunday December 17 2006 at 20:00 hours. The program will also be shown in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Outlandish, before you book this band, read this.

Outlandish, a Danish based rap group is made up of three members: Two of them are Muslims; Waqas Ali Qadri from Pakistan, Isam Bachiri from Morrocco, and the third, Lenny Martinez from Honduras, says he is a Roman Catholic.

'Outlandish' - Danish based boys rap band with woman discriminating Islamist attitudes

Waqas Ali Qadri Outlandish - Pakistan IslamistLenny Martinez Outlandish Honduras        Isam Bachiri Outlandish Morrocco Islamist
Waqas Ali Qadri - Pakistan
Devout radical Muslim
Lenny Martinez - Honduras
Isam Bachir - Morrocco
Devout radical Muslim

'Outlandish' which is rather succesfull economically so I'm told, would not be where they are now, without persistent and constant promotion by the multicult loving Danish media especially DR (Danmarks Radio) where groups like this one can make headlines for every fart they pass in public.

We know the same policies are the fundamentals of the BBC, and of course stations like MTV, the ultimate weapon in the fight for imposing multiculturalism on the world. Wikepedia

Herborg Kråkevik - Singer Norway
Herborg Kraakevik
  Muslims don't want to see Herborgs naked shoulders.
Dhimmi TV promptly fulfilled the wishes of their distinguished exotic pets!

Oh how different we are!
What wouldn't I give to see any part of lovely Herborg naked or not!

And again it turns out, that like with most of the multicult promoting 'success stories' there is a back side to the 'success story'. The examples for integration so willingly and purposefully promoted by the muticult movement and most of the media often dooesn't stand for closer inspection.

Two Muslims in a band = a Muslim band..

As in this case where 'Outandish' was to take part in the recording of a Christmas show, it turned out that two Muslims in a band makes it a Muslim band.

Lenny Martinez must have forgotten all about his own Latin American origins and Danish culture as well, since he stands together with guys who don't permit sale of alcoholic beverages, nor allow the uncovered shoulders of woman to be visible during their show.

That applies to smaller events where the two islamists from Outlandish can call the shots. When the event is bigger, and their careers can benefit from greater exposure, they are business minded enough to set these 'moral considerations' aside.

So they did not demand their no alcohol, no bare woman flesh during concert policy implemented when playing on the big MTV awards show that was held in Copenhagen this year.

The current controversy

When Outlandish was taking part in the recordings for the yet to be broadcast Christmas Show, they refused to share the stage with Norwegian singer Herborg Kraakevik, and demanded her removed.

The reason? The Norwegian female singer wore a dress that exposed her shoulders!

And? Of course Danmarks Dhimmi Radio complied, and told the Norwegian beauty to get off the stage, so the equilibrium of the fine integrated Outlandish Muslim Brothers would not be disturbed!

  The way a Muslim sees it
  Haram Kraakevik
Haram Kraakevik
Herborg Kraakevik Devil -
Huldra Herborg Kraakevik
  A Devil in Disguise. A witch who twists innocent Muslim heads. (Image right

The Newspaper B.T. wrote:

The pop group let religion take charge when DR's big Christmas Show was recorded last week. The Norwegian singer Herborg Kråkevik was to perform with the group, but she exposed her bare shoulders - and the Outlandish boys refused to be part of that.

They are often portrayed as well integrated, and politicians love to be seen with them. But members of Outlandish have a warped relation to woman seen through Danish eyes.


"It is part of their religion. But I don't think Herborg Kraakevik minded being moved", says Karina Fenn, press officer for Outlandish' record company to B.T.


Of course the multicult friendly TV station denies most of it, but the incident which has been confirmed by the Norwegian singer and other parties has caused enough fuzz so several politicians have asked Culture Minister Brian Mikkelsen to take affair.

Asmaa Abdol Hamid & Adam Holm

Earlier this year the infamous Danish state owned 'public service' station DR featured a series of programs: "Adam and Asmaa" in which the Muslim fundamentalist head scarf wearing Asmaa Abdol Hamid was given the role of talk show host, supervised by TV journalist Adam Holm, a decision which was also critized widely, from the ranks of feminist organisations to politicians.

In one of the programs Adam Holm who his Jewish, wore the traditional religious Jewish headwear known as Kippa or Yarmulke.

One of the arguments was that Denmark's Radio had given islamofascim a platform, and contributed to the oppression of woman by legitimizing headscarves.

Asmaa was also notorious for refusing to shake hands with men, and perhaps the hands of 'infidel' woman, too but I'm not sure of the last detail.

From another newspaper, the radical pro-multicult Politiken:

Thomas Børresen Outlandish Manager
Thomas Boerresen
Outlandish Manager

Outlandish did not want to be together with a woman who was not properly covered.

The well-known pop band had its demands fulfilled without discussion, when they were to perform next to a Norwegian singer, because she performed in a short-sleeved dress, and thus offended Islamic rules that say that woman should be covered up.

The Danish People's Party has asked for an explanation, and there were protests from Karen Hallberg from Danish Woman Society (Dansk Kvindesamfund) and paediatrician Vibeke Manniche from the Woman for Freedom (Kvinder for Frihed) said she was shocked that the TV station would assist in spreading a message that suggested woman were unclean.

Conclusion: Take care what it is you are supporting. These 'Outlandish' guys don't just play with ghetto attitudes and popular slogans, they will try to infect you with the islamic virus as well.

Don't book these guys, and if they are booked, protest against islamofascism, inform the concert arrangers as soon as possible to what these guys are all about, and if they hire them anyway, see if they get special treatment, or obtain concessions for islamic practises.

Norwegian article about the case - 5 December 2006:
Kråkeviks skuldre skaper bråk i Danmark


Isam Bashiri supports terror suspect in Glostrup case:
Uriasposten 17 januar 2008 - Outlandish-forsanger Isam B støtter terrorsigtet i Glostrup-terrorsagen

DRs store Juleshow blev holdt i Operaen i København i slutningen af november 2006 og bliver sendt på DR1 søndag den 17. december klokken 20.00. Showet skal også vises i Sverige, Norge og Finland.

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