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Se billederne inden klokken har slået for nysgerrige øjne, hænder og forstand.

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Til Forsiden

The day February 25
is not just another day in Holland’s history.

WWII - The day February 25 1941 was the day a general strike was proclaimed in Holland in protest of the more and more visible signs of the persecution of Jews by the German occupiers.

The strike developed the next few days, until the railroads were included as well.

As a result of this protest by the people of Holland a large number of people were executed by the German occupiers.

This day is known in Holland as the February Strike (Februaristaking), and is remembered with ceremonies and manifestations each year.

After threats from the Germans of massive retribution especially aimed at the communist fraction of the activists, the strike was ended after some days.

Demonstration in Amsterdam at Dam Square
Freedom of Speech
Support Denmark
February 25 2006

Amsterdam Dam Square

Come to Dam Square in the center of Amsterdam on Saturday February 25 at 13:00 o’clock.

The purpose of the demonstration is to show the politicians that the Dutch are sick and tired of the religious frenzy around the famous Jyllands Posten Cartoons, and even more tired of the demands for restrictions of our Freedom of Speech.

We shall not tolerate as much as 1 millimeter of restrictions of our rights to free speech.

The demonstration will be a signal of solidarity with the people of Denmark, and is also a message to Xavier Solana that we will not accept that the EU top bowes down to Middle Eastern dictatorships in a so called ‘dialog’ about freedom of speech. We have that freedom, and it we will keep it. That’s final.

Demonstrators are being urged to bring Danish flags, and it is being discussed if books from H.C Andersen, the famous Danish storyteller, as well as the newly composed Danish / Dutch Solidarity flag in order to emphasize the support for Denmark and Jyllands Posten.

Please send in your pictures and reports to

The bigger picture (Written after the event)

by Michiel Mans, inspirator of the demonstration of Saturday February 25 2006

I am afraid most people do not realise the danger that is looming. Too many of those with power and influence haven't got a clue about history and human nature. Most believe that multi-culturalism or peaceful co-existence is possible between westerners and Muslims on the scale we see. The influx of Muslims also continues. It is a march of folly1).

Plutocrats, bureaucrats and autocrats

The plutocrats, bureaucrats and autocrats in Brussels want to be at the head of ever-larger structures, influencing more people in more ways. This is rather normal behaviour for ambitious people, politicians in particular. Most 'ordinary' people haven't been asked anything. Most people do not have such wide and far-reaching ambitions, they just want to live a comfortable life in a trusted and known society. It is what people all over the world want. National and EU policies have disrupted the trusted and known society, only the (financial) comfort remains. That is, for the time being. The other disruptions continue.

No rocket science, look at Thailand, India, Afghanistan...

You don't have to be a rocket scientist to see the future. Look at any country ever, where large Muslim societies live. In few if any, there is, or has there been true harmony between Muslims and non-Muslims. It is not, repeat, not just a matter of Christian-Muslim animosity, or Muslim-Westerner animosity for that matter. Look at India, look at Thailand, look at Afghanistan - the Hindu-Kush province where no Hindus are to be found anymore. It is also not because Muslims are in a sort of genetic way inclined to be troublemakers. They are not some kind of weird species. It is their religion, which is the root-cause of the problem. Opportunistic people like Bin Laden or the many mad mullahs certainly do not help but all they do is accelerate the process.

Media blackout

Unfortunately, this view and these analyses are still something one cannot discuss freely. To speak out means being stigmatised as a racist, fascist or nationalist. Yet, the madness following a few cartoons of the self-proclaimed holy prophet was enough to almost set the world on fire but still people do not wake up. The few who are awake are as yet too few to be of sufficient influence to turn the tide. The Media blackout over the demonstration on the 25th of February, on Dam Square in Amsterdam, was a sign of ignorance and fear. People apparently are not yet ready to face reality. As a single event, the demonstration was a failure. Its message was mostly lost in false propaganda and disruptive violence from extreme-leftwing elements.

Right and left

Some extreme-rightwing elements also tried to give it a twist, which wasn't there, nor intended. The demonstration was about the continued freedom of speech, against religious madness and solidarity with those who suffer from it. The few who were there for the right reasons, were the first of many. About that, I am sure. All I wonder is if it will be in time to prevent a catastrophe.

1) 'The March of Folly' by Barbara Tuchman (1984). "The power to command frequently causes failure to think."

Michael Mans is the owner of the weblog Nekklachten (Neck pain, Nakkesmerter)

Platform de Krijger Supports Free Speech!

Note the Dutchmark flag of solidarity, a hybrid between the Dutch and Danish flags.

Platform de Krijger Supports Free Speech!

It takes a lot of nerve these days
, to go out in the open, in a public place, and demonstrate for what for many years has been, and until now still is, official government policy, and guaranteed by law! A status quo which has not been challenged since WWII!

The demonstration could be seen as a rare expression of people being satisfied with their government and country..

What's the fuzz all about?

Why are communist stormtroopers lining up, and trying to physically attack these happy citizens?

Why are destructive hoards of muhamedanians on the rampage, trying to put an end to this innocent European birthright?

The good guys are to the right! They don't need masks! >>

Freedom of Speech is the Freedom to Disagree
Amsterdam february 24 2006 at Dam Square

Freedom of speech means the freedom to disagree!

Danish flags waving in Sunny Amsterdam. The city of freedom, tulips, legal pot, affordable quality male and female prostitutes in a rich variaty of sizes, colors and races, offering an even richer variaty of services.

If you are a tourist in Amsterdam, and breaking some law, as long as it isn't murder, you'll get away with it at lot cheaper than you would in the United States or even Britain.

Oh, oh Sir.. You know, cocaine is not free like marijuana in Amsterdam.. ....

The poor sucker who just scored a little piece of paper containing what the coal black negro dopedealer from Aruba, Cape Verde Islands or Sub Saharan Africa who sold it to him says it was, starts to tremble.... What's happening? He hasn't heard anybody say 'freeze' or 'put your hands on the back of your head'.. SLOWLY.. The gun is still in the holster on the side of the policeman, and so are the cuffs.....

A few days later resting in his hotel room overlooking an Amsterdam Canal, he realizes how lucky he was, that it wasn't back home in Houston Texas in the land of the free and imprisoned, he wasn't apprehended and sentenced for his lust for a different color of the sky for that day, and the promise of a sure hard on when passing by the enticing red and violet lights of the famous Walletjes, the red light district of Amsterdam...

How is it possible in such a liberal country, that threatning and violent muhamedanians and redfascist stormtroopers are challenging the right to free speech, burning and trampling on flags, and shouting the name of some unholy so called prophet, (may he burn in hell and his decendents be cursed for ten thousand generations), named mohammed?

Redfascists trying to oppress Free Speech in Amsterdam February 24 2006 at Dam Square

Danish redfascists from the party Enhedslisten peddled T-shirts like this for fundraising in favor of South American guerilla's and the Palestinian terrorist group PFLP


The redfascists, yes let's call them by that name from now on. So everybody 'll know what we are talking about...

Of course the redfascists tried to sabotage the demonstration, for free speech was not one of the first priorities of Stalin, Lenin, Mao and Castro. The enemies of my enemies are my friends! So I support the Muhammadanians, put a mask on my face and pretend I'm Zorro!

From Denmark: down right:

Danish commies from the party Enhedslisten peddled T shirts like this for fundraising in favor of South American cocaine pedling, abduction financed guerilla's like FARC and the Palestinian terrorist group PFLP.

Until the Danish police closed down their website a few days ago. Several party members / activists are being indicted for funding terrorist organizations..

So now they (redfascists) are moaning about lack freedom of speech...

They should have been demonstrating for Jyllands Posten, but that would probably not have gone down very well with their large muslim and partly fundamentalist following.....

Can you imagine? A left wing human rights me here and womans rights me there party, putting up a muslim headscarf woman who refuses to shake the hand of infidels, and wants gender seperation in swimming pools and the like?

Well, the marxist party Enhedslisten did it in the city of Odense. Because some of the party members thought Asmaa Hamid Abdol was a little too extreme in her muslim fanaticism, they voted for someone else in stead: a Danish born convert to islam by the name of Anna Rytter!
Now occupying a seat in the Odense City Council! Happy Halloween!

Redfascists & female cop
Redfascists attacking Free Speech Demonstrators
Amsterdam February 24 2006 at Dam Square


Everywhere where there are freedom loving people blackclad hooded rats crawl from the sewers and spread fear and disgust among civilians....

Like always large numbers of police officers are neccesary to protect the citizens, especially when they're demonstratiing for something as hineous as freedom of speech!

Job Cohen the Mayor of Amsterdam likes to help black children in Africa. He'd only wish he could take them home to Amsterdam where half of their family is already living. But those stupid immigration laws, and now that bad bad islamophobe Hirsi Ali is spoiling it even more. That stupid woman.. Just becaus she's black, nobody dares to order her back to eh... to shut up. [What a sympathetic smile that man has, and how lucky to have a camera around...comment website] Job Cohen has done a great deal to rut out a lot of evil and repulsive nationalism in Amsterdam, by forbidding hotels and shopkeepers in certain streets to display the Dutch Red White and Blue colored flag. The custom dated from long before the time of enlightment and the realization that the multicultural and multiethnic society and the total destruction of nationalist elements is a neccesary premise for the emancipation of mankind. These African children would only help us to reach total equality based on the darknes of the skin a lot sooner. Mr. Job Cohen is a very good example of intercultural cooperation. His vice Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb is a muslim from Morrocco. With two leaders like this it is strange that Theo van Gogh was murdered in this city. Danish only: some comments on Cohen by Theo van Gogh.
Now Job Cohen, the Mayor of Amsterdam, gets a great idea. (was an unconfirmed rumour, now it turns out that this event actually took place the week before at saturday February 18, source: De Telegraaf)

With all that stupid Free Speech demonstrating going on, the people must have a better offer in order to be able to enjoy their Saturday off in sunny Amsterdam....

What better than to proclaim exactly this day to be some kind of Valentines Day. Or Christmas.. ehm, sorry, Happy Hollidays. The citizens being on the receiving end... Why not...?

People shouldn't be freezing out on Dam Square, and fascists have been spotted.. You, know the kind with the shaved heads and Lonsdale style clothes and small Dutch flags on their shoulders...

Not that I have anything against free speech, but hurting religious feelings is not the same is it?

So why not offer a Free Tour to the Red Light District, and offer them to find out what's behind the black lighted windows, those tiny rooms known as 'Peeskamertjes', where a number of Amsterdam’s many-colored and spiced prostitutes conduct their business.

I've even heard rumors of 'free rides' for those who are more daring, perhaps inspired by their visit to these secret micro palaces of sin. But now I'll have to stop, and find out if this story is but a slanderous tale circulated by disappointed demonstrators, may be even by terribly shorthaired people with Odal Runes around their neck..

How come that all these righteous, pious, chaste and peaceful muhamedanians have moved to this cesspool of sin? (Please note that the free Red Light District Tour article is nothing but a rumour so far. Update: It turns out that this event actually took place the week before at saturday February 18, source: De Telegraaf)

And how can anybody claim the right to keep them from cleaning up the place, and install just and righteous sharia law in stead? Comments at Balder Blog

Jewish and Muslim organizations united had Christian Cross removed from WWII Resistance memorial in Amsterdam.

Protest from surviving resistance fighter Jan Vlietman

Job Cohen
The Jewish Mayor of Amsterdam. Dual citizenship on demand.

Ahmed Aboutaleb
The Muslim Vice Mayor of Amsterdam Dual citizenship Morrocco Netherlands.

The Dutch resistance fighter Jan Vlietman is angry at the administrators of the Amsterdam quarter De Baarsjes because a WWII memorial was taken down. The memorial has to go, because Islamic and Jewish organizations can't agree with the Christian Cross as a symbol.

Yes you heard it right
! A Christian Cross is offensive to muhamedanians. We knew that. There are very many things which are offensive to mohamedanians... Big story. But Jews? The victims of regular attacks by muslim maniacs? Siding with the mohamedanians against the very Christian religion which taught us to be nice to everybody, and turn the other cheeck? Taught us so well that the streets are littered with opportunists and loonies from all over the planet? Jews and muslims, 'standing together against discrimination, anti-Semitism and racism and the Christian Cross?' Standing together against whom?

"At the location of the monument construction is going on. Jewish and Islamic organizations in agreement with the 4/5 May commission (May 5 is Liberation day) decided not to replace the cross on the coming new monument. The cross is temporarily kept in the schoolyard of the primary school De Visser. What will happen to it afterwards is yet undecided." Source: RTV N-H (Dutch Radio TV station)

What did Jan Vlietman really fight for during WWII?

Mayor of Amsterdam (Holland) demands: Moscow (Russia) Gay parade must go on

Amsterdam's very muslim friendly Jewish Mayor never gets tired of driving the wheels of progress ahead.

To those who died (inscription)
No place for this modest monument for Dutch WWII Resistance fighters originally situated at De Baarsjes in Amsterdam. Click picture for full size image.

As we heard before, he put an end to the display of Dutch flags
in order to fight the ugly Nationalism of the Dutch, he helps small negro children in Africa, and he moved protest demonstrations after the killing of Theo van Gogh to a very quiet suburb, so they wouldn't disturb the peace of mind of those who still dream of a harmonic multicultural society.

Under his guidance Jewish and Islamic organizations unite in the fight against the racism and anti-Semitism of the Dutch, and under his reign Dutch war monuments are stripped of offensive symbols such as Christian crosses. The free red light district tour allegation has not yet been confirmed, so I can't credit him for that yet.

But that is not enough for this reckless hero of progress; he is also actively involved in taking care that a Homosexual Parade in Moscow Russia can be held as planned, against the wishes of reactionary forces in Russia, such as members of the Russian Orthodox Church, the general public and others who don't think a parade of homosexual exhibitionists is something desirable.



WWII Memorial
Update: Because of the widespread protests, the City Coucil has decided to reverse it's original decision to remove the Christian Cross.

The TV station RTV N-H reports March 3 2006 Amsterdam's Mayor Job Cohen has asked his colleagues of the Moscow City Council to give their permission for a Gay parade in May.

In a letter to Yuri Loesjkov, the Mayor of Moscow, Cohen writes that a Mayor only is a real Mayor if he stands up for all the people in a city. The smaller the group, the more protection they deserve from the authorities in order to be able to demonstrate their opinions". Cohen wrote in the letter. Before his action the Mayors of Berlin, Paris and London already protested against the banning of the demonstration. RTV N-H | Moroccan-Jewish football. Well the Mayor of Londen Ken Livingstone sure could use a Jewish friend these days.... A profile of city district De Baarsjes (English)

Hitlers Muslim Soldiers

And what was the Dutch resistance anyway? Perhaps the Multicultural City is better served by a new Holocaust Monument, or a monument for the fallen muslims from the muslim Handschar Divisions that fought for Hitler? What about a combination of the two? What better way to sign a new friendship?

Images of the De Baarsjes WWII monument
Typically, after searching the web for about half an hour, I still could find no images of the WWII monument in the De Baarsjes quarters. In stead I found many monuments for the victims of the slave trade and other similar displays intended to keep reminding the everyday Dutch of their evil colonial past.

How many gang rapes by muslims, how many murdered artists and politicians, and how many Dutch monuments must be demolished before the Dutch have paid enough for the crimes of their evil racist ancestors?

Killer Van Gogh is Hero - We Moroccans take over the Netherlands (Dutch report via Hodjas blog)

Mayor Job Cohen, Moustapha Baba and Hicham Daarif during a press conference.

Jewish Morroccan network launched, It's purpose is to counteract expressions of anti-Semitism, islamophobia or other forms of discrimination. Source

While ordinary white people are the main victims of the everyday Morroccan / muslim violence, they are only referred to with the words 'other forms of discrimination'. The purpose is clear: the criminal behaviour of muslim youth against whites and Jews is to be exploited by this Jewish / muslim coalition to stop further resistance to the multicultural agenda.

In Holland Jewish organizations such as the Anne Frank Stichting, the CIDI (Center for Information and Documentation on Israel - Ronnie Naftaniel) work very closely together with so called antiracist organizations, such as the MDI (Meldpunt Discriminatie Internet) Stiftelsen Magenta which supposedly has ties to the Jewish Free Mason organization B'nai B'rith (Hebrew for for 'Sons of the Covenant') and 'Monitor Extreem Rechts' to the extent that the same people are active in different organizations.

The MDI (similar to the Danish CRI / DRC but mainly concerned with the Internet) which is one of the most hated institutions among multicult adversaries, is led by Ronald Eissens (who also happens to be Jewish) and has close ties to the violent left wing extremist organization AFA. (Anti-Fascistische Aktie).

The MDI is supported and partly financed by the 'Centrale Recherche Informatiedienst', an official police branch. Jessica Silversmith (married to an American Jewish person and former member of the left wing Chili Committee) since 1996 director for STASI Central Meldpunt Discriminatie Amsterdam MDA. (Report Discrimination here)

The MDI is also known by the names 'Internet-Gestapo' and Gedapo (aka Gestapo) in Dutch 'Gedachten Politie' in English the 'Thought Police'. Ronald Eissens has supplied AFA publications with articles as well as financial support, which means government funds have been used to support a violent left wing organization. He also taught Internet courses to the Dutch police!

There are interesting similarities to the situation in Denmark, where we also see the same names popping up in connection with numerous 'anti racist' organizations, using ever new abbreviations, names and titles which make it a confusing swamp of official, semi-official and unofficial institutes, most of them with healthy appetite for taxpayer money, and an admirable creativity in obtaining it.

As in Holland, the Danish TV media on a regular basis consult so called experts on 'right wing extremism' and 'racism' who themselves are members of the extreme left, like René Karpachoff, Frede Farmand and Erik Jensen.

Just like the lying Danish Imams (Laban & Akkari) who journeyed to the Middle East, the UN and other places where willing ears were to be found, these 'anti-racist' organizations and individuals habitually peddle misinformation to international organizations and foreign media, often exagerating their 'official' status and importance.

Rape victim

The website Klokkenluider Online was one of the sources of some of the Dutch info above.
Dutch Articles critical of Job Cohen

Comments at Balder Blog

An epidemy of racist murders with indigenous Europeans victims

See images of some of Holland's more than 500 mosques (Some of which have now been closed because they were used as a weapons cache for islamic extremists!)

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(I heard the photographer Thomas Schlijper described as The AFA house photographer?)
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