Protests against
Images of The Middle East Festival
in Denmark

Message from SIAD (Stop Islamification of Denmark)


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We have recieved the following from a group which names itself

“The Danish Integration Council - Department for Islam-Dialogue”

With the culture-festival "Images of the Middleeast", the Danish Foreign Ministry has sent a signal to the Arabic world:

Look, we have submitted! You have burned our embassies, stepped on and spit on the most anchient flag of any nation and even burnt it in our sitting rooms, threatened Danmark with terrorism, threatened the twelwe cartoonists with death, and only a few months after these dramatic events the Foreign Ministry has decided that it is a good idea that these very same countries, which stood behind this terrorism against Danmark, should come and and show how fantastic their culture is compared to such a bunch of infidel barbarians. On top of that they have kept Israel out of the culture-festival. (continued scroll down)

Ved Aen, a fashionable street in Aarhus Denmark
Muhammed Cartoons displaying quotes from the Koran and handwritten text

We recognize now that it is by no means certain that our freedom of expression will continue forever, our politicians being as miserably stupid and rotten as they are (the word ”elendig” stands alone in the Danish text. It may be translated “miserable”, but it hasn’t the same “flavour” in English, therefore I have added “stupid and rotten”. Translator’s note), so we have chosen to use our freedom of expression while it is still legal. We have put up 1000 muhammad-posters in Copenhagen and 1000 in Odense when the festival began. When the festival moved to Skive we put up 400 and in Aarhus we have put up 700 muhammad-posters until now.

We shall continue as long as the festival lasts, but we have noticed thay they are not permitted to hang for long. 4-5 persons dressed in suits and with neck-ties have been observed using scrapers to remove Muhammad’s countenance....
We have mailed you 6 copies of the muhammad-cartoons, that We have set up - we called the operation “naughty boy”, because one boy have given his contribution on the drawings. Use them as much as you like.

You have been given the drawings and the story because you are one of the very few who have spoken out against the Images-festival before it started.

The editor feels honoured and appreciates your confidence. What you have asked, we have done.
We shall put up a new picture every day, so that our readers have something to look forward to.
(A little like the christmas calendar in december...).

END SIAD Message

Comments Balder
Michael Irving Jensen, førende islamapologet næst efter Jørgen Bæk Simonsen
Michael Irving Jensen - Project leader
already has plans for next year!

The 'Images of the Middle East' festival where contributions from Israel are banned, because of pressure from arab countries, is led by the notorious islam apologist Michael Irving Jensen

In many places the protest cartoons depicting the so called prophet mohammed, despite the fact that they were placed at places where it is perfectly legal to do so, were removed extraordinarily quickly.

Not by the usual red fascist punks, but by a team of suit and tie clad 'gentlemen'. The reports of the quick removal of the posters almost as soon as they were hung up, suggests organized action form the festival staff. The organizer of the 'Images of the Middle East' project in Denmark is a well known ultra left wing islam apologist, Michael Irving Jensen.

Some posters were torn down within minutes, but the protesters against the islam appeasement, of which the festival Images of the Middle East is a part, didn't give up so easily!

Nazrallahbad City - Ironic photo manipulation of Odense's H.C. Andersen Festival banner
From photo report of Hizbollah demonstration against Israel in the city of Odense july 26 2006

Organized tearing down of the posters in Aarhus Denmark

The multi-cult islam appeasing elite does not want the world to know of the strong and negative emotions many Danes feel when it comes to more attempts to white wash and promote islam. The festival 'Images of the Middle East' is government sponsored. Is government money bing used to smother Dansih protests too?

The red posters featuring the letter Ø are from the extreme left wing radical party Enhedslisten

As in the rest of Europe, the extreme left has found common ground with islamists.
Known fundamentalist muslims and Danish converts are filling seats with the extreme left.
Now there is no longer any chance that the European population buys into Stalin any more, they seem to have found new totalitarian playmates. Forgotten is equality of men and woman, forgotten is the former hostility to religion..
Now the redfascists demonstrate together with Hizbollah and Hamas, and flocks of veiled suppressed woman.

Danish comedy song by Liste X about Ahmed Akkari who traveled around in the Middle East, telling lies and betraying Denmark but asked for mercy when he wanted to be evacuated together with the rest of the 5500 "refugees" (25% of the entire Lebanese / Palestinian population in Denmark) who were "on holidays" in the country they fled from a few years ago supposedly because of "persecution".

Nord, syd, øst og vest
Danmark var dog bedst,
og Akkari vendte hjem.

Så vær med som gæst
Danmark holder fest
Når Akkari vender hjem
"Hvis Akkari kommer hjem, mon der så ikke møder to mænd op ved hans bolig og sprænger ham og hans familie i luften?"

"Hvad er det for en pervers tankegang du har? Sådan er vi danskere sq ikke!" "Jamen det var jo bare en joke, haha" "haha"

Akkarisangen.mp3 - Liste X
Nord, syd, øst og vest
Danmark var dog bedst,
og Akkari vendte hjem.

Så vær med som gæst
Danmark holder fest
Når Akkari vender hjem

Ahmed Akkari


North south east & west Danmark always was the best, and Akkari 's coming home....

"When Akkari comes home, don't you think two man will meet at his house and blow him and is family up?"
"What kind of perverted train of thought is that? We Danes are not like that"
"Yeah but it was only a joke, ha, ha"

(spoken = variation on what Akkari said to incognito French journalist about moderate muslim politician Naser Khader! Afterwards Akkari countered terrorism accusations by saying it was only a joke)

Poster in the foyer of 'Musikhuset' in Aarhus: Mohammed the pig

Do not apologize for your freedom. Do not sacrifice your free speech at the altar of deplorable muslim feelings.
Publishing depictions of that mass-murdering pedophilic madman Muhammad is indeed freedom of speech.
Cherish your precious liberty. And stand tall against these barbarians.

Aarhus walking street


Picture left: one of the protest posters put up in the Danish cities of Copenhagen, Odens, Århus. The Images of the Middle East Festival is represented in 9 cities all over the country.


The caption underneath says:

Muhammed says:

"Bestow on them (the infidels) war,
until paganism is not found anymore,
and Allah reigns everywhere"

Koran 8:39

Handwritten comment:

and that makes islam the religion of peace

Aarhus Centre - Walking street

Aarhus Magasin du Nord in the background

Picture right: one of the protest posters put up in the Danish cities of Copenhagen, Odens, Århus. The Images of the Middle East Festival is represented in 9 cities all over the country.


The caption underneath says:

Oh Ye Believers:
Forget Thou
resentment about
the infidels' drawings of me.

I was much uglier when alive!

Your's truly
Abu al-Quasim Muhammed ibn Abd Allah ibn Abd al-Muttalib ibn Hasim.

The ninth flour in hell. Eternity right now


Aarhus Magasin du Nord in the background

Torn down protest posters

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Images of Hizbollah demonstration against Israel in Odense / Denmark, July 22 2006

Sexy Muslims Cartoons

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